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> Out of the way of the two township road, thirty kilometers away less than an hour without much preoccupied single brave talk, and that the two clown could not stand it, the more excited the closer away from the city, it is also valuable followed by delivery into the village over the city, the history of the root baby this big mountains like a savage, listen accent, actually it has not been to the city, like the way music takes a kid actor. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm "Lord God ...... What is this car Well, run faster than a donkey faster!" Root baby cry surprised,Oakley Oil Rig Cheap, SHAN Yong down the music, is a woman riding a desk Hanazato Hu Suo electric vehicles through the streets, dealer BMW, Hummer, Big Ben and the like in a luxury car in the village from time to historians rare, can such a small electric or let root baby no small surprise, explains two root baby inadvertently Yipie Yan, and surprised authentic: "Yeah Ye ye ...... This floor repair was kind of like a big pants. "Made in, say cultural buildings, the tower is not like big pants legs like what? SHAN Yong pour too lazy to explain, really like to say straight pants. There are two clown in being depressed historian Father refused to go a lot. Into the downtown area, sending the Order of the Golden Gateway Hotel, noon a quick look at the time, said first back on the train Mazhai noon, just drive, this time is not the root Doll "Jesus", and is the root and the precious baby two people at the same time, "Lord Jesus," Yeah barking, SHAN Yong a look, but it is a short skirts, bare midriff the girl through the streets, Yubi full disclosure, ** exposed more than half, Baige Sheng habitat dazzling, both the car and the countryside buddies Kande Yan protruding tongue straight, saliva pit fall down, feeling unable to pay it. "How? Tell you right in town." Shan Yong teasing road. "Well, this consequently be able to see, do not peek." Precious little Coushang, this little guy is a bit premature, for Nannvzhishi very hazy, usually like a donkey and killed a man to listen to this tune, one said that the root baby also silly music, big tongue vague Road with: "that is, that is, better than we the countryside, we countryside gossips related to cover his skin, like, what was invisible." "Root baby brother, that you quickly money, say the town wife, bridal chamber, let me see undressed sawed. "valuable to mention a non-share requirements, SHAN Yong heard a sudden thump, fear root baby is not happy, but unexpectedly this man was forthright powerful, straight nodded: "into! let you have a look." Ha ha ...... This time it was the Lord Jesus alone Yong said, laughing for a while, despite the two clown on the town refers to the three four, then a single Yong would think that their concerns can not convince the root of this helper baby left redundant, to say the least, these women wearing light the city will be able to produce enough for the roots to attract baby, maybe not open are willing to pay. Said with a smile while on the mountain, where Mazhai noon and historians can be the difference is not large village, stopped the car, please forward two down, pointing to his house, to recognize that the two doors is naturally gratefully, but SHAN Yong saw the cars parked near parking lot marked "Law Enforcement" in battery car, and my heart thumped again, a little nervously underground passage was: does the clown also to the bar? Ever since graduation, Secretary Mu Yin busy running around the city to follow the preparatory group, LEI Da-peng also work, mutual exchange really a lot less, but for the dry brother, meet better gone, he will give you Zhi Buding find something anything at all. Are you afraid of what they have yet to come in the door, it is in the yard and the water wash my face, Hanliaoliangsheng Mom, no one answered, only to hear the laughter of the kitchen, single Yong curiously ran in, I saw was my mom smile Huazhiluanchan, bend forward and backward, cooking dad is cheerfully, rarely see such a happy smile, surprised asked the ye pull, mother Teng Hongyu straight pulling son, did not say the first laugh, laugh a few times before, said: LEI Da-peng gave reclaim both dry son. "That's a good thing ah, how to laugh like that?" Single Yong smiled, knowing LEI Da-peng addition to serious things quit, what is rare in a strangely dry out something to not rare, said godson, in fact, and children from home home, cried affectionate, met friendly, good rub rub eat drink, my mom has been too lonely for too begotten Son, never refused a single brave few more friends. But unexpectedly this time is really rare, and I do not know what came two godson, my mom laughing, facial features in a crowded, stunned is to not tell the whole story, simply do not say, one refers to the direction of the door : "Look ...... his watch." turned a single brave pop sound, almost rolling on the ground. LEI Da-peng led the way out, followed by two more fat, higher, more fertilizer epigenetic, three were chased uniform dress, look so absolutely steadfast in law enforcement, mountain mountains of meat, three. Three people to see Biaohan endless mountains of meat, the fat fat fat. That three have not found a single Yong, also stunned, plumbing hole on a one meter nine Biao Han, although microfilm another point, but there Biao Han prototype, this number and the image of Li Bai Shuguang small force that both otaku seen, just like the game of orcs, two brothers followed behind quietly wink LEI Da-peng, LEI Da-peng but it is recognized it, overjoyed shouting: "precious, precious ...... Little brother does not know the uniformed ? I was in hospital you and your sister come, Wangla? "LEI Da-peng of the brim of a ramp, oh yo, crooked hat wearing the inspectors, the precious recognized it, equally overjoyed shouting:" Roc brother. " Said pounced came, called an affectionate hug, the history of the root baby also recognized it, staring eyes, grabbed LEI Da-peng: "can be considered Daizhe you, my donkey win it, and then compared with a. "" into, I referee. "Shibao Gui instigate a. SHAN Yong one, and quickly, ran out. LEI Da-peng heart really is a bit timid, took root baby straight road with: "root baby brother, you do not bear a grudge it? Spit you drink too much of the field on the right, I live two weeks hospital Huanguo Lai, You are still as though defeated, I was defeated, although still win, or do you want to say much worse. "" Can not Pinjiu, also work this afternoon, Mirs right also, to say the constitution, he can see you baby root and you're better than what? "single-Yong helped cavity, which touches, watching LEI Da-peng a Biaofei, the root is not satisfied with a little baby that point slow point, LEI Da-peng also said with:" Zanxiong Di gather a few of the ah, drink good drink down, Come on, egg brother, to introduce you, this is what I told you that egg brother, SHAN Yong, followed by his brother, the root baby, precious ...... This is my new collection of younger, Li Xiao-Li, chestnuts; Bai Shuguang, white meat. "That fat man saw LEI Da-peng boasted two eggs brother, saying that eggs how how to brilliant brother, who do not believe this, then see egg brother followed behind this two nimble Han , was suspected early to that point was erased, meat piled face smile, nod called egg straight brother. SHAN Yong it, Sa Pange amused by this early can not speak came, he kept of the music. "Come on, both on the terrace, single Yong, altar wine to go to get to ...... yo, this is precious, and I can understand your sister Bao Ying, who ...... Oh, baby ...... roots are coming up, godmother to You only stewed chicken ah. said yes, and ate bread, but do not drink too much make a fool of, ah, say How about you, Mirs, do not bared laugh. "came a merry, noon Mazhai most deserted, during a guest Mom also enthusiastic than their own side, not to mention again that many called the godmother, and three fat then vegetables, root baby to mention the wine, LEI Da-peng shouting godmother, even small precious also infected, and catch kitchen outstretched head asked: "godmother, godmother OK I told you not?" "OK, I godson more, but not much you can not abide a ...... Yeah, your dad agreed to it?" Teng Hongyu smile promised, knowing this is the largest of the backing, are the kids heart xìng, who can bear to whisk too, have been very pleased, I asked the old history, A Short History of disdain, and deride the nose and said with: "he was Whatever I do, I came out to tell him no. "" ah? did not tell you at home ...... SHAN Yong, you come to me. "Teng Hongyu son shouted, and ran a single Yong, mother Baji is a slap in the face, pointing to the floor playing Shibao Gui Tao: "Do you bring out the people who do not tell the parents ...... Do not think I do not know just how much this child. watching a big, aged only thirteen, right?" "That, he wrapped one Chande much ...... I gave him call home. "single brave smile. Back to thought, or to Shi Baoying a telephone call, the phone Shibao Ying nature is not happy, bluntly training a few, SHAN Yong straight safety instructions to send back some day, this Bale. In addition to the two foreign guests, have added a table dry child, pro-son is not idle down, helping the kitchen, the market's chicken, cut in chunks donkey, a few flowers sè varying seasonal vegetables, a jar of wine, put a table full of visitors to feast on the terrace under a parasol, LEI Da-peng poured into the host, and entertain have a bunch of buddies to eat and drink. "Zayang, chestnuts, white meat, what was it, I godmother dry off the best brother, and when they are ready to eat." LEI Da-peng authentic pride, chubby cartoon Bai Shuguang nodded looked straight saying: "a good, generous, or Rego friend generous attempts, godmother more anyway. then those goods as we team, pull ass sucking fingers, watching people belch should." it is said that the history of decisions based on the root baby glanced at two more, I really can not imagine Rego not only eat, drink can win this number of characters, LEI Da-peng born people to mature, a hug doll is rooted history introduces: "do not look root baby brother looks fierce, a person can be good and they are donkeys park, and when you go to try with all donkeys banquet, that hongtangsi Abalone braised money, eat a back can think of a lifetime. "Li Xiao-Li listen when brother actually there are so many benefits, naturally cope nodding, bristling thumb straight forward: "That will afford good, others not, in time to eat one accurate can not be wrong." "Hey, I said Dapeng ...... Ah you have to work , how still it was xìng, closing brother? both of you, he gave you any good, and let ye brother? "single-Yong end a Scallions beef, smiled and asked either side next to mine large Peng sat fat man, who looks white meat fat cartoon called stern said: "No brother, brothers ...... we convinced." "Yes, Rego brilliant, we recognize him as a brother." Li Gang chewing up a small force beef, and holding the LEI Da-peng one, two brothers you one, I'm one, kept eating burger recognize things Doulou brother came out, stunned to see aliens generally single-Yong looked LEI Da-peng. Roots do not believe that to touch LEI Da-peng baby protruding belly as he says also worse than the village idiot, terrific. "Look, look, it's not my nonsense, my charisma affect them." LEI Da-peng Yue crooked. One said this, there do not understand, baby humble roots Coushang to ask: "What is ...... charisma." With that said, two literate fat and almost hilarious it. Small valuable on this occasion you feel that he is not holding unhappy, holding a bowl invitation was drinking straight, pride and ask a few drinkin invitation with, another day to park my ass, I ask you ah ...... they killed the donkey root Columbia , and we eat whole ass whip ass down with Mongolia. Good good ...... LEI Da-peng lead, two fat little brother to help out, a burst of applause referral, which was called a noisy mess, now that you respect me, I respect you, one will become your filling me, I drank you, even Yong also entertain single filling several cups. Do not say anything else, Rego and root Moana drinker are seen two new collection of both fat brother speechless with admiration, then would think LEI Da-peng When this brother is deserved it. SHAN Yong put food dish, straight smile came downstairs and helped parents work. Hotel entertain people also easy to handle, multi-fried dishes to the guests point of weight, the hospitality of the pot out there, but it is also several peek eat the delicious food, the cool hot dish size dozen dishes, and so off the two tables of guests, SHAN Yong heard that dry Hupenggouyou yelling now, that hurried upstairs and look for fear of what happened, one upstairs, dumbfounded, only LEI Da-peng and history Also root baby sitting, lying Zhuodi chestnuts and white meat two fat little brother, find valuable early whirring drill into his attic to sleep on, and sat on the rest of the drink and maybe also the rise of the root Columbia Lei brother screamed say nothing pro, does not seem fun, straight Yong called to mention a single altar to. SHAN Yong that dumbfounding Yeah, it is silent, and just has referred two altar, and serve beer pour too is white mixed one down, just looking forward to these two drank down a good sleep, to save a half-drunk half awake Shuajiu Feng. After hastily to noon Ma Zhainong Knorr left neighbor right ventricular sent Sauce, etc. while stocks come back upstairs to see, the two are scheduled altar drank really down, LEI Da-peng hair lying on the table hysteria, root doll comes in his eyes open, that is, the brain is not clear, and whooped SHAN Yong called Uncle, even with a pull-up call Mom and Dad called to the home on the pull, whatever the outcome, these few throw a bed, sofa, all of them fell sleep. "Oh yo, you these few unlucky brothers ah, ha ha ......" Teng Hongyu he found a bunch of cheap godson blanket cover, wipe the son of the building under the neck kidnapper, SHAN Yong smiled and said: "You do not also recognize What's godson? "" You're so few Hupenggouyou, Mom will not deny it. Besides your mother to a son, and more lonely ah. "Mother Road with, who grew into the cultural troupe nothing down there mom benefits from the bundle son by his friends, this is not, you feel godson stronger than the pro-son, and asked his son and said: "Roc can be pulled ah, when chased you, son, or talk with your Uncle Ray You can also go when chased? "This shortcut was immediately rejected by his son, until advised:" Mom, do you know how much money wages in January? one thousand is not enough that he drink it? "" Is not that too low the bar? "Mom asked. "Not fake, do not believe you asked him, people do not rely on that salary, chances are mixed with two days to think about his father that unit plug it." SHAN Yong Tao. "Hey, my son is handsome, how a good family with no stalls?" Teng Hongyu little dull, clutch son downstairs made a sentence emotion. SHAN Yong is in turn said: "do not depressing it, although the family is not ye, but stalls a good son, Jan. earn thousands of it, maybe this month was earned on the million ...... Mom Do you have any dissatisfied? "" That is, although the good, and to dry down, Xianlei you say a word, big deal we Cou Cou Ba Ba in the city but also to open a decent shop, right, son , the historian of that girl came back to our house, Mom did not like you say, you say historians girl specifically to come to, is not it ...... "Mom gossip grabbed his son, two stood peach light. SHAN Yong Hey smile whispered the mother said: "Mom, or to come back when you marry the daughter?" "No, no ......" Mom actually pull Lang head shaking like a drum, straight saying: "This girl who fell good, look over the history of his father donkey, which a girl looks, the door to the house I have a big epigenetic it. "Shan Yong squeeze focus laughed, clearly see the mother in-law and bride price hovering between and struggle, smiled, deliberately asked the: "Mom, you do not figure people money at home, right?" "Come on, Mom Xianpinaifu like the kind of man?" Teng Hongyu disdain, pushed his son, but also a little sad authentic with: "But if you say it, this is pretty good, climbing on this family relatives, bride price are enough for my son, after spending the rest of my life." "Damn you then pull this, I went to people When the door-law, whatever you two, ah. "Shan Yong well done, and the old nag this matter, Teng Hongyu Xingran waved, do not say, do not say, to my son, it can drive, it also need Chiruan Fan . However, a back and forth, then, a little bear ground and said, in fact, soft rice is also good, at least not so tired instead? SHAN Yong is called a mom is right and down, straight out of the house leave, to go, but it is another mother ran out, stuffed bottles of water, afraid his son thirsty like, not only plug the water, they insisted on the sleeve head straight to wipe the sweat from his son, and that gracious chewy, not straight when his son was a baby adult, single-yong be no rule, not cope fled wildly left. Afternoon down the mountain, it started again a hard day. Maybe hard for a single brave and nothing, his family by the rich and the poor, seeing parents do the difficult, he did not mind early to take up the burden of the family, but for his heart sinking, stupid stupid yù hidden move hearts, but it is not hard to accept not see the future, as some have taken to live like Xiandi ideal for stick, SHAN Yong did not know that level; live like LEI Da-peng as mixed with food to die, he did not know a single Yong That foundation; rather live like a man, like these unexamined historians Village, classmate about the same as law-abiding, a single brave heart but there one thousand, ten thousand alive. Because Afterward, it was felt everywhere difficult. Most reconciled, in Donkey Park to see the opportunities, but also tried numerous times that a viable thing, but to seize this opportunity to own a broken car in January are empty of people earn thousands, if there is such a historian of the village such a production base, then there is a good sales force organization specializing in wholesale and retail, and that in this amazing city donkey consume how much money is really an astronomical figures. A lot of things, from a practical, step by step begins, SHAN Yong think I was doing more than enough to do a full four years, is still without a critical step taken, and this gives him a little depressed, an afternoon doing feebly, try to figure out a straight historian who headed the village is what is meant, try to figure out there is not another chance to dig into it figure out, this does not negate the history of the old man's attitude is not sure what is the meaning? Doing the live side to side, the wholesale business is also difficult channels, transport tired, really dry shun not feel tired, Jiefang Street two orders, a heroic way, Zijin Road, three, Fuhou three, Chang also There are some two ...... Block business, every day there are three two pounds less to ship, generally twenty-three days can always order a return, realize more than a hundred, will be able to have something done almost every day, while stocks These orders, basically you can rest, usually at this time SHAN Yong always find a shady place to put down the seat small blind for a while, waiting for nightfall those mobile stalls out of the city along the two embark on a circle, and even order with pin goods, the day can be a basic finished. Cars passing through the West Street Sports City in the afternoon 5 o'clock scene, Children's Palace near the many men and women cheered ran out, walking to see, let alone a little courage at this time could not miss school time, and then think Bibi is simply living hell now, and felt like heaven, and four years of college have said like a pig, but who can not think, out of school, and most people do not like the pigs flies. At least not like so enjoy it, and at least they did not like at school and fell down asleep, called nor awake; very least, you have to always touch How much have enough pocket expenses, unlike in Schools do not have to consider these things around them. Envy for a moment, walking to see side think it is a little distracted, and often drove to a rest stop near the pond when it was ordered by the roadside under braking, hear "bang" sound, then feel so startled,Oakley For Cheap, chest once before the top to the steering wheel. Damn, rear-end, single-courage hum a back is red sè Audi vehicles, the car look like was a woman, needless to say it was a killer road just learn to drive, single Yong furious shoot the door off, pointing clamor: "will not drive, such a wide road towards my car hit." looked down, a large trunk dented, broken a rear lamp, this time the driver of that car came out, a red dress pink shoes, silver bells crisp sound, but that did not apologize authentic with: "What fierce fierce, but not not lose you, that car is not enough to give you my car paint it, as to what?" "Hey I say you speak very prickly, ah, how the car will be able to hit someone else is good. "Shan Yong called 得理不饶人, straightened up, eyes red sister who is feeling the phone back, straight talking with the phone What hit by a car, how do come forward, look like a little hurry, regardless of who may be a single-yong, straight against the body, look at this girl's slim figure proudly thought, Hell, bumped get to be both correct money. "Hey, I have something urgent to discuss the next ......" That girl back to speak. "No, reporting, business-like ......" single Yong shaking his head,Coach Coin Cheap, BU into it. "You're how so, well, I'll give you the money got ......" That girl turned around and he found the car pack, waving to catch the onlookers, and then stand in front of a single-yong, smoking a pile of money, and asked a single Yong asking price, the leng ...... moment, SHAN Yong also surprised a moment, a familiar feeling, is the kind not seen for years, a call on the name to see the sense of what they want up. Shan Xi Yong surprised lips together, that the name is almost blurted out. That girl stunned with admiration and called the sentence: "One brave!?" Single brave spirited momentum that suddenly wilt, like hit creditors, I turned around: "the wrong person, go go, count me bad luck." " You have nothing to say, ashes and I know you. "That girl looks like enemies meet, exceptionally jealous general, straight pull single-Yong, water hyacinth including Wei, meaning anger threatening to stand in front of a single-yong, the word a Dayton to Beng with: "dare to say that the wrong person!" single Yong Gulu a wandering eye, looks like a guilty conscience that emerges to face a number of expressions, this time nothing like dun look, but rather a debt owed to people like ......... <
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