Hyperopticis the first Fifa 14 Coins residential

December 26 [Thu], 2013, 11:03
Hyperopticis the first Fifa 14 Coins residential broadband provider to offer a 1GBsymmetric (i.e. upload and download speed) service, starting withcoverage in London. It was founded by Boris Ivanovic and DanaTobak, who co-founded internet service provider Be in 2005. caught up with Ivanovic.

Founders: Dana Tobak and Boris Ivanovic
Launched: End of 2011
Funding: Privately-funded
Employees: 26

What problem do you solve
Hyperoptic was founded in response to Cheap Fifa 14 Coins market demand. The UK ishighly reliant on broadband -- the internet contributes more to thecountry's GDP than any other G20 nation -- but worryingly itdoesn't even make the top 15 countries for broadband speeds.Incumbents and the Government are prioritising coverage over speed,which means that even in many urban areas the speeds on offer arecripplingly slow. As an example, London doesn't even figure in thetop thirty cities for broadband speeds.