Peter was soon to the eighteenth

August 19 [Mon], 2013, 18:44
Oh. Yang Yuxiong murmured cried, arm immediately relax, rattle! A fall on the ground, great body immediately shrink, the blink of an eye to shrink to a child size. You killed my brother, I put together with you! Yang Yuejing to Jiang Fan when she was panting, rushed to the front of Jiang Fan, why do you do! Jiang Fan hand lightning points out, Yang Yuejing intercostal a Ma, flat on the ground. Good job! Song Wenjie and Fang Jianxiong go out, did you come here? Jiang Fan exclaimed. The occurrence of such major things prison, we will not know? This thing to us, your girlfriend is in danger, you go and help her. Song Wenjie road. What, where did you get the message! Jiang Fan shocked way. Insider news, Liang Yan was Secretary of municipal Party committee, please go to drink, now the Le Grand Large Hotel. Song Wenjie road. Ah! Jiang Fan immediately drill such as underground, disappeared in the prison, Jiang Fan was very eager, he know Luo root, this guy Liang Yan coveted for a long time, there has been no chance, this time Chilliwack Bomber Women UK please Liang Yan drink, certainly will have figure. Peter was out of prison, immediately display Maoshan Trinidad running operation, into a smoke like, 10 minutes to the East China Sea area. North Face Gore Sale To take a taxi, Jiangfan continue to display Maoshan Trinidad running operation, the street see Figure flash across, sou! Faster than a car. The streets were stunned who is this? Superman! Five minutes after the fan to Dorsett Le Grand Large Hotel, opened the Tianmu acupoint, Jiang Fan immediately saw Liang Yan in the eighteenth floor, this time Luo Canada Goose Sale UK Shenggen is up against Liang Yan Liang Yan, is. Damn, I dry woman! You are dead meat. Thousands of miles of running operation, Peter was soon to the eighteenth floor balcony, kicked the door. Luo Shenggen looked at Jiang Fan with surprise, you, you're not in prison? How come? The sails! Liang Yan immediately went to the fan side, immediately cry. Baby, are you all right? Jiang Fan road. Thanks to your timely, otherwise I would risk. Liang Yan cried. Luo Shenggen, you dare to touch my woman, you're dead! Jiang Fan in, Zhaoluo secretary went to. You, you don't mess around, but I Donghai city party secretary, state cadres! Rom. Secretary panic. Well, even if you are the Secretary of defense, I also want you to die! Jiang Fan road. Somebody, somebody is trying to kill the Secretary of municipal Party committee! Rom. Secretary exclaimed. Wow, immediately rushed into several security, bold, you dare to kill the Secretary of municipal Party committee! Several people have rushed to the Jiang Fan bar. Jiang Fan points out the forefinger, lightning, several security all fall down. Jiang Fan step by step Zhaoluo secretary walked past, you, you don't touch, I am the Secretary of municipal Party committee, you kill me, will be sentenced to death! Secretary Luo jumped backward channel. Well, no matter who, as long as my woman, must die! Jiang Fan put a white se finger lightning hit the Secretary Luo's chest, Luo Shuji felt a chill into body, cant help a shiver. You three RI die! Jiang Fan sneers. You, you do something to me! Rom. Secretary panic channel. Certainly in the hands and feet, but not check out, the first day you feel a bit uncomfortable, a bit disgusting. The very next day you feel powerless, sore. The third day, your hair and teeth start to fall, people immediately senescence, was like.
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