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> Chapter five hundred and sixty seventh victory soon (two) rising from the camp after Kim Dae smoke and the rumble of big guns, became this huge straw on the battlefield. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm stalemate to the coagulation of the battlefield, and finally began to loosen, condense together both men, but also scattered off. Subsequently spread, as well as the outcome. Bleak troops resounded throughout the battlefield. Frustration, failure, fear and joy of victory interwoven in this huge battlefield. "Man!!" Yuanchonghuan Jujian repeatedly chanted, along with ringing on the battlefield is this victory cheer the troops and desolation sound stark contrast. "Man! ......" There was another shout, nothing can stop Yuanchonghuan has suddenly left and right it. On the ground is a thick layer of corpses, some of the late withdrawal of the Later Jin cavalry brigade troops looked away, eyes, full of despair, however, this does not need to despair last long, and soon, you and the ground mixed into one body. Battlefield, cavalry brigade after payment has begun forcibly from the battlefield to the camp retreat direction, while the Ming government troops, side swept off one of those on the battlefield after the gold cavalry, on the other hand, also close up chasing its tail hold, hold after gold brigade easily from the battlefield. Increasingly loud firing sound, became celebrated this victory salute. ...... "We won! ......" "We won! ......" This ecstatic cries, is the battlefield, I heard the maximum sentence. ...... After gold brigade troops, forced disengagement the battlefield, leaving behind those who too late to get away, only big business Dailiaoyixia in a hurry, and again immediately began around Matsuyama Castle, bolted to the north. Camp at Fort Matsuyama under artillery fire, stay in a large camp, only slowly increasing death. Hunger, fatigue, failure, frustration, disappointment, fear, etc. feel, gather in only bolted to the north team. ...... Only to see the Tartars gave up big business, run directly to the north, Yuanchonghuan formally Indeed, he really is won. "Your honor, my lord!" Yangxing Yuanchonghuan staff has been with the left and in the army and killed in front, seeing the Tartars back into a big business, and hurried to give up to the north, Yang experienced staff know, this is the Ming dynasty won, Well, the rest, some things in relation to remind Yuanchonghuan it. "What?" Yuanchonghuan and kept horses, but continued bolted. "Your honor, the outcome had been overwhelmed, admitted battlefield victory here to Sunge Lao Bingming, adults need to take the trouble to get this message to Sunge Lao there sooner the better!" Yangxing staff also rode along with bolted , shouted. "...... Calls ......" Yuanchonghuan suddenly stopped, these things do have to deal with it immediately. "Come! ...... Immediately to Jinzhou, apricot Fort orders, the war, I Daming wins, so they immediately send troops, came to assist the battlefield where ......" Yuanchonghuan horseback, shouted. "Yes, sir!" Shì guard while a loud promised. "Come! Then would I Kam Ning Dasheng East Krupp, Xie Matsuyama castle siege and Sunge Lao news that there ......" Yuanchonghuan again loudly ordered the road. "Yes, sir!" ...... The sun was slanting down. Battlefield, the blood has been cleared, only the smoke, and some heat, which makes clear the battlefield just experienced a brutal war. Casualties pillow membership, used to describe the battlefield, very appropriate, dead bodies everywhere, people, horses, Overlapping, weapons and flags scattered over the ground, the original bright red blood, and now, has been dimmed, showing that this battle has cooled down. Battlefield, scattered some of the Ming dynasty government troops began to clean up the battlefield, but also stand up to some of his soldiers, with mutual support, tough edge to the battlefield. In Xiaogushan female clothing have insisted on the flag, at the moment, but also down, to participate in the work of the battlefield collapsed from Matsuyama Castle direction, but also to a group of Ming dynasty government troops, also began to pick up this huge battle, because the battle is really is enormous, and the people involved are not a lot, actually looked very sloppy. "Quick! Quick! Quick look to see if there is no breathing, there will soon carry out ......" Wang Ying tears on his face on the battlefield command of the work to clean up the battlefield. The brutality of the war, so that the king should see is the tears of this Jianjun, even iron man, here, and also can not stand to cry. "...... Hands lightly, do not shock with a ......" Wang Ying tears on his face, while tears while shouting, in fact, not far from a few people carrying, and obviously a broken body, dense bones lù on the outside, has no blood to flow out, and according to the degree of this broken man can not be alive, but, can not shock the body. Female clothing flag everywhere also inserted in the battlefield, retaining the flag staff, already in the treatment of the wounded, saying it was to treat the injured, in fact, more is in the pack body. The eyes of the king should have seen red. "Father, find a living." One of the soldiers shouted protect the flag. "Father, here's a live ......" is responsible for cleaning the battlefield soldiers, as discovered a huge treasure general shouted. "Quick, quick, the doctor do? Doctors do?" Wang Ying of quickly ran over, looked at the crowd gathered round the middle of that also, or person. Saw the man, the king could not help weeping shall term, this person also how to live ah? Right arm is gone, the body several wounds, and wounds pierced the clothes stick together, have put the whole body blood red, several wound blood, has become a dark sè, this man's face sè, but it is strange with a trace of red. Surrounded by people all around, no one answered the king should of it, we all know, this person should live much longer, so strange face sè, only one possible, supernatural power, and it was only last breath of fear. "......" The man covered with wounds Zhang eyes, mouth chún moving a few. "What did he say? Say what?" King should get down on quickly, asked. "Father, he asked we did not win." One leaning on his soldiers because relying on the past, and quickly replied, other soldiers are suspected huò looked, did not seem to hear the sound. "We won! See our flag, plug all over the floor, we won ......" Wang Ying said period is the tears, not far from smoothly pointing female clothing flag this cruelty on the battlefield, has been beyond the limits of man can bear. Seems to be seeing the distant female clothing flag, surrounded by everyone in the middle of the seriously injured, seems to be satisfied, effort raised his left hand, every effort will be holding thumbs up, slightly trembling hand shows the soldiers in the best best. "Man ......" The soldiers trembling hands held high to xiōng bore his mouth exhausted efforts to spit out the "man" word, as this "man" word vomit together, as well as surge of blood, left under, only one stained with blood, solidified smile. Four weeks only grief, only silent tears. "Doctor, doctor do? How not to?" Wang Ying period shouted. "Back to the father, the estimated mō come on the road, Yuan adults have to Jinzhou, apricot Fort heralds, the people over there will soon come ......" a minor official person like answered. "...... Matsuyama Castle it? Come, quickly go to the ancestral adult, let him send someone to come and help, it is best to bring all the doctors and medicine, there are so many people here use, fast ......" Wang Ying period a little like the next, it said. "Little obeyed!" One of his soldiers heard, and immediately crashed, and then bolted to the north. The battlefield, to stand up, in fact, have their own stand up, stand up, and it may never stand up, the war is so fierce, so long duration, chance of survival after a serious injury, it is slim. Back again ...... Yuanchonghuan battlefield, the sun will still outside half of the face. Sunset, sun bathed the gold sè the battlefield, a battlefield for this tragic sè covered with a layer of gold light. At this point on the battlefield, with many people, some in the pack body, busy putting the enemy's head cut off, one of their own bodies, then properly carried away, and some tidy weapons, flags, exploits these prove things folded up, while others are in the busy, preparing torches, fire, the sun was setting and get ready to lighting, this has just been deserted battlefield, at this time, but also some busy scene. Yuanchonghuan body of arrows, still hanging in the body, because it is a magic weapon to boost morale, so people Yuanchonghuan has not taken down, both to boost morale, but also afraid of their own once the arrows to pull out,oakley sunglasses, no longer afraid to hold on, despite the with anti Arrow clothing, no shè in the vital,Oakley Active clearance, can not also something not, Yuanchonghuan just bite endured, nor let it out, morale drums, but can not vent. Men do not cry easily, because grieved, but also the best portrayal of the pedestrian Yuanchonghuan. Almost everyone's face, can be found in tears. Also the hometown brothers just cried and cried to the eyes are swollen Wang Ying period, try to hold back the tears in the heart of Ho Ho Gang ...... In the evening, Kim sè sun shines on everyone's face, especially fortitude. "...... Well, stop crying, everything is gone, we win is to win, let Kam Ning, with our blood, we proved that man, Tartars is not so terrible, that joy, that is a happy event ...... "Yuanchonghuan looked around, with slightly higher voice said, to the sad sad that crying weep, all this has passed, the joy of enjoying the success enjoyed, but also enjoy Yuanchong Hua think, at this sunset to enjoy success and joy, exceptionally beautiful. "Futai talking! Since then, I Kam Ning is the indomitable spirit of man." He can outline interface, said. "Futai, now I Kam Ning, be regarded as a war fame,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, rì who dare to doubt after we Kam Ning ......" Zuda Shou also said. "Futai ......" Yuanchonghuan straight nod, as the discourse gradually increased, the atmosphere began to perk up, not like crying just like that. "Wang Gonggong, the battlefield front cut, can be counted out?" Yuanchonghuan asked again this we are most concerned about. "Your honor, we fear this array is eight thousand cut down, are a named jīng strong Tartars, we can say, but I looked a rare victory, this message is a whole nation must rejoicing, Your Majesty is happy ...... "Wang Ying said victories of the whole people immediately sparkle up today rì and Tartars fight to the death, but also won the Tartars, the battle can be described as quite rich, and said this, we have to make people feel happy. "Yes! Eight thousand, is indeed a rare victory, after I Kam Ning two hundred people even great victory rì child, be gone ......" Yuanchonghuan satisfied nod, quite happy, although aware of they have won, you can also only when the actual results came out, with the actual figures can rest assured to enjoy the joy. "Congratulations adults, Hershey adults ......" People have started to send congratulatory words, this war although difficult, can be exploits is quite powerful, eight thousand a named Tartars, this is the real deal record, the real deal victory . "Then I Kam Ning it? Lose much?" Yuanchonghuan accepted the congratulations of everyone, asked again. "Your honor, if not Song adults, where losses in seven thousand succeed, if you count the Song adults, where the effective ten thousand a ......" Wang Ying of said again. "Well ......" Yuanchonghuan should be a sentence, and did not say anything. Song troops to aid the surname generals immediately give blush, his four thousand troops, but the face five or six hundred Tartars, they were swept away, lost more than half, to others, and twenty thousand Tartars fight, but also to take advantage of this one of the combat power when not in li meter or two in order to compare, really a shame. "I Kam Ning soldiers, have to carefully buried, the injured, to be carefully nursed back ......" Yuanchonghuan said a few words. "Weekend kicked!" "In addition, butcher sheep, reward the soldiers ......" "weekend kicked ......" "this rì prevail, that we are relying on you for collaborating desperate battle to ...... you for the credit, the officer will be a a Bingming of ...... "casualties, he said something about postwar credit matters, the topic gradually ease down. "Futai! Your body of these arrows, should also take down the bar ......" "Yes ah! Futai, your body these arrows, a few arrows pots are fit it ......" "...... adults ......! You Today, on the battlefield, we can put your lights up as one, you shine where it hit weekend where ah ...... "Several ministry will see arrows Yuanchonghuan body, could not help but tease, and now rì ; this war, Futai this one arrow is, indeed, dazzling, who watched this one must marvel at the arrow, which is the flak it? Or an animal? "This is the official body of anti Arrow clothing, but there are progenitor, but after a year of His Majesty's inspection, therefore, this rì to rely on the battlefield soldiers cheer this jacket is ......" Yuanchonghuan mood, good gradually up, sad too, and then also the joy of it. "This is the official body of anti Arrow clothing, but there are progenitor, but after a year of His Majesty's inspection, therefore, this rì to rely on the battlefield soldiers cheer this jacket is ......" Yuanchonghuan mood, good gradually up, sad too, and then also the joy of it. RO @. <
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