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August 14 [Wed], 2013, 10:25
The ninety-first chapter; according to some theories of capitalism to imperialism, its foreign policy is often a manifestation of economic benefits. In fact, the British Empire Erdian minister Mr. Zhu, has plans to Whitehall, probably the meaning is: the Fang Jianxiong guy too hate, to kill him. Interestingly, the idea was to persuade a British businessman, give up again and again. The British businessman named Li Deli...... Years of doing business in China, 1900 was promoted to general manager of the East, the ICI company total. Management of soda ash, dyes and other chemical products. Li Deli isn't a Sino British friendly daring vanguard, the foreigners and Gu Heng personal not shallow, Eurasia Group needed each year soda ash and dye, for Li Deli, is absolutely can't give up. The man in the Chinese and foreign business influential, and Consul General in Shanghai Farays, British ambassador to China, Zhu Erdian shendu. Of course, Li Deli's jumping up and down, is the representative of the whole Chinese interests but in Huaying business. According to statistics, Jia Wu war of enterprise of foreign countries in China 580, British companies accounted for 354 homes, and most of them are located in the Yangtze River basin. That is to say, the great British interests in China, in the Yangtze River basin. The British Zhengfu once in China, the first to suffer are the British businessman. To face it, the battle of Hankou, we are * * team landed in the British concession, the British did not put a fart. Wait until the end of the war, before shouting. The real history, the 1912 February 3ri. Germany's company hahausen sent a letter to German Chancellor said: sphere of influence in Britain, is concentrated in the Yangtze River and South China area. When Yuan Shikai in mid November to this time, although the Chinese Imperial forces to victory in Hankou, Hanyang, and the UK to aid beijingzhengfu move, but not be give. Worry and fear oppressed British merchant commercial damaged Shanghai, final advantage. Pointed out that Harjehausen pierce to the heart of the matter: British policy is decided by the Shanghai. The above illustrates the nature of Womens North Face Hoodie Sale a problem, the British Empire's China policy. British businessman plays an important role in china. To put it bluntly, is the benefit of two words. For Li Deli, and the Eurasian Group annual trade volume of nearly five million yuan. Not only in the chemical industry, the Eurasian Department Canada Goose UK Sale annually through the Li Deli relationship, purchasing of goods is not a small number. Every time Henglai Shanghai gu. Li Deli will invite. This not, just peace, Gu Heng to Shanghai, Li Deli has been waiting in the terminal. Down on several Chinese business revolution, severely damaged. The warehouse inventory, are piled high in the. Who have to tell Li Deli to Wuhu to play, Li Deli can put the person throw well, then moved a big stone. From the boat down Gu Heng, looking a bit haggard. Special channel through the first-class cabin of the ship, unable to hold oneself back to greet Li Deli: gu. To see you again in Shanghai, is really very good. Gu Heng for a small club Fang Jianxiong in a word, it can be said now have a deep understanding of. Foreigners in China, but is to lear. Foreign policy in Britain and America, are often affected by its national merchant. This sentence. We can say now verified again. Since the Outlet North Face revolution, q
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