can slightly to me about what

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 11:47
(thank [four] [happy forever a fox *] [drkre] [veryhte~o~] the rewards support ~ ~ a new week, punch list for support, recommend a tragedy ah, and awesome ~ ~) even purple se mounts have, the shadow is what identity? Li Feng began to wonder in the heart, all the signs are that, this is no ordinary game player, probably from a big guild, and position is also very high, it is not possible to have so many precious things. Lee wind ride that big black bear on their own, whether from the appearance or momentum, than the shadow step Yunma to weak several grades, is really than people, infuriating ah! Shadow riding pedal Yunma in front of don't slow running speed and the big black bear, Li Feng, seems to care for Li Feng's face. Shadow brother, although I very want the black soul ore, but you don't give me a little sugar, I is afraid very difficult and you go to work ah. Li Feng looked to be a full range covered with black shadow, said in a loud voice, he did not want to do the futile, to finally what also didn't catch. I know you don't trust, so I prepared a thing, just as a gift. The man in Black said shortly, readily throw Li Feng a black se stones, was half black soul ore. God's presence has item decomposition function, equipment, materials and other items can be decomposed, trading and use convenient game player. We're going to do now is very difficult, may encounter many dangers, but you can rest assured, I will not let you suffer. Each completed step, I will give you the appropriate remuneration, will definitely let you satisfied. The man in Black said. So good, as long as you give something good enough, I will also exhibit your satisfaction with the state, a pleasant cooperation. Li Feng smiled, the greater the risk, means that the return is greater, he loved this feeling of excitement. Two men from the Windy City West gate and a star, after about twenty minutes, and finally in a remote small Canyon stopped. Wait here, and people North Face Scy Sale will come. The man in Black said, he took the step Yunma, sitting on a rock to rest. Li Feng jumped down from the big black bear bit back, stretching his sore body, said: brother, now can slightly to me about what you plan to do it, so I am psychologically prepared in advance. The man in black to see Li Fengyi's eye, said: what's the hurry, then you will know. Each other since refused to say, Li Feng will not go on to ask, anyway, his goal is to get a piece of black soul ore, and then to build a powerful weapon. Now the entire star windy city is surging undercurrent, the guild are fighting for their own interests, may at any time broke out Chilliwack Bomber Youth in large battles. We want to survive in the cracks of these forces, the strength necessary. At any time, to protect their North Face Scythe Clearance Sale own interests is the most powerful weapon is power, as long as there is strength, others dare not to bully. The sand rustles ~ a burst of footsteps from the woods rang, Li Feng looked up, there are four people in this way. Let Li Feng feel very surprised is, these four individuals was also wearing tight black, not see the face, feel very mysterious. You are Moxue night? One tall black.
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