Did the story by asking heavy labor

December 16 [Mon], 2013, 17:04
But the moment they meet, Zhu City hatchet to make disposable, become each other's best friend in life, showing his two open-minded calm, like-minded, this literary achievements of the future generations a story passed down to each other. Phrase "Kingdom by the Sea" is the relative frequency of the two exchanges at this time, Mr. Su Feeling henpecked quarter of addiction often ridiculed and friendly elegant poetry of allusion. Su Chen Yu Zhu City Huangzhou two inter-phase exchanges, linger landscape, with recreation in Long Qiu Yu Zhuo Jin Chen Mingyuan pools and attractions bailey button ugg boots Cien Ta. Four years, Chen Zao go Huangzhou visit Dongpo seven times, but also to Zhu Su city to visit him four times, regrettable acquaintance over the world, few people can bosom? Yuanmomingchu founding fathers Liu Ming Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang genes compete for strategic Zhu City came to love this look, the war is still going on the occasion of the mighty Evans, as "Zhu City nostalgia": "isolated city sparse over the Artemisia Wu, Miles depression near Chu Fu. Old Crow with sunset normalized barrier, geese under the Autumn Pinghu. Wo Hui Miao Miao raw millet heritage, ancient gray pick in Lu. Did the story by asking heavy labor, the Han River flowing from Ying Yu.

"Thanks for the Memories vivid, boundless sorrow, let the reader and the poet in the isolated city with fear yet another old barrier upcoming BingXian Zhu Ming dynasty was established after the disaster, the implementation of policies to recuperate, burgeoning national power, people live and work, Zhu City has been safely re- vibration. Prior to Bowen poetry both out to make the city more prosperous after Zhu Yang Chi sound reputation. At that time, towering houses crowded city of Taiwan, many shops Choi House Huan door prospered lively scene. To the mid-Ming, "Zhu City Eight" has natural shape, especially highlighting its humanistic fantastic. Zhu City "Ring governance ten years Xu, soil fertile and moist, Hayashi and Mao, water Sau Ming, Zhao Xi dark, the shape of wins tender Korea, spectacular, do not be like those who fit their land's attractions, as Eight If Hueiji Lanting, huanxi the cottage, Chuan's villas, the Chaishang pengze "This is the womens ugg boots city of the Ming Dynasty Zhu hermit celebrities Piquet write in the" Zhu City Eight order "in the wording. I read more, savor, it feels comfortable pen each depict exotic and easy, nothing less than a highly literary beauty of the text. Boundless poetic fugue always sent me to that "south of smoke tree, look around Haeundae, Longtan Night Moon, of Le Xiao Zhong, Sakiyama Emerald, Yoshii springs, Fengtai sunset, fishing Pu Autumn" among the eight famous historical site.
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