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- wWw, QuANBEn, Com side, silent for a long time. already go to show that his words and. z listening to sound next door, Ya-Wen Chuang already thoughts and Chuang Po Yan chat, even Chuang Po-yan is nothing to look at, casually a few rushed off Lost communication. Meanwhile, Ya-Wen Chuang quickly jumped out of bed, the windows of the house off some of the tight Thus, next door to the sound, but it is a lot. Wen Chong to live a full twenty-four years, while also Nannvzhishi, know some, but, in the end, or hands. The time, also dreaming of Prince Charming in the future and their own lives together. Even, Ya-Wen Chuang will and another girl, a high-grade guy to like ... but with the slowly growing up,Air Max 180 Shoes Sale, Ya-Wen Chuang boys are less and less interested in high intelligence, look at the problem more mature, the feeling of the Ya-Wen Chuang Gradually, the boys of the same age, are very naive. Ya-Wen Chuang school graduation, manage elegant bead gradually more no boys into her eyes. Until Nie cloud rendering. The first met Nie cloud before in the dark blue bar that Ya-Wen Chuang open bar, Nie Yun got the keys to open the door of Liu Junwei Hummer, Ya-Wen Chuang attacks. Did not think of, is only a trick, Ya-Wen Chuang Nie cloud to fall upon. To large, this kind of thing has never been produced. Not high enough Ya-Wen Chuang Kung Fu, invincible, is traditionally no one dares to dispose of Ya-Wen Chuang. The second saw Nie Yun, old home in weeks, Ya-Wen Chuang know, Nie Yun engage spend Ji bonsai, Chu with a huge fire red obedient dog, not a remedy of the diseased plants can cure. That time, Ya-Wen Chuang Nie Yun, already have a sort of curiosity. With the continued contact, Ya-Wen Chuang perceived Nie cloud, just not quite the same as ordinary people. # Baidu search () reading this book Hand chapter # relatively calm, but also, like to have fun, like Wada Zhen in together, that if his city Tian Zhen. Ya-Wen Chuang did not know that he is not some like Nie Yun Ya-Wen Chuang But at least know, Nie Yun body simply has attracted to her tools. In fact, like a person, often, is because of the man who has to attract their own tools, is as simple as just ... this one night, listening to the sound of the Nie Yun of Hotan Zhen vague movement, Ya-Wen Chuang some sleep. Finally fell asleep, Ya-Wen Chuang in a dream, but a dream about very Xiuren things. Ya-Wen Chuang dreamed, and that countryside villa in the Nie cloud hometown, goes on a huge bed, they only wear Qiuyi Qiuku, Nie Yun wear Qiuyi Qiuku. Two people side by side, Nie Yun seems that some could not help For Ever ...... Nie cloud starts to take off manually feet ... the next thing, Ya-Wen Chuang feeling get ... but can not imagine won short own like in foggy the general ...... Ya-Wen Chuang dream while in Chengdu, a huge villa, a middle-aged man, some insomnia. But he fell not because of a dream, this middle-aged man at the moment, are hand-held wind GOULD who call. This middle-aged man, looks on from the overview but only about forty years old, tall and straight, handsome face, definitely is a good-looking man. The most important is that the middle-aged man's body, but it has a his age do not seem commensurate with the vicissitudes of feeling, and the vicissitudes of the feeling for any woman to have a fatal lethal! In addition, the men's body leisure attire, very decent, not all goods, the economic strength of this man, it is definitely good. Diamond bachelor! Afraid Ren Ke to see such a good-looking man,UGG Classic Metallic Boots, a city emerge such an idea. Nie Yun here, will certainly be aware of this man looks, how and Ya-Wen Chuang, then one-third of similar to it,North Face Windstopper? Ya-Wen Chuang looked beautiful, and this man, also very handsome, looks like the Ya-Wen Chuang's father, uh ... two days later, I went Ludong a good look at the guys, if it is really good this thing on the set! Phone, and coming out of the a dough voice: a girl, even if it is Let grandson of President, we Yawen also absolutely worthy of even the world's major consortium son, Yawen true if like me also to tie over the vine, those consortia powerful enough But I Chuang Po-yin, it may not be a timid! And Ya-Wen Chuang likeness third of middle-aged man, even not for others, the uncle, is the Ya-Wen Chuang Chuang Po Introduction! Chuang Po-yin, the actual age was 50, but nothing more. In the eyes of these people's Liu Junwei, Chuang Po-yin, fear is a figure who trained the old man, but in fact, the 50-year-old middle-aged man, is absolutely his prime. Chuang Po statements were made in the end the financial Warriors, maintenance, compared to ordinary 50-year-old man also look younger, plus a handsome, so it looks like, is a 41-year-old Bale. consider a personal thing. know, but do not know, even if his brother has a soul in the days, absolutely do not want to like this! father and my father-in-law two together are not rivals, but still like this, if ten years ago, do not marry me, afraid not good enough for me, but now! Chuang Po Yan fortune, but less than two years of time. A decade ago, Chuang Po-yin, but also achievements Bale, and some big giants, indeed inferior to that time, his scruples, is a normal thing. But now, Chuang Po-yan strength, anyone, he without scruples. Again, that the woman in the wind GOULD, originally widowed, remarried is absolutely right and proper thing, either her parents or elderly people are in favor of the But why is Chuang Po-yin side so many excuses. Sub, hope it will not let me Chuang Po Yan disappointed, Sichuan ...... Think of now is in Hong Kong, that has only been in his thirties, was only 24 years old, looks beautiful woman, the lover years, Chuang Po-yin, wait for them at the moment immediately to eastern Shandong, and then went to Hong Kong. Never let that the beautiful woman Gu film Zihui ... Tian Zhen at the moment, already closed eyes, stumbled asleep. Originally, the men and women finished thing, because the girls feel retreat slowly, very like a man caressing, But now,North Face Backpacks, completely no need, even if no matter how hard Nie Yun Tian Zhen estimated that there would not be the slightest children feel. But Rao is the case, Nie Yun not lie down and sleep, but gently grabbed Tian Zhen, Tian Zhen Jiaoqu slowly stroking himself slowly sleep. Chuang Po words know he finds a good son-in-law's nephew, at the moment is embracing another girl to go to bed, and also just draw the kind of thing done, Chuang Po-yin, I'm afraid, going mad lost. To know, Chuang Po statements were made in order to expect a boy in Nie Yun presents, but waited a full decade, decade, he even did not and his lover had any intimate contact! Less than her inability to young people now, is to open than the older generation. Early next morning, Nie cloud more than six minutes to wake up, Nie Yun woke up, they found the Ya-Wen Chuang better than they actually even early wake up. At the moment of the Ya-Wen Chuang, took a huge pot in the bathroom there, is there. <

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