Toning Tips: How To Get Trim With Reebok Easytone

December 26 [Mon], 2016, 15:09
reebok ventilator There are millions of training regimes and diets to get fit and firm yourself up, most of which involve changing your lifestyle, joining a gym or taking time out of your day to engage in some form of activity.

But if you look hard enough you will find a few methods of getting in shape without changing your day to day routine. One very good, very new method is using the Reebok Easytone trainers, a shoe designed to create instability which the body naturally counteracts.

reebok womens shoes The sports giant claim the shoe creates a smaller, more unstable surface area which is significant enough to activate muscles without impacting the way you move or even making you aware. Supposedly your leg and bum muscles will naturally fight to find a balance point and will therefore work your legs and buttocks significantly more than usual.

The trainers are not recommended for normal sports such as tennis or netball due to their lack of lateral support, which is fine by us. What they are designed for is everyday use which allows muscle activity to take place during even mundane tasks.

You are able to wear the trainers, flip flops or sandals whenever you want and as long as you're standing, they are working your muscles. It's like sitting on an exercise ball all day rather than an office chair.

reebok running shoes So if you're off doing the weekly shop or just walking around the workplace, your legs will be in constant workout. The company commissioned a study to determine how effective the trainers were and the results noted at least an 11% increase in muscle activity in the calves and gluteus during simple activities. However none of the subjects notices a difference in aching or physical exertion.

Consumers have so far gone mad for the Reebok Easytone range and there is rumour of further, more casual models to be added to the popular Easytone trainers

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