anything cannot carelessness

September 02 [Mon], 2013, 12:20
The will to live; () guardian light life limit, a total of 19 seconds time invincible, leaving a few seconds away, about fifteen seconds to a total of Rhett caused more than three hundred thousand damage, plus some time before the attack, right value of life only half, who had been covered with wounds, go. They groaned, turned and ran for the door, the other people also immediately stopped the hand attack, have to fall behind in Cartagena, raised his right hand, the earth out of dense black arm in arm se, black se winding to Yela et al to a roar, lion, Jin Guangda, abnormal immune state, shouted to all people to leave the office only spent two seconds from the leaves, do not do things sloppily, after the last person out of office, goodbye my love towards the inside threw a big head bombs, strong cold blast from the bomb, which greatly hinder the Wright three people chase, magic. Leaves open eye on ancient Lun and Cartagena cast magic, magic to Rhett this grade of almost no effect, to the ancient Lun can affect a few seconds, Cartagena is high perceptual element Co control division, also ignore the magic, blue Ming Xi embodies a engraved with Zhou Wen's ice wall in the office the door, rainbow released a group of cure, in accordance with good route quickly fled Canada Goose Trillium Parka CG55 Women the Louis army Canada Goose Constable Parka Women headquarters, Reiter three people spend a lot of effort to shake off the cold, break the door wall of ice, this time Yela et al have far to go, Rhett frowned, mouth spill a trace of blood, Gu Lun hurriedly asked: commander Lord, how you are. Rhett: waving had hurt, ordered the closure of the resident, must catch the assassins. Rhett was very angry, he has become the highest in the group of Louis, this is the most serious injury once, this is open to his provocation, the name of Mokaza appear in his brain, Wright cold hum a way: want to let Mokaza back, Mokazhake not idiot, if he will kill Stoffer, not against me. At this time, someone. Commander, sir, you mean, the assassin behind another person. Cartagena asked, yes, Mokaza is watching, anything cannot carelessness, so back to the barracks in the city all the resident and the search of soldiers. The Louis army stationed in the most lively night, is not Snow Mantra Parka Men only the Wright assassination resulted in serious injuries, the resident many officers were assassinated, when fully blocked the resident, the assassins have slipped out of the Louis army headquarters, driving with a suspended vehicle stolen a road towards ancient Investigation Corps barracks flew past, only the last step will be the successful completion of this task, chuck is very depressed, no, can't use depressed to describe, when he got that suitcase, still dreaming of retiring to go well, but the brutal truth told him, he wants to know more, after chuck left the ancient dragon soon to open. The suitcase, want bright purple se light bright blind your eyes, but only to see the iron a few card in the box, even a crystal coins have not, chuck realized that he had been tricked, he wanted to send messages to make amends, but small noisy had started to invade the ancient dragon, chuck news became lagging behind the news, in order to not himself too much, or put yourself know chuck,
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