in which transactions have

September 06 [Fri], 2013, 11:02
; 20000000 yuan, the price but a nice, directly to their bottom line, this time the experience how do not despise Lee from the feeling, this young man is not just good luck, this shows that the ability to really be just perfect, maybe you can be your own boss on this the boss is not old, like in China, there is a way? Burma here after all is not, perhaps they do good words can also follow the boss to go to China, think of here this guy at the Lee from eyes and a bit, it is not because Lee from a 20000000 price and felt dissatisfied, to this young and some only praise. The gentleman really will offer ah, tell the truth, sir, the jade stone we are anxious, but twenty million of the price it is very difficult to accept, Canada Goose Banff Parka but your Chinese is good at doing business, we in order to befriend sir, 20000000 this stone is no problem, but on one condition, if Mr. to promise this is no problem, if you don't promise you when I opened a joke. Originally, Li from the thought this guy says if you don't promise this deal is not into it, who knows this guy to say, people's attitude can be said to have is very low, if it is the words may also lose a friend, get to know a friend I clearance north face will more rely on, especially in Burma this place, can open up here the biggest booth, it will be the people in general? Talk about what happened. Lee from direct said, said that while also looked at several jade this room looks, performance is very good, in which transactions have the advantage is that you can not pay, although Burma's military government says very much, but the old farmers still have their own merit, tax evasion thing in Burma is not what strange things, laws are made, there is natural, there are loopholes can be drilled, interests, the law is what. Nothing major, is our boss always like to make friends, evening Mr. Lee did not know there is no empty with our boss to see a face, of course you choose is the place of Mr. li. It seems that the manager's right is still not small, it can be fixed directly to their bosses, to know more about the people of Burma is not a bad thing, Li Cong immediately promise down, he is now a stone also attracted to, not because of what good stuff this stone, but because there is nothing the stone, originally Lee from today want to give Zhang Jie the old man some material, really did not expect this stone is to send good stuff. Speaking of the Li Congzhen stone is to laugh ah, this is nothing is too strange. Universe of 1 000000000 universes, Womens North Face Windstopper Outlet the stone all emeralds are around, but very thin, but there is nothing, Lee from observed here a design that was born, this I don't water it is not changed, others may have reason to consider, but then just ask Qin Guozhong to help guide them, Zhang Jie could not file is very difficult. Li Xianzhi
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