Castlestorm review: Hybrid Heaven

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 11:12
Castlestorm is a bold experiment for Zen Studios.

The developer ― best known for the Pinball FX series ― has created a melting pot of game mechanics in Castlestorm. Composed of physics-based puzzler, tower defense, construction sim and melee combat elements, it's a formula that could have easily fallen apart. Instead, the result is a well-crafted action game that requires on-the-fly strategic thinking as well as good aim.

Castlestorm is set on a 2D battlefield, with your castle on one side and the enemy stronghold on the other. You play as Sir Gareth, a huge, cocky knight and protector of the generic fantasy realm. It's your job to fend off your rivals (initially, a band of rowdy vikings), and bring down their own structure. In practice, this means commanding an army and running your tower's defenses, as well as operating your castle's trebuchet.

While some missions focus solely on melee combat or trebuchet sharp shooting, most require you to juggle attack and defense at once. You can attack the enemy castle using projectiles, spawn troops to protect your territory, cast spells (both defensive and offensive magic are available) and take to the field yourself as your melee-happy hero character.
source: polygon

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