so basically not stopped agreed

November 11 [Sun], 2012, 15:29
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 749th chapter from the Dragon temple ! Oh ,in fact, nothing important matter, want you to draw a few people to help guard the Denon Denon case ,you know who said that although is a real person of Xiu ,but after all the training time is too short, the strength or some weak ,so I they happened to be accidental ,would like to ask you to send a few to help guard the Denon cases resident ,this time I also can safely leave .
Come to the point Aotian said dragon . Is this? OK, no problem ,I also do big things ,until you send up then I will send a few master over to help ,in dragon land they absolutely will not have any accident .
Ao run after listening to immediately without any hesitation . Well, that ,I now here thank you very much ,wait until the time to build done I tell you . Long Aotian said with a smile .
Well, well ,well then I will command down, Denon religious people in the range to absolutely no embarrassing you .Then as long as show identity can absolutely smooth operator . Ao and said with a smile .
Oh ,that ,right, this is my this several day refining communications character ,wait time is something we can use this to contact ,province and trouble ,as long as the area range can be contacted, I won ,then I arrange through this thing to you, you will be sent in the past on the line .
Then the Dragon Aotian threw a communications jade amulet to Ao run .The communications of Yufuhe on earth with the mobile phone is similar, but more advanced it ,it only to the Mahayana view then you will be able to refine Canada Goose Camp,so before long Aotian had this thing ,now long Aotian reaches a Mahayana period immediately after refining some communications jade amulet ,and leave the inside of his a knowledge of God ,this is the only way to relate to their own .
Oh? Oh ,I didnd make this thing, before although I will refine ,but they simply do not have the other real person of Xiu so simply can not be used, now you are reminded me ,I should also refining some time ,or to facilitate the connection ,it is more convenient .
Ao run took the communications of Yufuhe after suddenly see light suddenly said . Oh ,well, Ao run ,this matter should not be delayed. ,I will leave, I will leave early arrangement for establishing martial art, is not here to delay ,is there anything you can give me .
Dragon Aotian said ,subsequently moving went out .After leaving Long Aotian to find Hydera ,small gold and dragon Skywalker Dan dust four individuals then left the Dragon Temple ,but also a person traveling ,that is Hydera Valentine dragon clan Princess fire you ,since you wake up after the fire with Hydera between two people is simply follow like a shadow ,so all two individuals all drowned together .
Hydera learned to leave after the fire was required to be together with Hydera ,the last with Huolongwang consulted after it is agreed, anyway, in Huolongwang eyes dragon Aotian several people very strong ,fire works with no risk ,plus fire dragon now to Hydera is also very satisfied ,you feel the fire together with Hydera is also very well ,so basically not stopped agreed ,so long Aotian several people toward the direction of Cang mountain rush .
Some people stayed in the Dragon Aotian super car speeding towards the direction of Cang mountain to catch fire ,you see the Dragon Aotian super car after just surprised while no other reaction ,after all, now she is a real person of Xiu ,see natural is many .
It is a night time ,dragon Aotian finally came to the Cang mountain lair ,here after the Dragon Aotian suddenly several people from super car put out .Several people came out immediately began looking pale cloud surrounding environment Amelie UGG Sandals,knowledge of God is covered with thousands of miles around the much range .
Boss, this is the Cang mountain ?Really very good ah ,before the time is not known to have such a good place ,really very atmospheric . Hydera recovered after feeling some knowledge of God said .
Yes, yes ,this place used to establish martial resident huckleberry ,place is so extensive UGG Bailey Button White Paint Splatter,good, good, really good . Dragon day is nodded and said ,was very satisfied expression .
Oh ,this is my pick times to all places to choose this place ,nature is not bad ,so big a place is sufficient to establish a number of super Denon school, later in development space absolutely great ,and the surrounding resources is also very suitable for establishing martial art canada goose sale.
Long Aotian said with a smile . Well, well ,well, proud days do not know how you intend to build this school, you have planned ? Dragon Skywalker said . The specific planning is not only a question ,planning ,I think will be martial law arrangement after then began to build other things ,while the arrangement method of the time we also discuss how specific planning ,after all I am a person is limited after all .
Dragon Aotian said . Well, this would work ,on the pride day ,how are you going to layout ,to cover much of the area ? Dragon Skywalker suddenly asked . Oh ,I have a good plan ,is the peak and the surrounding seven peaks are covered by law to ,these places used as school core resident ,although some larger area ,set up some trouble, but we still lack of material ,but also for the subsequent school development we also have scruples so much ,after all, here are our future resident ,it is natural to strain every nerve arrangement ,not to mention the mountain is also the location of and matrix structure .
Dragon Aotian said . Oh ,these peaks are covered up ?This will make much of the matrix ,the at least for miles range ,only you can think of it this way ,for the general martial is not the strength of such large array layout .
Amazing Ni Ko said . Oh ,no way, such a good place I also can not be wasted ,yes, this is my place according to the geographical location and then combined with my own method to understand design method, you can have a look ? Then Long Aotian took out several Yufuhe handed several people said .
Several people took the jade amulet ,with knowledge of God immediately swept again ,followed by several people face showed a shocked look ,with unbelievable looked at the Dragon Aotian .
The old ,old ,this method is too powerful ,if in accordance with the above said ,such as matrix arrangement finished it all day ,no, even the mythical two ,I am afraid it is difficult to do with the large array .
Hydera eyes greatly, watching the Dragon Aotian shocked . Oh ,yes ,this method but I according to Tian-gang dipper big matrix and Zhou Tianxing fight with the addition of some ancient method to fuse into law ,including the phantom array ,the maze ,kill array and defense method of integrated method, plus I here need matrix material matting ,I think this method is with quasi five Zhenfa comparable to, if not for this I broke ,soul cultivation had reached a large ,golden immortal level words ,this method I simply layout does not come out .
Long Aotian proudly said .In general with a dragon Aotian practice cannot be arranged so advanced method, but Long Aotian is a freak ,hand his soul cultivation is superb in some ways to fill their repair deficiencies ,coupled with long proud day for the method of understanding and has numerous advanced array materials ,so that it could barely make power comparable to standard five Zhenfa super matrix ,can be said that the law under the golden immortal no one can break the law .
is too powerful ,too extravagant, light is the main battle weapon has seven immortal implement a need from immortal implement ,in addition to you I am afraid no one can afford ,even in the face the best immortal implement it is not the average person can take out ah ,and you do used to layout method .
Ni Ko also said some of deep feeling . No way, who let my boss is soil rich ,gourmet fairy device but is drizzle . Hydera aside no said . way ah ,if not these things I have no way to make such a senior law ah ,to know that in normal circumstances I would be able to get to the Mahayana view about layout of triode method is very good ,now I rely on numerous advanced materials with excellent culture and soul ,I on the matrix barely raised two levels .
Dragon Aotian grin and said . Oh ,yes, this method is very deep ,even with this method the icon to my work is also very difficult to access UGG Women's Rosabella,with this method the protective case, Denon case can be said can sleep without any anxiety ,as the material is indifferent .
Dragon Skywalker said .※ ※ ※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※ ※graduated,finally graduated ,empty finally left school today ,just go back to school with some trivial things ,finally stepped out of the school gate, forever with University say goodbye ,oh ,sad ah ,a busy day ,some tired ,the first upload a chapter ,a start code chapter second ,you can slowly, while calling for a pass ,the new month begins several days, monthly or zero some unreasonable ah ,a monthly book .
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