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December 31 [Mon], 2012, 9:40

A hearing of the GHD Limited Edition injured, leaf Ling suddenly looks a convergence, pull up GHD's hand, just to the front together, looking for a long time, culminating in the GHD that white finger to get a small wound, and very human.Then, Ye Ling calm anger.Ye Ling pulled out the medicine into GHD hands, cold face said: "I am not angry, you don't have to do these unnecessary things."He turned back to the room.

ghd IV Salon Styler looked at the slam the door, tears, why Ye Ling more angry?Ming, jewelry than the moon is more representative of the GHD heart.A little later, GHD holding a box jewelry for my son my son to knock on her door leaf."Come in."Ye Ling looked at the door, waiting to see the GHD what tricks, some look, but also some palpitations, why GHD is so clever person in this matter but a fool always amazing?Cher finishing

cheap ghd hair straighteners will open the box, to take a jade, crystal pure run, carved plain, is the ancient grace, see not all product.Ghd dogleg to palm leaf jade Ling before: "what do you think?"Ghd a faint smile on one's face: "fine jade."Ghd leaf Ling was slightly Ji, busy while the thermal Railway: "it is!But I be lost to all sense of shame from Goku there to rob, you also know that his vision is extremely high, can make his baby with you, can not good?"