If someone asked me know who my dad is not it

February 21 [Fri], 2014, 12:09
Today, however, after all, is a national pastime of the era, you do not accept you are an alternative. the past year, we continue to lose a sense of trust, really needs no explanation, explain the more pale. You see, to the weak and the poor for the purpose of that organization did her best to prove his innocence, the result is added insult to injury. I would not myself have donated to people who need help but regret the humble mind, but I hesitated in the future I will be entrusted to the remnants of love who is going to convey it? Crisis of confidence to the perpetuity of the situation, but not all problems can be explained by a lack of trust, will soon withered face close to life, do not have a helping hand just a confidence problem? past year, traffic accidents occur frequently, condemned the high-speed rail, people sad angry school bus, just regulatory efforts enough? I do not know since when, the three cities I live in, colored cars on the road as if springing hair straighteners usually appear during the world of cars is more often than not, the already congested traffic, but the speed and passion continue to unfold. Every day when I come home from work intact, I will be feeling: cherish life, away from the road. the past year, the rhetoric of shock, American Joe is gone, leaving only a bite of the apple, also left; live is to change the world's last words, but here it is in us; live to shocked the world, language does not startle.

If someone asked me:; know who my dad is not it? I will not hesitate to answer:; Or ask your mother now, just go home for dinner. I remember when the popularity of the Internet has not yet called BBS kind of stuff started in full swing last year's popular; microblogging in fact, is a new type of BBS. Anyway, small can deduct, people have the right to speak. But for new things still have to be cautious as well, last year, the sudden, certain officials microblogging as a flirting tool joke, but I only use the little-known QQ, of course, there's the wrong message when. the past year, food safety issues still continue to be media burst, when I heard that there are certain foods can not eat, I no longer pretending to be surprised, but will smiled, because I practiced unconsciously vulnerable to the attack on the magic. In addition to food, all kinds of daily necessities is curl pro wand not so reassuring. We have been on our ancestors contributed to the world; four great inventions and proud, I do not know that we have for our future generations of children and grandchildren fraud unmatched ability to think. the past year, the world took place more natural disasters, climate and environment are deteriorating, a great atmosphere of Wind posture,
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