A strong point is nothing to fear, but sadly there are a few strong points, and then hooked up with a bunch of role players---practical case of the Liaoning team

September 23 [Mon], 2013, 10:22
Army games, although the team also features various strategies such as Cherbourg, and rolled off the line, but not solve the problem. Although Qi Zhou scored high in the finals, but he was actually the team's hub, basically in positional warfare, the ball goes through his hands.
You can't say that other big man is not good, but it is Qi Zhou too prominent. Prize-giving ceremony, the Guangdong team leader Li Qun on the sidelines, watching Qi Zhou said: "at this level of the game in the U18, nike free 5.0 mens Qi Zhou was definitely ruling class. "His height coupled with his awareness of youth on a level playing field, that is no solution exists. This kind of deterrence is reflected not only in his personal data, also on psychological impact on competitors. After the finals, Linan (microblogging) laments: "qi Zhou is no way, but we're not only ferry services were affected, up front and back, too, can't make the shot, layup didn't come in. ”
Youth competitions, are often the first to see individual ability, Qi Zhou at the inside of a huge advantage has put Liaoning ahead of more than one person.
A strong point is not terrible, but the scary thing is there are several strengths, hooked up with a bunch of useful role player---the Liaoning team is.nike free 5.0 v4 womens Compared with other teams, the Liaoning team more balanced structure, with no apparent weaknesses.
Liaoning is not only inside the strong, their line there is also a core Zhao Jiwei, teams formed both inside and outside work. By Qi Zhou and Zhao Jiwei side, but still there are quite a number of distinctive players, such as linebacker Ray Wang Zhengbo speed also has three points, Qi Zhou ext partner plex also has the ability to shoot tomorrow morning.
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