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May 25 [Sat], 2013, 11:00
> 325 Cheng Wei Spain sè cool Cooper face, the face of George simply touched hands. WWw! QUANBen! COM watching Cooper's face, George shook his head. This is a good coach, the strength is very strong coach. But if he's wrong, that should not be at the wrong time to the wrong club coach. Cooper at the peak of his coaching career, go to Inter Milan is a total failure decision. But this does not shut George thing. These well-known coaches in the arena, for various reasons, disappeared in front of us is not a two. Even now lead Real Madrid's Vicente del Bosque, either later coached the Spanish national team, then it already is among the disappeared from the public eye. Moreover, Cooper? Valencia football in Spain is an alternative, and his play is affected by the Italian coach Claudio Ranieri. Italian football defensive back for the great impact of Valencia. The same is also the Premier League Blackburn alternative, Blackburn play mode is entirely continental Europe. Therefore, after the start of the game, but more dramatic scenes. So that the situation in the field is looking at the German commentator smiled and said: "From the English Premier League Blackburn Rovers,Coach Online Outlet, with the Spanish way of playing rhythm control the pitch, while Valencia, La Liga, Serie A, but with a defensive back. Really a curious thing. "Indeed tournament scene looks nothing like the Premier League and La Liga game. But George is absolutely no big offensive game. Valencia What is the most powerful? That is counterattack. Valencia counterattack very characteristic. Especially the left wing of Greig. Gonzalez, which is a fast, good technology, pass out sè winger. Fight back, are able to see Greig. Gonzalez, like the wind speed. Valencia midfielder course is also suitable for counterattack. Baraja midfield is very out sè defensive midfielder. And Mendieta at this time, Spain and throughout Europe are one of the best football genius midfielder. His technique is good, passing out sè, is a former field zìyóu people feel. Aimar would not have said. Is characterized by rapid and flexible, diligent running, good onrush forward from midfield, but also a breakthrough in speed over as concise as possible and practical, short pass jīng indeed,Outlet Oakley Radar, good fit. It can be said playmaker Pablo Aimar has all the skill players. But does not mean that Valencia midfielder without shortcomings. Mendieta and midfielder Pablo Aimar is out sè, talented midfielder. But among the two of them are not much on the defensive contributions. Especially Mendieta, although Valencia is a defensive back. But Cooper for Mendieta is very indulgent. If defense is not going to let this dirty work Mendieta dry. Aimar mention. Thin body, even if it is put into defense, it would not be much use. So this time Valencia defensive back, more is relying on the whole team of the station. George Burnley, when compared with a strong midfield defense differently. So George must be to attack. But because Mendieta, Aimar, Greig. Gonzalez, Juan Sanchez are with a strong counterattack capability. So George could not be out in force. George selected breakthrough point of Valencia two wings. Caboni and Angloma, the current age are already thirty six years old. Speaking their sports life is indeed very long. 36, also in Valencia when the main European teams this is indeed simple. George unwillingness out in force, and they want to attack. So only choose a few attack points. George's offensive is limited, only a few people involved in the frontcourt offensive. And in the backcourt players do not move, especially for right-sided Sagnol Greig. Gonzalez very seriously. Not like other games, like previous attack. Although this is offensive, but the effect is very good. Pires and Duff playing two people on the sidewalks and Angloma Caboni, very threatening. Caboni and Angloma two biggest advantage is their experience. Experience can make up for the decline in their physical fitness,Air Jordan 2 UK, with the exact card, consciousness has become a main force. But these are not completely compensate for the two of them have older fact. And Pires and Duff two people are in a career best of times. If Duff still young, only twenty years old this year. So now Pires is entirely in the peak of his career. This year 28 year-old Pires, want to experience the experience, strength to strength, with twenty-year-old is just one player most peak age. Caboni face Duff, but also a little to cope. However, the situation is the other side is completely different. Angloma face Pires completely disadvantage. Technology, the technology is completely fanciful Pires. Speed, thirty-year-old Angloma simply do not fight the power. Technology, the speed will not work, Angloma consciousness can only be used to block Pires, let Pires penalty area which easily onrush. But once there is an error in judgment, then right-sided defender will be completely empty. Valencia also tried to fight back, but Blackburn's defensive line would not push it. All of the attacks were against Micoud, Pires, Duff, Klose four individuals. Even Deco are also holed up in their own half, and only pass the time, just slightly forward. This disjointed offensive and defensive play, in fact, is very dangerous. Because frontcourt and backcourt distance increases, not only can not help on the offensive, which can not be supported on the defensive. But instead of playing Valencia is the most appropriate. Cooper looked at this very alternative Blackburn play, frowned. Valencia fact, on tackling ability is not bad. There Mendieta and Pablo Aimar, no lack of midfield creativity. But a team's style of play will not easily be changed, Valencia has always been to play defensive back, so that they suddenly hit the offensive would be a problem. So Cooper is considering how we should adjust. But Blackburn side adjustment from time to give you any chance. Competition eighteen minutes when Pablo Aimar Makelele steals the ball over to Deco. "Aimar game bad state. Injury 1/2325 Cheng Wei Cheng Wei Spain Spain 325 to URL <
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