Storm Legion In Rift

August 14 [Thu], 2014, 12:48

The fantastic Dragon goddess of the Blood Storm, Crucia, once possessed a huge empire, armies, and spy tech in Telara's background. First, she unmade the Blood Storm, turning Maelforge against his personal. Now, she established in motion a strategy to remake the material of the plans and start her armies on all who oppose her. She inspired the escapes of her trapped brethren so they might stand to become slain.

The Storm Legion harnesses the sophisticated Empryrean technologies

The Infinity Gate, among the grand God Motor projects, provides travel between planes. Only Crucia noticed the worth within the Infinity Gate, purchasing her Storm Legion to safe the Steppes of Infinity. The Legion has labored to revive the gate. Regulos, conscious of the energy of the gate, despatched his minions to besiege Dusken. The power and supplies that were used to develop the Infinity Gate experienced drawn the dark gods to Telara and the gateway gave them a shortcut towards the coronary heart of civilization. Dragons tore the gate down and killed 1000's.

Discover the lengthy lost lands of Brevane and Dusken
The new island city of Tempest Bay, a brand new stronghold for Guardians and Defiant.
Encounter new rift cleric roles, stories that expose the accurate energy in Telara, together with the gateway to the planes
A new soul for every contacting expands the Ascended Course Method, Harbinger, Tempest, Tactician, and Defiler.
New gameplay features allow for fighting of latest rift cleric solo, increasingly challenging planar bosses
7 new dungeons, 3 new raids, along with a new Chronicle
New creatures, including a Colossus that may interact with -and ravage- the encompassing atmosphere
Grandmaster crafting for professions
New equip-able capes
New customizable areas, known as Dimensions, allow gamers and guilds to make their very own personalized area of rift cleric builds pvp Telara.
New puzzles, artifacts, collectables, achievements, mounts, animals, and titles.
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