It should be pointed out is, in fact, Beijing

January 30 [Wed], 2013, 16:46
It should be pointed out is, in fact, Beijing built-up areas within the Fifth Ring might as Tokyo, because there are still a lot of farmland in the west and southwest cheap nike free run 2 mens

direction within the Fifth Ring, this is diluted population density. Let us consider this point, it counted as core area and Tokyo, all counted as built-up area, with

a total area of ??almost 750 square kilometers. So we can probably figure out the actual population density of Beijing's main city, which means that almost 20,000

people per square kilometer.

Figures from several city center can tell us that, according to the 2006 statistics, Beijing's Xuanwu District, population density reaches 28,133 people per square

kilometer, while the other three old town, Dongcheng, Xicheng Chongwen population density and all are more than twenty thousand per square kilometer. These numbers are

not really accurate, because a lot of floating population in the statistical population are not included in the statistics, the actual figure is greatly

underestimated. However, this figure is enough to see the actual resident population density of the urban area of ??Beijing, and also more in line with what we feel.

Tokyo is already very famous in highly populated cities, our city than Tokyo intensive, then, our metropolis is possible with the world, "the highest population

density - or the world's" most crowded city.

We can also compare the next several other famous metropolis in the world, such as New York. Its core Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Richmond five

districts, with an area of ??945 square kilometers and a population of 8.27 million, the population density of 8,751 people per square kilometer; Another example is

London, and its core city, Inner London an area of ??only 310 square kilometers and a population of about 2.5 million, the population density per square kilometer in

8065 people, and so on.

In fact, whether in London or New York, or Tokyo, also contains a huge outside the city. Most of these countries are the private ownership of land, private ownership

of land free to dispose of land use, both want to build a house, buy or sell land. In other words, in the entire metropolitan area can be almost free of any building,

of course, the amount of land supply will nike free run 3 shoes

In any case, our city has been extremely crowded. Fundamental, or because of, the Ministry of Land and the door does not release enough land. Our lives can only be so

crowded, we live in the environment can only harsh, our housing prices will not be able to be reduced radically.

Since our goal is the per capita income would have to be accountable to par with those of developed countries, if we want the quality of life of our people is

gradually catching up with those in developed countries, then we must give our citizens greater survival and living space.

Which depends on the Ministry of Land and door to release more land.

Officials (behavior) unlike officials, businessmen, unlike businessman! "2013 January 28, 2011 at 11:00 am, said Deputy General Manager Chongqing, a state-owned listed

companies, Chongqing State-owned system image by the" indecent video event seriously affected.

Chongqing State-owned system that does not include Changan Automobile (000625.SZ), * ST Jialing (600877.SH), the Three Gorges water conservancy
Related stock movements

The * ST jialing the 3.98 +0.123.11% Jiulong Electric Power the 14.52 +0.392.76% Changan Automobile the 8.46 +0.151.81% Chinese steam the research 8.15 +0.080.99%

Three Gorges Water Conservancy 13.57 +0.000.00% (600116.SH), Jiulong Electric Power (600292.SH), BARI, China (601965.SH) five central enterprises listed companies, 37
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Chongqing shares which owns and invests up to 17 listed companies, accounting for half of the country.
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