The atmosphere of the rouge intends to put

October 25 [Tue], 2016, 22:34
The atmosphere of the rouge intends to put this money back to Qin Ge, went out to meet her surveillance of A students and others, seeing hide, rouge simply ask them to drink. Rouge to all of them drunk, she carrying the car money aimlessly walking in the street, feeling the disillusionment of his own beliefs, throwing money everywhere, attracted a lot of people competing to snatch, and even attracted the police Of the attention. Fortunately, Zhou Yuhao arrived in time, she introduced Houde bookstore. Bookstore owner recommended her to see a few novels, rouge with the development of syrup and found that these are actually Communist-related books. After
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Croc Wedge Sneakers Black White a good night, she was fully baptized by Marxism. The next day, she expressed the wish of Zhou Yuhao to join the party. Transtech Services immortal Doufeng official head of
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Black Buckled Patent Croc Printed Leather Sneakers the special warfare headquarters. He is a Sino-Japanese hybrid, Ayutthaya deep young people, it will win over the human relations, and all relationships are done very well, especially Mana. Rouge and Zhou Yuhao feel can not see through him. Immortal Dao Feng and Big Island are ready to take this opportunity to implement a blow to the Communist Party, let Mana contact "wild geese" to start the black rose plan to meet the action after the Qing. Black rose plan is to use cholera bacteria infection base people, against the New Fourth Army's logistics force. Zhang Qi poisoning in the underground and the Lao Peng Peng, who was arrested and ordered him to explain everything they know.

Zhang Qi returned to Shanghai after the contact to the Mana and the immortal Daofeng reminded them of special operations headquarters there are still Communist agents "tungsten wire." In this regard, Zhang Qi made him want to organize a large-scale operations to the Communist Party are caught. Aoki agreed to Zhang Qi's plan. First released in the newspaper false news to Jiang Shu Yi Lao Peng mistakenly came to Shanghai to meet him in Fortune restaurant. And then take the opportunity to eat all the people gathered to the Fortune restaurant. Zhou Yuhao felt the danger, told the rouge he
Giuseppe Zanotti Women London Leather Studded Sneakers Green and Jiang Shu Yi's contact signal. Rouge and Zhou Yuhao was disarmed later to Fortune Restaurant 208 rooms. All special operations headquarters of the important figures were all present. Fairy Road Maple to them formally introduced the "goose" - Zhang Qi. Zhang Qi said that they had interpreted the Communist Party to send false information through the newspapers, so that the Communist Party member, De Liang, who was an hour later, would come here to attend the meeting and be arrested in one fell swoop. . Not only that, even the special warfare headquarters of the "tungsten wire" can also take the
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Rhinestone Wedge Sneakers In Black opportunity to find out. Zhou Yuhao caught in a great danger. Everyone on the surface began to celebrate drinking. In the next room of 206 rooms, General Oshima is secretly listening to everything. Zhou Yuhao in the rouge leg knock code to inform this meal is a fake, but it was Manna men have no intention to find misunderstanding for the two flirt. Rouge will be wrong to continue to interpret the triangular love drama, the two men in front of a big show loving Manna, rouge deliberately drunk
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