an aisle sat a scrub small guy

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One evening in August 1993, Shanghai meilong Station No. 1 station platform parked a train to the Green Paper. This car this is from Guangzhou to Shanghai Railway Station, the Meilong Shanghai South Railway Station, a hard seat carriage also left kittens 23 a. Side by side on a seat in the middle of the 8th compartment sitting two looks fifteen-year-old girls. Girls wearing a goose yellow knee-length jumpsuit skirt with a fair face, regarded the hundreds of thousands of people to a small beauty. Bloom she maintained not applied Prostitute pure even dress not too professional. If you wait a year, month, she learned how to dress themselves, she should be able to become no shortage of scouts and wealthy accosted figure. Sitting by her side, wearing a white the Dacron short-sleeved shirt with jeans girls. This girl looks generally on the side, counted on the soft, but it exudes a breath a Wen Wanru water. This gentle girl seems to have suddenly asked what taste, her frown slightly but no other action. Her pretty many companions but exaggerated took out a handkerchief to cover the front of the nose sprinkled with toilet water. "That's Wang Meng how happens this time to get off, he never in need him!" Beautiful girl frowning Chen Dao. "One moment he came back, and he go to the site to buy seeds to eat Dai Yun, or I with you to the car port to wait for him?" Gentle girls care about the inquiry girlfriends. However, this is known as Dai Yun beautiful girls apparently not in accordance with the so passively wait said Li Wanying, girlfriends, she stand up and turn around to look directly behind smoker. That smoking is a shirtless hunk was almost all the sinew of the box. Dahan to be thoroughly soaked with sweat the blue overalls lost in the side, seeking only side with a newspaper to own fan side Mengchou cigarette. Tahan whip a few cigarette smoke, rising into a blossoming then the newspaper fan to the direction of Wang Dai Yun. "Well ..." like the pure bloom girl desperately suppress their cough sound, her childhood asthma, there are most afraid of hated that smell cigarette smoke,Nike Air Jordan. Even smell smoke pretty soon will be allergic to this season of the girl dared not directly restrained by Han Han obviously not high quality - in her opinion, If she should go restrained by the time of the Han dynasty, the big fellow but had molested her bullying her how to do? Around gallant suitor, own also molested, said Do not throw out the dead? Wang Dai Yun accustomed to all around the boys when the free labor began to look around, looking to maximize the use of the male. Glanced around, she found the entire car is also in not far from sitting two seemingly boys of the same age and a with a little girl Father. Two seemingly boys of the same age, an aisle sat a scrub small guy. It looks like he probably meter eighty a few tall, extremely handsome face can not be considered, but the scrub he did kind of a mild kind of ancient scholar and intellectual, can also be regarded as relying on looks the boys very popular in the girls group . And sitting next to him, regardless of looks, tall, wearing a very mediocre boys. Mediocre male wearing a retro the King black plastic framed glasses, head down, looking at what books. This is a look that is learning good man, has been that In addition to a little bit of help before the exam, basic not have any value to her, or even take advantage of the value Wang Dai Yun. The mediocre male and flour a handsome guy sitting across from a wearing a tunic, with a little girl's Father. Of his neckline discipline Fastener tightly, one full the righteous revolution era antique look. Should look to find Father to help, but considering he did not deal with the experience of the age gap is too large male the prettily Wang Dai Yun finally selected flour handsome goal. She clutching his nose with a handkerchief go all the way in front of that white-faced guy, the face poor phase whispered: "Students, do yourself a favor it?" What is it? "That white-faced guy looked up and asked. But unfortunately, white-faced guy saw Wang Dai Yun, eyes and flashed what surprises the vivid, as if she is a like ordinary creatures. Although a little disappointed a bit uncomfortable, but Wang Dai Yun at this time or keep crying phase whispered: "students, I have asthma, you can not smell smoke but our seats behind a big brother Meng smoke, you can get him to another place to smoke it? "With that, Wang Dai Yun felt that even if the guy does not put her when the scarce resources of beauty, should also heroism bursting apart from anything else in his early to help it? However, just at this time, Wang Dai Yun feel absurd happen - and saw that the white-faced guy turned to see the a good student mediocre male, as if waiting for mediocre men make a decision? Before wonder, Dai Yun from the pressure of cross God saw that mediocre male looked up and she looked not far from the smoke, and then nodded slightly front of the white-faced guy. After that white-faced guy who got up and walked toward the Han smoking. While this scene expect Wang Dai Yun before, but this time she was confused constantly between flour the handsome and mediocre male looks around. "This is how file child thing? Guy listening to mediocre men?" "Hey,UK Nike Air Jordan, do not smoke, and female students sitting behind you can be heard not used to the smoke smell!" That white-faced guy standing the Tahan around direct cold face said . Wang Dai Yun then hopeful see 向那 Han, but I saw the big fellow first looked flour handsome and slanting eyes and turned around and looked at looked at her, and then spat "Pooh" heard. "Eph want to smell the smell of cigarettes? Do taxi it! Did banknotes valid short train ride? Also installed a noble installed squeamish? Lennon really when the Earth to turn around some? Eph wait!" Wang Dai Yun gas on the whole body. To shivering up when she suddenly felt a warm palm tap on her shoulder, also came a very deep and gentle voice: "Excuse me, ah, not very sensible nephew, it seems to do things children to screw up, forgive me, but not a big problem, I'll be right back. "Dai Yun Wang have not had time to look back, to see that she had been neglected figure with her pass. Her eyes widened with surprise only to see the mediocre male leisurely walks on. Nephew? Her suddenly react one thing, "That mediocre male flour guy is his nephew?" In of Wang Dai rhyme for the word "nephew" puzzled when her girlfriends Liwan Ying was curious secretly observed significant the mediocrity male. Childhood smarter than their peers, many of her this time seems to found a the mediocre male mediocre. His demeanor at this time very seriously, unlike peers seem frivolous, but he did not frown, seems as if its capability will not guard; he pace unhappy, does not appear to believe that the current situation is how bad his pace not slow, and will not appear lukewarm Chronic ... everything, in Liwan Ying seems so different. She had a wonderful feeling, because the front of the mediocre man seems that she never not seen, like this mediocre men and fifteen-year-old exterior hides a wise and experienced wind and rain of the middle-aged hunk like ...... the Liwan Ying's watched, no, not just Li Wanying. With the Father of the little girl, girlfriends Dai rhyme this time curiosity gazed mediocre men. Their amazing vision, that mediocre men walked side of smoking Han, but the surprise is that this mediocre male and did not speak, he just Tahan micro frown looked like in thinking about what. "He is not yet thought about what to say, right?" Do not know how, Wang Dai Yun at this time for mediocre men worried. Before she is unlikely to see on this mediocre men, but nevertheless he is speak out for her, and as from kindergarten virtue looks proud girl of ten years, seeing what mediocre boy speak out for her she had a kind of to pull weak when young men, sent to the minors on frontline guilt. "Wang Meng, Wang Meng how not to come back?" Looking around anxiously Wang Dai Yun figure suitors, she thought that if it can not find it personally up to protect the mediocre men forget. But, God forbid, at this time, that get off to help her sell seeds prospective school grass finally back! She quickly ran to the the school grass suitors side: Wang Meng, you go to help ...... "But before she had finished that smoking Han has been mediocre male uninterrupted watching to see hairy, he Crimping asked mediocre male channel anger: "You see what see!" "I just count how much money you a sum that mediocre men well water as placid composure say everyone puzzled, even this Wang Dai Yun words are so anxious to have forgotten urging their suitors came to help. "What is lost how much?" The big fellow looked mediocre men asked, puzzled. That smell is not accustomed to the smell of smoke girl suffering from allergic asthma, are particularly sensitive to the smell of smoke, to allergic asthma mean you know what? Future is smelled smoke, her throat will not take long swollen Finally, her trachea completely blocked if not treated timely, she was gone. violation of the provisions in accordance with our laws, you smoke inside, manslaughter charges a captive. few The years Laofan definitely want to eat, then she will also initiate civil action for you and your family have to pay in compensation money. "Then that mediocre men turned on ready to go back, simply regardless of smoking Tahan how to react. But having just taken a step, he seemed like a want to up what they stopped to turn around and say: "Yes, and forget a thing that is because I just told you these things, so then you have a cigarette which led her to an asthma attack, an intentional homicide escape, after all, you fully aware of their own behavior may result in the lives of others also insists on the threat. "he finished, the mediocre men on carrying The white-faced guy in a surprised look and walk back. Dai Yun staggering innocently looked mediocre men returned to my seat, just this mediocre man seems completely not order her to succeed, she felt like curse she died? Why is it like her as a roadside Emaoegou, seems just do not want to speak out for her she died in him,Air Max Excellerate, brought him trouble like? Far more than the Dai Yun, her girlfriends Liwan Ying, her suitor, Wang Meng, even on the sidelines of the Father are feeling so at this time, Wang Meng and even indignant to be approached to find mediocre male theory! However, at this time, Wang Dai Yun peripheral vision found smoking Tahan With the action, I saw that smoke Tahan look to her horror, then pinch butts carrying clothes, running all the way to escape the if afraid her any accident will depends on him! "Excuse me," then that mediocre men smiled apologetically apologize up, was in fact, do not speak so, but I just too edgy nephew, saying the Taichong get along, the scenes in order to let that the guy leave as soon as possible, and I can only frighten him. "While he was talking, mediocre male hand according to the unknown so the flour handsome head slightly bowed to the king of Dai Yun. "So this is!" Li Wanying this time gently Paizhexiongkou to breathe a sigh of relief. Not just her, a few people on the sidelines this time sent a sigh of relief. However, Wang Dai Yun at this time are still a bit confused openings of that mediocre Male Road: "But ... how do you know I'm allergic asthma?" Really have this disease? "Who would have thought this time it touches surprised to that mediocre men, "I just casually said, frighten him ..." Listen Tang Shu, standing the mediocre men around the white-faced guy this time head down desperately endure with a smile. He felt too can hold their own Tang Shu! Obviously just that little devil to ask him to help, said she has asthma and allergies will combine allergic asthma? The loss of his coquettish Tang Shu also installed this time the ignorant look like! In nephew the bow Renxiao time, the parties mediocre male peripheral vision found not far from there a secretly observing his sight. Instant a look, to see the Liwan Ying is both curious and thoughtfully observing him, and so she found two eyes on, they panic and turned to see out of the window. "The little girls seem mysterious, has no how to speak, also observing Zan. She not also the rebirth back? Peer is the enemy ah If they are, they can not blame Zan firepower and loaded lied to sweet talk the coax, use a little fresh vicissitudes love story she included ... "smile looks mediocre coquettish glasses men look approachable, but the heart is so thought.
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