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October 05 [Sat], 2013, 11:03
SINA sports news Beijing time on October 5 of the ClutchFans, according to reports, with the official start of the new season's training camp, a great deal of attention is actively for the new season to prepare for the Houston Rockets. Rockets practice today, however there was a familiar face on the field, he's announced in August this year from NBA[Twitter] before the formal decommissioning headed rockets star Tracy McGrady [Twitter]. When the reporters here today on the threshold of the ClutchFans Houston Rockets training ground when suddenly found that wearing a gray t-shirt's Tracy McGrady was sitting on the sidelines watching 5V5 combat training. He had just talked with Morey, General Manager of the Houston Rockets completed, it came up James Harden and talked for a while. It was not long before, the "Warcraft" Howard joined in, he and Tracy exchanged almost 20 minutes. But Tracy does not accept media interviews today. Why did McGrady already announced his retirement suddenly appeared in the rockets ' training ground? Does he plan to return? Believe that many people see this message after a series of similar questions. However, according to information received by the ClutchFans, Mattie is purely to "visit". "Is the understanding of the situation. "Hardens when talking about his conversations with the Tracy McGrady said," is for example: when he worked in rocket effect, and how he can help me to become a better player. From those veteran received much valuable advice is always a good thing, especially if he ever played here. How much can you give me some help, but all I have to do is to listen carefully. "In fact, when it comes to Tracy McGrady and juwan Howard, both of them in 9 years ago is" pass ". On the 2004 NBA draft, the Orlando Magic to "champion signed" selected a high school player Dwight Howard-when a lot of people are "Mac + Howard" when the combo started looking forward, the magic in the offseason that year with the rockets completed a b asics gel nimbus 14 uk lockbuster deal, a two-time League scoring champion away in Houston. "We have a lot in common with each other. "Howard said McGrady said," together we talk about basketball and life, he felt for me and this team, this is a very good chance. This conversation is really great. "" Warcraft "also revealed that time Houston Rockets Tracy McGrady for their effectiveness is still fraught with many wonderful memories. "He said that experience was great. "Howard continued," the fans were great, the city of Houston is great. He believed we cou ld play a great season.

SINA sports news Beijing time on October 5, Lin [Twitter] is 2012, one of the most popular players, broke out of his miracle is still amazing. However, according to today's United States sports coverage, Lin claimed that face difficulties in 2010, he almost quit NBA[micro-blog]. Weakness, NBA may lose one of the most inspirational stories. 2012 two frantic weeks, Lin became "the forest mad". His story was made into a documentary film, in the film, he tells the untold hardships, referred to racial discrimination, and he nearly quit the NBA. Some people might think that that this documentary just for money, but that is not the case. In the film, many of the scripts and interviews with Hao Lin before he rose to fame, even since he was a kid starts in San Francisco Bay, to his high school, Harvard days. Lin's career path very bumpy, he lost on the NBA NBA draft, enters the development League twice, twice being laid off, before coming to the Knicks. In the documentary, there is a fragment, Hao Lin became famous, he joined a junior basketball training camp when he said fighter, can't handle pressure and at one point considered leaving. Warriors sign Lin, not looking at his skill, but looking at the market, Lin struck. Throughout the 2010 season, his total of 33 minutes. "On December 29, I wrote, wish I had never contracted with warriors," Lin says to kids in training camp, "' I want to give up basketball ' (he writes), because I can't be happy. "As a Chinese-American players, since junior high, Lin faced the question of racial discrimination. At Palo Alto high school, he won two League Championships, become Northern California's best player, get a scholarship. But he didn't get the respect they deserve, "I said, if I were black players, and I will get a scholarship to the Union, but that is just my personal opinion," he said. However these have become in the past, Lin is happy about this. "In the NBA, no player said, ' Oh, he's an Asian, '" Lin said, "I think we should fight in the League long enough, to make others believe that you can do it. ””

SINA sports news Beijing time October 5, according to United States open-air stands under reported, for Dwight-Howard for, this year summer select joined Houston Rockets not only let he of career career obtained has a new of beginning, while also let he encountered has a real knows he of coach--Kevin-William McCahill "I feels I and Kevin has established up has a layer very special of relationship, from we first times talk to now, has been are is so. "Howard says," he said that he had seen all of my games, it makes me feel very shocked. You know, Kevin-maikehaier is one of the greatest players in history, but also our team's head coach, but he was a very careful analysis of the game. "Through foreign aid this summer, the rockets have harden + Howard a combination of core and matching Lin [Twitter], Parsons and Arsic, a key role player. Compared to these, however, is equally important to Howard's relationship with maikehaier. "I now have a once in the same position with my coach on the field. "Howard went on to say," so he knows when I need the ball, or when it was supposed to be at a specific location. Other coaches might not see in time, but he can. "This summer's free agent market, has a total of 5 teams to the Howard Chase on the offensive. In the meeting with the delegation of each team, Howard has prepared a three-page full of questions, including: How do I adapt to your team attack? How do you communicate with the team's star player interaction? Veteran who is with you? The young players who? "I'm really worried about their future careers. "Howard says," for example, what kind of a coach to help me achieve my goals? "He said, finally let people print out two coach Kevin maikehaier and Mark Jackson, respectively. These two stars of in the age of the players is to be treated with respect, prestige is also in the team, and are very good at communicating. "I told him, ' I'll carry you, that reservations must be made clear to you. ' "Memories of maikehaier and Howard said when speaking for the first time," ' whether your performance is good or bad, I'll tell you real asics gel kinsei 4 uk istically. I think we can help you, but I was in the squad and never will you have special privileges. "' In fact, Mike Hale Howard in the magic and the Lakers clearly [Twitter] conflicts with head coach during the validity of the two teams, and he's even seen on video-Stan Van Gundy. "Believe me, if I knew Dwight, wanted the team to fire me, I'm never going to hold a press conference. "Mike Hale said," I will find Dwight, and said to him, ' I heard the rumors, if it is true? ' "He then added:" there must be a trust between the two sides and open, so that you can overcome any difficulties. From each player's heart, they want to be coached. "Despite Howard's relationship with dafangandi, and not as bad as thought of the outside world, but in retrospect that things," Warcraft, "admitted:" if I could do it over again, I believe that things will be better. But I'm really happy to be in the future, these years collaboration with Kevin maikehaier. ”
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