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> From strategizing ways, Liu Yiqing Liu family history is undoubtedly the master of the house in one of the strongest, he left Germany two brothers Liu Cheng Liu is not for the sake of their safety, but to the overall situation. wWW. QUanbeN. Com secret letter he saw among the commands decisively throughout the provinces Escort clan elders in charge dart name, bring their families and elite secret to Yan City, Rochester, and Sichuan provinces River City collection. Yan City did not say, Rochester is located Yang, Fang River City is located. Geocaching in flames after they leave, they immediately ordered Lyud guarding Rochester, Liu was guarding the River City. Liu Yan, the city itself is home to a lot of men, so Liu Yiqing only ordered four thousand troops back to Yan City, the other two cities of two men plus Yang Fang's men also have four or five thousand. Although we can not stop the court four or five thousand troops, but at least not afraid to commit a master. However, if it is as powerful as the comprehension enemies appear, Liu Yiqing can only hope that piece of the legendary treasures and the strength of the flames. Three years ago, the flames jumping not only not dead, but also to become self-cultivation again in front of their own. Liu Yiqing think that flames three years ago must have been rescued by a comprehension. In flames behind some other of comprehension exist. Allow flames to join, even the mighty comprehension pulled his own camp. Comprehension for those who deal with each other when the time is not on the addition of layers of odds. There as early as three years ago, when he realized the DPRK Liu Yiqing many tragedies. Three years ago, it is now the emperor Monju Emperor Jie sixteen years of age, began formal ruling, when before that, all the DPRK government is another Dowager - Liu and two assistant ministers jointly deal . Liu empress dowager during the administration of the DPRK government organized, the folk even bigger Shiren Zheng wind, fully retained the emperor's behest. But just after the ruling emperor Monju, the DPRK after many loyalists are derogatory phase,Oakley Hijinx Cheap, two assistant ministers grow old and return home after phase. Folk is nobody cares a lot more miscarriages of justice, corrupt traitor in power no one correction. Last year, Jiangsu Province, area, Ann river flooding, but there is no court countless victims in disaster relief efforts. Manjushri said the young emperor, the slightest mistake in handling affairs aspects. That lower-ranking courtiers are doing, do emperor mistakes, you do not know to stop it? There has always been shrewd Empress Dowager Liu is doing, why not see her out? Liu Yiqing and in the official had talked to a few friends, but no one could answer him. Narrow, narrow secret letter in a word, completely untied Liu Yiqing question, why use a narrow secret letter, why not interference in domestic affairs, political resistance, but narrowly held a narrow meaning. Why are these eunuchs who want to hide so deep, that they are smart, they do not want to expose themselves to the world. So they used the narrow. Emperor as their puppet. So they destroy royal, no use of military force, did not use the power of the DPRK, they do not want to attract the world's attention, but they are confident their own strength. Dawn Road ****** dawn clear view door just opened, it celebrated its first incense of the crowd. In dozens of incense of people, there are four commoner dressed, homely young, seemed not so pious. They looked around, looked around, as if not to burn incense, sculptors like looking for something. When four Jinyu back together to form a round Jin chart, pass thorough and transparent white top, a strip of gold remitted a picture Yamagata, a Taoist bagua map is located in the middle, and in the There is also a strange Eight Diagrams five-star mark. Liu Yiqing was surprised to find himself drawn on the map of the land Jing Ru Ci familiar. This figure had started to doubt let Liu Yiqing, Chen Yuan emperor ordered the wind and the willow family ancestors Liu Yan City Liuyuan An identity on the real purpose of it. Because Jin drawn on the map of the map simply Yanshan, and treasure that place on the map icon just clear view on the mountain road position, the channel clear view of history dating back 150 years ago just happens. Treasure of the land is actually like, followed close, which look greatly increased the confidence of the people. See Taoist hall outside are not, decided to separate into four Taoist four carefully looking for. "Do not know Zhang Feng brother gone well in recent years is not good? Have come, or look at him, even if it is to understand what his current situation is good." Flame worry. "Master, you do not know there is no one called Zhang wind priest?" Flame to walk in front of a young priest asked. The young priest replied: "donor, said, but the Sichuan spiritual son?" Flame one, and said: "Yes! Was his." The young priest said: "The donor, you come late, he has gone to the mountain, and fear is to till noon, the time will come back. "Flame surprised asked:" the mountain? him to the mountain to do? "the young priest replied:" I do not know, I went to the little brother since five years after mountain, he has often to the mountain, a stay for a long time, especially two or three years more so every day, from the incessant, our chef for that matter also fined him several times, but not effective. finally had charged with this matter up. "" is a thing! "Speaking Zhang Feng, Yan could not help but burst fire grief. "Zhang Feng brother set for themselves, and for three years, he still miss me ah! Then I really should not, and he walked out. Etc. After this matter, I shall admit him to carry on with the job." The young priest asked: " Young donor can find me wonder something? "" Oh! not, a few years ago I came to know him Taoist, and now come back to see if he still alive. "After explaining, flames and the way and said:" Yes! Small Master, in your Taoist, you have not seen such a pattern? "Inflammation torches painted on paper gossip star chart showed after watching the young priest, the young priest immediately said:" Well! ever seen. "flames quickly asked: "Where!?" "Just within view of the backyard, near the mountain of that wall." the young priest side A side pointing backyard. "Thank you!" Had nothing to do with late, thanked the young priests, flames immediately went to the other three. "Young ... Young Brother." Flame First found in Taoist temple are four look slightly Yang, Wang Mang did not know because the disguise mask is too delicate, so that flames are not accustomed to? Or because concealing the identity of the thing, so unworthy Young flames slightly? Open flames actually some stuttering. "I ... I've found." "Is a thing!? Where?" Young slightly but coldly asked. Starting from yesterday to know the truth, Young had little reason to never flames. Concept in the backyard is also open to outsiders, Flame, who easily found the that side walls. One hundred years later, the walls seem to be refurbished, but that figure is still good gossip star retained in the wall above. "Oh! Appears this is that wise emperor Laoer leaving the other hand,Christian Louboutin Clearance, let Taoist've kept this painting, but do not tell the Taoist priests, what effect this figure is interesting." Goodwill walks away go to the wall, thin figure watching from the wall, as if to play a tourist in general. "Side door less Lord, we are to find something, is not to play!" Wang Mang not play, he carried with her blood feud. Fang Yu laughed: "say you name with a reckless word, act reckless really do not leave, this is my observation on the wall in what may have left clues." "Fang brother! Did you ever find anything?" Young slightly asked. Goodwill looked thin wall, back: "Strange to say, the wall is the wall, above anything, not even a little gap and organs are not." "Is there other places Taoist this figure?" Asked Wang Mang . Young little replied: "both inside and outside Taoist carefully checked by us, in addition to the room priests who did not go to other places where there is such a figure." "That's strange." Mang said. "Oh! So easy to find even figure what to do." Goodwill laughed. "Wall not, then we turned to look outside the walls the other end there is no thing!" Flame finish, while three people looked at him. "How do you say that earlier!" Young little angrily. "I ..." flames want to explain. May have been slightly Shuaixia Young trio, the first to jump over the wall to go. Goodwill on Flame shook his head smiled, too, following them. "Inflammation grace the public, do not be too concerned about, Young little he ..." Wang Mang tried to comfort flames. "I understand,Oakley Sunglasses Online, Wang brother." "Well the public, no matter how, you saved me is the fact that I said the words of Wang Mang would never change, big enemies get the report, I will wait grace the public about Wang Mang, anyway Mang so the one of the homeless people. "" What are you still dawdling over there? "is abbreviated Nu Sheng Yang came from the wall. Flame sighed: "Alas! We have in the past now! King brother." Even then the mountain wall, a steep mountain slope leading from the foot of the mountain has been started. Outside wall above the walls with nothing. Thorns weeds covered the entire mountain, one looked full of weeds, not able to detect the presence of a cave and the like. Seeing this, Wang Mang Yang slightly and immediately joined the Goodwill looking. Flame is like to go, he has been skirting a thing tripped. "Hey! What is it?" An oddly shaped stones protruding soil of the mountain, little stones, just an open palm size, seems to be just half an inch in thickness. Flame wonder, what is his skill, a small stone kicked by their own, the stone actually intact, also own almost tripped. Flame squat fine looks, a glance discovered the stones have clues. <
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