it seems outflow What

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 10:15

Wait for next spring Yan Guilai I looked up at the sky, crowing with Xixishushu geese, one and one, again and again across the page after a fairy-tale blue sky, very slowly, from my the top of the head flying. Yan's body, I seem to have read his shadow. So long, I will wait and journeying to wait, but a letter only ugg classic boots, however, so many years, he gave concern UGG Women's Patent Paisley! That day special blue. I was surprised to smell in the air part forever the taste of the first ever run as fast. Is in that car race, I understand a truth: two legs always run, but four wheels. I heard the roar of aircraft in the air, like the silence of the night I heard very discordant notes; more like, when I'm lonely and being alone licking soul wounds and enjoy a moment of quiet tragedies. My sky became very dark clouds, he abandoned me, and I thoroughly abandoned mercilessly forced me to leave his life. The empty classroom blackboard, my handwriting pressing his handwriting. I sat in his seat, raised his head and looked attentively at the blackboard, stare, he staggered forward and I looked at the podium figure, and his proofs a quarrel again sounded in the boundless open sound as shrill and deep-seated. Stare, any tears fall, wet writing paper, writing a little bit smudged once, as crazy as brothers, such order should not have to, in my eyes, the reason he left, but he told me recognized, is not that kind helpless but've been living in the shadow of teacher. Ha ha ha, I Yangtianchangxiao, I would not like to think about. New semester, two or three weeks after, the classroom was transferred to a clean and pure girl, days dimple flower! The touch my an upsurge, Dangqi the ripples waves Sentimental. Hey, you nosebleeds friends, Happy Together, suddenly revealed your head, Freeze said! So, both of us, brothers and in love with the girl, that clean, pure, dimple days flowery little girl. So, both of us, brothers, overnight became enemies, small p child mouth, called the rival. Night, I use rational about him out, then, but also with the emotional punch him. Corner, the snow on the bright red, and I do not know his nosebleed, or mine. Lying in the snow, who did not speak, and let the snow drift landed at me and his face. Me and you, now or brothers Canada Goose Heli-Arctic? Of course, as before, as crazy brother. He is gone, and thought, I'm really happy, but now he had left for me, but a sense of loneliness, no longer a carefree life. I regret, regret his departure, I do not know in my heart silently cursing yourself how many times, or can not die, perhaps, he was praying I live! When he had gone LeBron 8 Mens Outlet, I had the habit and other letter, has been looking forward, looking forward to his concerns! Perhaps your mistakes, you must have your own to bear it! ? When hear his melancholy into the illness, in my eyes, it seems outflow What, however, I still did not go, did not see him. Home, more than an e-mail in the mailbox. Write on friends Send. Days, blue like a fairy tale. Few geese flying over an article a source of junior high school essay,

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