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The original reason for the small HU Zhao said the old man, it is because HU Zhao not very old, but also like to call themselves "old into the house." And now this, is a veritable little old man, the entire entry and one thousand and thin but also short. Really, just this stature, it has been fed into the image of a shifty-eyed. Coupled with the furtive appearance and loud disturbing thing bad behavior into the home, even if he looks not bad in itself, but it is a shifty-eyed image! "This is?" Guo Jia open asked, and my heart is already been some speculation. Sure enough, they see Diao Chan quickly introduce them, "Jon, who was previously saved us two into a long road." "So is the long road to the rescue, thank saving grace, kindness, Guo Jia will never forget ! "Guo Jia suddenly up to each other as if we should thank. "Well, well, do not pretend, you enter this, I still understand, can not say at this time is being mentally abused: This smelly old man, not a fancy Diao Chan posture sè my family right?! "Little old man smiled and said, prevented Guo Jia up action. "Tao Long remark poor men! How would think so, I Guo Jia's reputation may be on the outside a point of difference, but it is definitely not what ungrateful, that feeds the entry!" Guo Jiayi are words said, in fact, his heart is silently wiped the perspiration from his head, Nima, this Hell will not be a mind reader, right? Guo Jia heart is not only guessed the true idea, and even text is generally goes! No way, who told Diao too beautiful, and Guo Jia on Diao Chan also too concerned about and sensitive to some, up to eighty years old, down to the eight-year-old child who is a man, Guo Jia will not be assured . Perhaps the basis of a small heart into a gentleman's belly, you think o A, Guo Jia told him that it is a non-relative, the old man, did not know, risking a big risk in starting from the enemy saved them, if not fancy Diao Chan's beauty, it also is in love with his beautiful Guo Jia o A? So, even if it is a pious into the matter, Guo Jia might also think this is a good sè greedy hypocrites, let alone itself is a shifty-eyed look, and let into a strange suspicion. However, this can be unceremoniously put into the hearts of Guo Jia said the idea came out, it touches a situation in Zhilaizhiwang xìng into. Although exposed the the Guo Jia mind, let Guo Jia some embarrassment, but this impression into the mind rather Guo Jia thereby increasing a lot. Xìng true love, are the ones really into things; while those into a mouthful of virtue and morality, is often the most play at yīn seek trick guy. Although we can not generalize, but this, Jin Yong's novels Momen and some decent into the matter, it touches very clear interpretation. "Yes, a head, my husband perhaps there are some problems, but it's definitely not what ingratitude into!" Diao Chan is also next to patronize said. The result is a little old man shook his head, said, "When did I say he seasoned ungrateful? Kind of thing, with the forget forget uh, negative live justice, nothing to do with it. Like a broken into and delivered you , so you will be able to complete due to its good into? Gratitude is one thing, the other is another matter. Moreover, this kid is also true to say that if not for you this baby girl, I did not bother Road save him yet. "Hey! When did I say that's the case of the? ! Hey! You really are a mind reader is right? ! Hey! What are you acknowledge that you are playing Diao idea? ! Guo Jia quickly pulled around the Diao Chan, an anti-Fangzei same with this little old man, which is totally Guo Jia subconscious behavior. In fact, he considered carefully to know, if the other party is in this fight Diao Chan's idea, he did not wake up before the long hands, need to wait until now do? But also directly to speak out for their own purposes? Of course, the little old man said it was because Diao reasons, it is indeed true, but not the kind of Guo Jia would like nothing, but a little old man's behavior was completely Diao Chan was moved to give, so That contrary to the original idea come to the rescue. "Hey, what is this seasoned backing o A?" Guo Jia whispered to Diao Chan asked. "I do not know, he did not say." Diao Chan replied softly. "Did not say?" Guo Jia speechless Pieliaopiezui, so that the other party can not say? In fact, Diao Chan is no way, in that case, she can choose to believe the other side, if even that saved their white spoon priests could not believe it, Diao Chan also know who to believe? Do Diao Chan can save yourself the Guo Jia o A? And, did not say, at least on behalf of the priests do not intend to deceive the Diao Chan, or else you can easily complete fabrications one out of it. Sometimes, concealment is also a way to be honest with income, sometimes even better than a white lie. Of course, if your wife asks you out there in the third,Coach Online Store, you answered "do not say," I hope that is your own reasons, not because of the impact of my words, Keke. "That, I do not know long name, please?" Guo Jia active open asked, as figured out in front of the key points, but added no further special defense with each other. "Oh, now do not doubt me?" Little old man laughed, do not know is deliberately show off their "mind reading" it, or to expose him into specifically for the music, "As for who I am, this time you do not is specifically you come to me! "the other replied. "Zuo Ci?!" Guo Jia exclaimed, beside Diao Chan is also very surprised, but the surprise I also want to understand a lot of problems: No wonder, no wonder this long road suddenly appeared and saved them. No wonder, no wonder this long road would be so capable. Zhao can be respected, allowing Guo Jia visited the road all the way to find long, obviously not what pushovers! Of course,Oakley Polarized, that's just the idea of ​​mind Diao Chan. At this point in mind while Guo Jia,Christian Louboutin Ankle Outlet, also have some ideas of their own: no wonder, no wonder this Zuo Ci will be into as diabolism, and grow into such a shifty-eyed look, appearance again in order to get into this era will Some strange Taoism, as diabolism not be strange if! As in the case of Pang Tong, only a small part of understanding in, this will really respected Zuo Ci into. And if it looks something SAGE, even Taoism is not high, estimated that there will be a lot of thought into the kind of demigod into the matter. Guo Jia guess, the original angle, should be the one who trained longer, or else there will not be so many followers. Perhaps there were times of reasons, but the inclination angle before his death and after death of the Yellow Turbans compare, you know who is really into the angle to look at as a living god. So naturally pros and cons, angle did not die, it was like divine intervention, morale horns; while a dead angle, the Yellow Turban army into a philosophy of life, worldview, values ​​all collapse, loss of confidence, naturally, defeated it. In short, the appearance is everything, spent a long time in this era, and now according to Guo Jia will subconsciously looks to think. Of course, now there are more important issues Guo Jia, "Zuo Ci public, you see I can not give birth this thing in the end what is the problem? Could also do with that information?" Guo Jia could not directly asked.
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