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October 24 [Wed], 2012, 12:29

> Lu Tao gave the order, which had been a tightly with the crowd in the of his motorcade ass behind immediately scattered off a majority of people go to find the person they are looking for, only some strong migrant workers dress the person was also Lu Tao's younger brother Fudge followed. WWw. quANBEn. Com fleet to start up again, slowly sailing toward a villa that lived in Siyu, with the crowd behind, with accelerated around the fleet, in the forefront. Her Siyu heard He just far observed some see the group of people wearing does not look like a gangster brother, but as an ordinary laborer. That bodyguard also did not answer, villa courtyard outside, they suddenly heard a burst of noisy sound, that sound great, probably cries mixed together dozens of people, which is also mixed with each of the local dialect, parked in the ears, extremely noisy uncomfortable. She guessed faint Lu Tao to take what the trick is maintaining the status quo, let men blocked off, so'd like to see Lu Tao in the end how to prepare sneak to. That bodyguard head Rocen told immediately down. He went to the villa door, several bodyguards guarding the door and asked: Before this ladder is arranged down, as is the ability to clearly see outside the villa. He had just climbed to the top, to see that accounted for a large villa outside the gates of a dense mass of people, being loudly,UGG Women's Tess, his mind not to think clearly is how is it flying suddenly saw in front of a black object in his flying near eyes become bigger and bigger. That the bodyguards head not react what circumstances, caught off guard, direct that the black object flying over hit in the face. That black object was a hard tile do not know which great strength guy throw over, it happens to drop in the face of that bodyguard, only this is what you get his badly beaten snot blood tears his face the whole person planted directly from the ladder down, put his wake. Just that throw tile obvious than the average person, that look absolutely Shitailichen that bodyguards secretly from several meters high on the ladder hit fell down. And if he had practiced the two erupted, good skill, I am afraid we must direct which tile and killed. However, Rao is his immortality, also injured not light, so a short period of time, and did not wake up hope. Grass, too much,Canada Goose Tremblant Jacket! Them bodyguards, bodyguards is not Luojia culture, but Rocen from the outside, please come specifically Before they worked together for several years, with each other, entirely to really intersect this line, coupled with bodyguards, often facing life-threatening, so the feelings between a few of them, is deep, compared to pro- The brothers are worse than. Now their boss is inflicted miserable like this vice not ghosts not ghosts, do not know will we be able to wake up, but do not know if you woke up dry bodyguards line can continue. So the remaining few bodyguards, at this moment, are filled with indignation,Timberland Mens Euro Hiker, chest burning flames of anger. Several other bodyguards, with inquiring eyes cast like a strong bodyguard. Let's certainly no good end, the main house is what your heart unclear what? The so-called people in the arena, involuntarily, he is to say this situation, obviously think to myself now give avenge his head, that guy throw tile to grab out of dismemberment, but because the task, but he can not do. He gave the order, the remaining few bodyguards immediately acted by his orders. Just exactly what he directly threw a brick that bodyguards head smashed down. His other tile does not seem to play a little effect, that a probe out of the bodyguards smashed back villa yard never happened. Did not respond? Oh, really tolerant! inside specialized hit Sap villa, not a last resort, not recklessly. Lu Tao, is sitting in a luxurious car, like a leisurely tour zai, just his heart, but it is very nervous up. He knew that this time they only succeed without fail otherwise,air max shoes store, after the failure of the consequences will be extremely serious. This time action chosen difficulty is great, because Siyu reasons, the initiative is entirely lies in the hands of Rocen, he has been in a very passive position. So, he can only be through the tight layout and planning, plus surprise action to try and regain the initiative. Clamor of the car outside, migrant workers become increasingly mixed in with the inside the Mingtao help brother instigation around several villas, some even stuck his head through the window to look at here is what happens. Apart from Siyu villa where the door, some of the other villas, but also experienced about the same thing as the sudden appearance of people harassing. Just harassment, not like here so much, mostly in twos and threes, does not amount to anything. But this is the case, the entire the District news of the accident. <

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