Ghosting At The Box Office Than Iron Won The Championship

October 29 [Sat], 2011, 12:03
Last week's global box office to schedule the occasion of Halloween horror film, "Smart: ghost Record 3" the most eye-catching achievements, and its 43 regional win 78.68 million at the box office, significantly beyond the "Iron Steel Fist" strong claim the championship title. Its outstanding performance has also led to warming of the global market: Last week, the weekend box office TOP15 global total score of 2.1 billion U.S. dollars, seven weeks since the first time exceeded 200 million mark, the level back up to the end of the summer profile.

"Smart: ghost Record 3" depiction of the horror film's big demonstration for the third episode, though the shooting style of rough, low production costs, with the extreme trick years ago, "Blair Witch" is extremely similar to the , but in the big selling two sets, the film fortunately take the "Blair Witch," the collapse of the road, third episode appeared last week before the transfer of attitude, won 55.45 million in North America, significantly beyond the first two; and overseas 42 region has 26,110,000 results, won 78.68 million the first weekend, a total exceeded 80 million, according to the current trend, the film's ultimate box office is likely to exceed the first two, crossed the 200 million mark.

Film in North America compared to the big sell, "Smart: ghost Record 3" in the Asian region has not been sought after audience, Taipei, Hong Kong, respectively, to NT $ 1.68 million, 38 million Hong Kong dollars depression scores released, In Korea, viewing trips of less than 60,000, only ranked seventh in the box office chart, it appears that this horror film series, cultural differences are obvious. But compared to its 500 million investment, Paramount earned enough to make this for pot full of body.

"Armored fist of steel," global box office last weekend, slipped to 30.56 million, down less than 30%, the trend healthy. Results of which 10.82 million in North America and overseas achievements 19,730,000. Last week, "Iron Steel Fist" screened in France and other regions, including France, although not the enemy local crime film "Youth Force", but there are still 440,000 the first week of viewing, ranked second place; South Korea "armored steel boxing "also hand over to Yin the locally produced" Young Wan was, "but followed by the number of weeks of watching the films of 450,000, and" Young Wan was "comparable to the 460,000, glorious defeat. At this point, "armored steel fist" in the global box office total of nearly 160 million, large-scale mainland next month 8 release, will boost the film crossed the 200 million mark.

Although the reference to "Sherlock Holmes" success stories and making the "Three Musketeers", even catch the name of the first 3D, the audience did not seem optimistic about the B grade science fiction has always been to show his horror film directed by Paul Anderson, this medieval adventure theme, the film took the lead following the opening of overseas after losing last week's North American release is also very unsatisfactory results, the first week of less than ten million, so the film's global box office last weekend, only 20 million to succeed, the current two weeks of only 73.73 million total box office , the trend is very difficult. The film also plummeted at the box office chart in France, tenth, South Korea, the audience fell to 100,000 people are also the following, according to the current situation, the film's ultimate box office can only succeed in the billion.