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October 14 [Mon], 2013, 16:46
Fireworks with sound, lights, such as a dragon. According Wuzhao practice, the city will have to light a candle month thirteen, seventeen next month, a total of Enlightening the 5th, city dragon and lion dances, Suye does not sleep, but natural to fifteen Lantern Festival the most lively, yet of snow, each lantern, poetry has already started activities together, compared to the scale in the autumn worse than. This is the excitement of the night was not the Mid-Autumn night poetry than fighting the pyrotechnic gas, more or unfinished since since New Year party atmosphere, Mid-Autumn Festival that night if people prefer to enjoy the literary genius who bookish interest rates, more music seen many idol style competition. Spring night, people are more focused on themselves and their families, relatives and friends who celebrate, eat Lantern, riddles, night market, and then, just pay attention to what those literary genius who resides Yanyulou units. The reason this happens is complex, heavy snow closed the road, past the pedestrian merchants to reduce some of the students in the study tour years ago, returned home ...... a variety of poetry gatherings on there, but unlike the annual Mid-Autumn Festival as entirely different , Pu garden poetry, poetry is not sealing Lantern was held and this night usually Yeocheon College students performing mainly Yeocheon in fact, is the official school Jiangning, if not held in Autumn with Pan House poetry sealing effect , the quality of students that their side is the highest. Of course, even many formal little poetry does not hold, there are still a large number of literary genius who can go to go to feast and exchange some of the year's masterpieces, some of the students will be dispersed Yeocheon to participate in these parties, and then in their own poems with the students grab stunts, in short, that night more, or since the New Year festive atmosphere based. After nightfall, a bustling, Hai Shi (nine p.m.) when the bell sounded, Ning Yi working with Xiaochan Suzaku Avenue in the nearby food stalls, eating dumplings, surrounded with a variety of lantern riddles, photos of the entire market like daylight. Yi and Su Ning evening with Suber Yong Tan children to a family friend home to dinner Soviet government, the basic etiquette fulfilled, the Su Ning Yi Tan children will leave with out saying Suzaku Avenue is a small husband and wife to walk around here, the actual naturally this is not all. Sue Tan children treasurer several men around here tonight is to do business Mingxiu floor, Sue Tan child heart results so slightly on the road to the next show after they play opposite a small restaurant floor to find a table to sit down, while Listen teahouse singing while waiting for the results. Ning Yi listened for a moment with her play, until a young man named Yu Jun seats come treasurer reported preliminary results, he also got up and ready to move around while. Suzaku Avenue stroll to see what delicious, every kind of taste that. Canada Goose Women's Montebello CG55 Remember to give some undefined status is also slightly back. Sue Tan children Tiantiandexiao with, so to him, then Xiaochan they are now over, look back down the stairs when the Soviet Union has already turned into the clear sky Tan children's eyes, and the young shopkeeper Said said. As the New Year around the Su Tan children has led him to the Su turned every shop, the shopkeeper Ning Yi seats have seen a few faces, ambitious also has the ability, but the edge on the outside, not enough introverted, but is quite good the. This allows Ning Yi reminded myself many years ago when I was younger, also seen a lot of this young man, a friend of a rival, but in the end, but rather let their most surprised that always indecisive, now in his behind Tang Mingyuan, So think about it, it touches on some irony. Soon after, he and Xiaochan Suzaku Avenue in the vicinity of one food stalls along the route taste passed. Roads are still not melt the snow, near Qinhuai wind, but not cold, the whole street is in full swing feel, dragon and lion dances, carnivals juggling, various vendors oven in the heat rising up. Xiaochan eat much stuff, bought a small lantern to mention in his hand, lantern pattern on a cat, of course, the cat's forehead drew a king word, just assume that only tigers. Guye Guye, that preserves the riddles how berberine solution? Will it be through thick and thin? Guye Guye, Huangjuan Young woman, grandson powdered mortar what? Oh, this does not know it is difficult, Cao Cao asked Yang Hsiu, the answer is wonderful good speech. Guye, there is a very difficult, and a shaped body, four eight. 1858, by waterfalls Yang flow ...... this is what ah ............ how do I know. The original Uncle do not know ah ...... the front two have guessed, you ask yet? Uncle said on the ah. Come to eat dumplings ...... ...... tell you a dumpling eating Tic Tac Toe. Oh, is Tic Tac Toe. For it is not like what Xiaochan temper, eat a few rice balls and fought under a pool, the share of spiced beans touches Xiaochan favorites, bought a half cups to eat slowly, little lanterns ah Akira Akira, soon , unthinking said: Miss actually tired. Ah? Just ah ...... just miss in the restaurant, the Guye ready to leave, in fact, a lot of things Guye all know, right? Little face some serious, Ning Yi think about it, smiled and nodded his head: there is nothing wrong about it, after all, still have to miss your home clappers, while I was, in fact, no use, but sometimes counterproductive. Sure enough, Uncle knows ...... Xiaochan nodded, watching Ning Yi glances, but also a little hesitant, but finally said, Guye how does it help the lady? Miss your home is very powerful, do not worry. Xiaochan think about it, then laughed up: Miss very happy lately. Ah? Because Uncle ah, before the little lady with the people talk so much ...... uh, have to say it, but would not say what the business said happily, there Guye storytelling, ah, ah ...... so Xiaochan chess think, Guye were willing to help the young lady, Miss will be more happy. Guye also know that Miss Miss her ...... she was a girl, after all, are the same as with Xiaochan go out to work, someone always says gossip, lady lips do not say, and my heart certainly have a lot of thoughts ...... Xiaochan Tan children are really for the sake of the Soviet Union, only muster a lot of courage to say this, too afraid of their own insatiable crossed the maidservants duty, let Yi Ning bit unhappy, often difficult to Chou Chou Yi Ning, then get the response, but it is the whole face is hand Yi Ning Well pulling into the pie. Chan teenage children into the Soviet government's? Shi broken. Chan child hesitated a moment, just muttering gestures gestures, until Ning Yi let go of her cheeks turned forward, she trotted to catch up to, add, Chan children most good oo} is being sold year-old came . Old, really small ...... Juaner too, Myolie sister a year older than us, then five. Miss that time eight years old. Xiaochan Canada Goose Women's Resolute Parka no taboo about this, actually some sweet smile, had at that time really is too small, not human dental Son, but the Soviet government happened to a few little girl, Canada Goose Outlet Xiaochan it elected, my brother would have wanted to sell the home The. Usually pour heard you mention family ah. Xiaochan house was sold to the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union is a government of the people of the Well, how can I put them all yet. Xiaochan bow thought, in fact, a child can not remember too many things Xiaochan is hungry. I heard that originally had a brother, and soon to be born starved to death, the family then wanted to sell his brother, his brother can always do something, and later sold Xiaochan, selling twenty-five years, the family had thirty-five ounces of silver, in fact, be followed by Miss pass room girl, which is a blessing to do, how many years do not care. Now Xiaochan annually remitted twelve silver, his brother married last year, and also wrote letters to give Xiaochan that married the most beautiful girl in the neighboring village, is the word ugly ...... ah, go back over the previous year Xiaochan trip in March this year, can go home to see his wife ...... many things are now the norm in society, how many Xiaochan Actually, I'm sad to say it, and it eventually will be happy again, and then again some guilty conscience sip a Minzui: Guye ...... Ning Yi smiles: So Tan children like your sister, is it? The girl nodded, then shook his head, Xiaochan just maidservants, not like that. She often told that you went on to say things on the business, often with those shopkeeper said, even if I help her, I'm a multi-Why do not the same? But, but ...... Uncle is a different thing ...... uh, do not think about, you tell me the reason why Miss home say that, that is, it is because I do not know, I do not do business. If I can really help, it would really have to become a talking business. Although Tan children in the Soviet Union in their own performance in front are simple, but Xiaochan not stupid, on the contrary very smart, she was the Soviet Union for the sake of a little effort Tan children, Ning Yi and do not care, human. At this point both in the crowd all the way to move forward, Ning Yi smiled: Miss your home is much more powerful than you think, if she did not so much, those do not help her much use, as early as possible close hand her the best. Although you when I badly I am also glad the matter, but do not ...... uh ...... Yi Ning voice stopped, the rear came Xiaochan: Uncle is very powerful ah. Sound, bright lantern light, Ning Yi frowned slightly, looked questioningly at his left hand, the thumb outside touch of bright red color, sticky yet dry, this is ...... blood. Where gets ...... doubts among looked back lit between markets, and from the crowd, a variety of loud sounds flocked to the far end of Suzaku Avenue, a Dragon with drums clang clang sound comes flying , Spring scenery lively as usual among several runners mixed meantime, seems're looking for something. The next moment, carnage abruptly bloom sky ...... hard to explain, this chapter seven p.m. yards from yesterday to today's eight in the morning, in the middle almost did not stop to overthrow overthrow rewrite rewrite can just pick this chapter down the story citation, I was hard to say how surprised just how bright it change my life, mainly in order to write the story and then hesitated, rewritten three times, finally got four thousand word I was again cut a length and then modify the ...... now my mind is confused, very hungry, punching bag cereal drink to sleep ...... But then the story that is not a problem, is still worthwhile.
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