Shina assassination group members

June 24 [Mon], 2013, 15:40

year history. Gang of young blood, that is, Shina assassination group members.Long tail seven Zhijie lead No. 9, the appearance looks and Bed no two different, but thenike free trainer 5.0 cheap
history of ceramics in Guangzhou also has a special status as "Henan color" the birthplace of the old house owner is a master Qun Xing Guang Cai his identity is above another young blood, "Shina assassination group" members. Qun Xing and Jianfu, the peak height is intimate friend since childhood, had only muffled engage in the arts, he returned as Guangzhou in Jianfu League club president, adding to the ranks of the revolutionary uprising.From Qun Xing lived in seven Zhijie the 9th to go very far distance, that is, "Guangdong Museum Association" ceramics workshop, now submerged in a construction site Although no trace. However, according to Liu Qun Xing's son Liu Zhixiang introduced this year in the workshop, Liu Xing presided polychrome work during the day, at night sentry lookout on the outside, Jianfu and others in which the bomb making. "Often slept at the

site, under the bed to hide bombs."August 13, 1911, "Shina assassination group" members Linguan Ci in the double doors at the end (now Beijing North Section) Lee Jun wounded. Just two months after the assassination of group members Li Peiji former warehouse in South Gate location killed Zhijie new Guangzhou General Fengshan, and sometimes famous. According to records, since the assassination of Lee Jun battle merely nike free 4.0 v2 sale
wounding each other, so the assassination mission on Fu Fengshan explosives on "processing", switch to seven pounds heavier poison bombs, drugs will automatically saw blood clotting, Test results for the bomb, Jianfu in the manufacture of explosives Cave Ridge woman wounded in a bun calves and two puppies, the results "puppy that is dead, although only leg calf injury two holes, but the potency attack, struggling half an hour, that is dead. "As an active liaison and meetings with, Shina assassination mission in Guangzhou, Henan (ie now Haizhu area) has set up three positions, one for the South West Ao Chau Street Biaohua shop "Shouzhen Court," the other for the located in Henan tail "source Limousin shop", the three compared Henan Jinhua Temple "Principal paint shop." The "Shouzhen Court" for

the Alliance Guangdong Branch site, how to set up shop in the name of Dr Biaohua, second floor establishment news agency. Reporters recently pursuing the old track, before we know more than three strongholds are nowhere to be found no longer exists, where as Ao Chau Street on the 13th of Shouzhen Court in 2008 were removed. Chang Gang Zhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou Wilder Avenue 3, a typical Lingnan architecture is particularly striking, Manchu windows, gallery-phase winding, flowers bunch, this is Guangzhou units to ten fragrant garden, also Jianfu Early study painting place. Recently, ten Heung Yuen's "nike air presto 2 cheap
Lingnan School of Painting and Revolution --- commemorate 100th anniversary of Revolution art exhibition", the exhibition center a "skeleton skull map" attracted a lot of people are concerned about the theme of the painting three roll in the grass of the skull, with the edges of performance out, but eerie shapes awesome though, according to ten Heung Yuen Museum curator Liu Zhihui introduction, this piece Jianfu authentic
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