opponents The two masters willing

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 17:16

> Four hundred and third when adverse Brothers Wife in several arrows, but Liu Bei and did not notice what the arrows. Www! QuanBEn! COM Wei Yan, Xu Chu's help, he Xiaoduan shaft went, immediately went Wuling city. Just walked, he suddenly felt a little dizzy. Stood there shaking a couple of Liu Bei over his forehead, homeopathy fell to the ground Xu Chu, Wei Yan walked side hair firmly sāo, after a good long while, two not heard Liu Bei speak, looked back, Liu Bei has been sleeping on the ground two quickly rush, Liu Bei Fu Liu Bei face sè livid purple mouth chún, large drops of perspiration slipped down his forehead, who was trembling over his soldiers Wuxi barbarian people quench injured by poison weapons, of Liu Bei symptoms of poisoning his soldiers much like clothes torn. I saw Liu Bei white Sensen the right covered the volume máo the tui, an iron arrow near all Black and Purple. You know, the very powerful Man poisoned arrows, some poison even Antiaris throat WeiYan only froze for a moment, they rushed to the barracks, pulled a medic came to the Santo House. The folk healer Liu Bei Medical are recruited, almost all of the old man,Air Max 24-7 Womens Outlet, WeiYan so pulled ran simply terrible. Finally, WeiYan really can not stand the Military speed, trying to shift him on his shoulders, and rushed to the Santo House. Pedestrians on the road to see this scene were a little stunned, robbing people have heard nv, never even seen robbing old man to hit some people displeased knocked,timberland sale, but also looking for WeiYan theory, he was pulled, and Wei Yan was trying desperately wounded on Liu Bei, do not bother to care about those people. Dash all the way into the city to keep the government, which under even the the Kimori government people also somewhat surprised just anxious desperately Xu Chu wind Liu Bei back back now WeiYan Kanghui an old man, Wei Yan and Xu Chu has always been high-handed outsiders pour did not dare to say much. Invited the Military Wangdishangyi put, Wei Yan's face anxiously: out of their wits, and his head dizziness. See the face sè, than lying on the couch, Liu Bei, he did little better WeiYan put him back on the ground, he also feels Tianhundian eyeful Venus, let alone treatment, even a firm are a problem where to find a doctor to a drunk? was drinking?, and when I saw him, he was also very good wrinkle, which remember the doctors who rode he horse Ritmeester to Britain by you, Liao Li, come naturally heard Wei Yan and Xu Chu's behavior, he immediately understand the state of the healer, let shìnv Rotary healer sit down. Wei generals, you almost want to the decaying xìng life decrepit even know the symptoms, can not do anything first-line, also please tell me where your yào box to be my brother recovered, made up when the apology go to the barracks, to find my apprentice, he would the yào boxes to you, my first main male diagnose the troubles skinny fingers, gently ride on Liu Bei wrist, long while in silence, the brow all tangled together, let Liao Li, Xuchu heart tightened up after half an hour, healer Chen Sheng said: unharmed, but can not be the best approach for treating poison, poison ròu gouge go decrepit but do not have the ability Who is next? road ambush, big brother in their poisoned arrows cure, but also Paul the winner public unharmed three generals, want lord rehabilitation, only two ways First,Northface Backpacks Sale, find solutions yào is to find the Changsha Zuotang prefect Zhang machine Zhongjing, his research of the disease within the government. Zhang machine certainly not come in more than a year ago, he defected to the Liu Zhang Liao Li frowned: Wuxi Man Please the solution yào yet to come before carefully watching my lord, must never let him appear dangerous, for a long time, the next probably can not do anything the back. chun a summer phase jiāo temperatures, very comfortable, but is somewhat hot and humid in the south. Winds desperately WeiYan, the yào box jiāo to the healer, they urged doctors who where Liu Bei. Old doctors who do not where the goods, only a few pin down, put Liu Bei tie woke up Liu Bei looked at the crowd, his face mí Mang asked: help frowning immediately said: almost jumped up, made WeiYan hold down the Big Brother from illness today, have to rely on military counselor help solve the problem, past our brothers and rude, I apologize to you, but also hope you adults have a large number of ceremony, not me as their own people? said between you and the lord, did they have what etiquette,Northface Women's Bionic Jackets? ordinarily so much ceremony, it is rude to me, As for the government, let alone two worried since I defected My lord, will naturally be the main public share those concerns : good thing before with the poison has been pretty good, but, my lord assured, I'll send someone to go to the southern barbarian king, he will certainly be the main fact of public detoxification closed, gently said: mind, given that they stay at the helm, his natural course without letting receded, Liao Li looked at him, also bowed to leave. Two years to do with Liu Bei brother, Wei Yan to be everyone was gone, was asked: At that moment, actually seems to have a coldness in flash. Wei Yan, Xu Chu was shocked, because every time the Liu Bei lù out this look will have major decisions gas and hegemony the city next Shouzu all ... seize Xuchu hand, barely a chuckle; He is my revenge, quarter yù opponents The two masters willing shì Bong? See Liu Bei to arrange own defecting Cao cào, and even if Cao cào feel good, WeiYan exclusion Heart death, he will likely be Touxiao powerful now, whose strength exceeds Liu Zhang? not hide two Xiandi, Gann, your sister-in-law has been pregnant, she gave birth to a baby delivered, I'm after , if army, division, defected to Liu Zhang, Liu Zhang attitude towards me, I must not hold even the last trace of blood ... will avenge you, if military counselor to seek refuge with Liu Zhang, I swear to kill misjudge our surrender? big brother to protect the blood is fake, so we live on is true Is Big Brother under oath.? helpless. I hope he knew had nothing to rise, and now his body poisoned arrows, hearts despair. Despair, he did not other ideas, just want to save the blood and brothers who have a jiāo generation before young people in the the incense table before vowed to serve the country. Liu Bei has struggled to get up, and two relatively kneeling the six big hands grip together again, the mouth shouting oath of the year ... <

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