on the Ancient Runes and runic

August 10 [Sat], 2013, 12:55
Thunder!!! The devil statue not to turn a hair, in addition to a shallow trace, even the cracks without expanding. Yueyang violence sweat, the demon statue originally not knife gang can cut down...... In this way, the moving body, can the devil the mystical life statue shattered body, really strong to what extent? Without crystal Zhi array seal, estimated that the mysterious life turn the devil statues destroyed, compared to Yueyang, what is it that in the end the level of existence? Magic guard countless rushed, there two magic general. Here should not stay long, to avoid undue delay may bring trouble. Yueyang decided to gear. Out of round of condensation North Face Jackets 2013 Clearance in the hands, many ancient runes and runic rotation of heaven, like the Fu Wenzhi sea, Yueyang waving out of round, as before, to cut off the demon statue. Suddenly, the semi full devil statue rumbled down down, very heavily hit in the ground. The body is broken, the broken stone head magic angle. In the rubble, the crystalline energy giant revealed a little edge, flashing unusually strong energy waves, lost crystal column array support, it can no longer guarantee the integrity of the statue. Yueyang is big, to sweep down, the huge energy crystal away, take forcible possession of. Who unexpectedly, the crystal pole array flash mesh white, thousands of white as a life like swimming, like the lady's arm, winding Yueyang body, light and can not resist the Yueyang down, seems to have put his seal up. Yueyang violence sweat, not salvation, anti himself to go? Yueyang rushed out of round cast, prepare to destroy the crystal pole array...... Before, Yueyang is also preparing to try to read, feel this crystal column array for the seal may be of some help to you. Queen Vivien Leigh, do not want to immediately destroyed, now in critical condition, Yueyang never gave many, first with the out of round crystal column array ruined. Turn out be benefited in every way, hit a crystal column. To Yue close to contrary to expectation, it is not like before a cut over, it bounced back. Within moments, the return of Yueyang body. Is this the crystal pole array is unlikely to damage? Yueyang heart had risen such idea, the crystal pole array on the Ancient Runes and runic come up heaven, thousands of times more energy light lit up, shining the Obsidian square shaped like a day. The devil came to attack Yueyang, the white light, all North Face Waterproof showing facial expressions of pain. The crystal pole array distance nearest the weakest devil complete gasification, like flower's aurora shot, slightly far was melting, in cries in the very painful death, further and the strongest, and wailing, scrambled to escape. In addition to the North Face Ski Clearance two all smoking Magic general, barely able to survive, all the guards are all dead. The lowest level of evil spirits, long distance, are beginning to gasification. Reticular white Yueyang down the ground, will he and Impatiens beauty wrapped up, like a great light. Numerous ancient writing and the heavens the wind up, a fall in Yueyang and the beauty of the body. Impatiens beauty body light transparent, appears to be sealed, but Yueyang has not, the ancient language and celestial runes on his...
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