pay attention to these dragon move

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 12:26

Rush of> Prick space, not a monster, but a group of behemoth, twisted the space bright light suddenly flash,Canada Goose Langford Outlet Sale, and then, a group of dragon will appear in the sky, their huge shadow blotting out the sun, flapping wings squally. Group teleport. Just appeared, according to the corpse dragon avatar of Salyr the quiver a soft, a cut down from the sky. Phoenix and Philippine Hughes shocked, Phoenix Lightning flutter grabbed tail according Salyr, but seven order of the golden dragon oversized, heavy body dragged Phoenix ceasing to decline. Finally Philippines repair Sishifatuo a and only then stabilized in accordance with Salyr. From the corpse of the dragon, the souls of the deity to take part out, exhausted the Yusi the fire in sweeping one, and then drill back, it now had no strength to even control the avatar. Equally exhausted ruling, even Satsuma Mickelson chasing find any, he did not so weak, the whole body were tested translucent state. Alone according Salyr a person is not to employ such a large-scale group transfer, thanks to the joined hands of the ruling, but even the two demigods levels of biological joint, such groups transmission still exhausted all their effort . Gris and Satsuma Mickelson no matter how powerful, after all, also, and the outlook is far greater than that do not now these dragon to the vast. They appear obscured almost the entire sky, flapping its wings off the fury seems to be into storm. Satsuma Mickelson's strong feeling, a group of dragon's powerful visual, stronger and more intuitive. See this scene abyss the Monster a time all scared silly Leng Leng head held overwhelmed. Many creatures do not understand the situation of the dragon family, this has come to a dead end of the race, already ancestors once brilliant. But their prowess, but still in the eighty thousand abyss widely spread. Abyss Tiamat undead dragon, deep sea dragon, all dip contact with the character for dragon, both are tough to extreme terrible exist. Under these Hewei name, the the dragon group brought clouds of pressure is multiplied exponentially increase. For a time, in addition to the magic feeding people who already doomed mortal men Monster, the remaining hundreds of thousands of Monster spontaneously stop action. High morale, so because of the arrival of a group of dragon, falls to the bottom. He had entrusted to the future of the entire Maronite Tigris, in that case, how much more shall strive to show the value of the job. With them in response to the kind of performance the flame monarch, who knows Gris wasted for these wastes will mind. Want to bother others in their own body, it must come up with the appropriate value. In fact, these dragons is also quite Biequ, abyss invasion eight years, they have been flies are not happy, fear of loss, so the more time the abyss Monster backoff This lone gas proud dragon is heavy blow dragon clan when will those humble creatures concessions? Finally even have signed and human Maronite Covenant Mutual Insurance. Dragon clan, however, the war did not play a positive role, and rely more on human pinned down and Territory remote land-sake, linger far, say Biequ the impossible, Once upon a time, the air is the territory of the dragon, but now they are not even near the door of the deep territory not close not only humble Monster they have to retreat, the war between the strong, they are not to intervene in the whole battle and flame monarch in which these dragons almost all serve as a bystander, but several commands to their assistance, the kind of anger in the discourse they can clearly feel the Gris no formal opening to criticize it. Even they are also ashamed of their performance, self-righteous world's most powerful species, but in front of a real strong,air max shoes clearance store, they are nothing. Such a strong psychological gap, the whole dragon clan suppressed an intense anger, the kind of anger generated by their own incompetence, they are very eager to have a chance to express themselves, and vent out anger. Now this opportunity. In addition to lift up the avatar according to Salyr corpse Long, Phoenix and Philippine Hughes, all of the dragon roared sprang down. Good at magic brewing for the first time since the offensive magic, good at the melee all open their claws. Huruyangqun, each dragon head and flew into the Monster group set off a wave of the reign of terror. The dragon is all planes have a powerful biological Hewei name, as long as they do not count the loss, not the number of bio-energy stopped in front of them. To deal with such as the presence of the lords of the flame monarch level, they know what to do,Nike Air Max Ultra 365 Shoes Outlet, but to deal with these common Monster, hardly what Monster is an aggregate of the The air Gris did not pay attention to these dragon move, he is still before Satsuma Mickelson, body and soul is the greatest wealth undead, but what to do with it and the situation now? Induction into the Tigris doubts, Satsuma Mickelson little helpless said: Gris, even unbearable, and even seize control of his soul will not understand even so based skills. This is too simple, Gris casual soul cover a corpse, soon corpse flexible stand up. But what to do? Gris ideas turn, but a time to come. Gris turned around and looked at the pile of to twenty meters corpse Mountain, as well as around the circle of corpses in Rock Hill, absolutely not less than 40,000 in total body, breath control 40,000 body? Gerry Sileng suddenly felt heavy pressure. Exercise magic control when he had tried control 16 small fireball at once, although the the Magic control and manipulate the body is not the same thing, but the basic principles are the same, he needs to focus divided into sixteen parts to flexible control those fireballs. 40,000 corpses,air max shoes clearance, and that he is not to focus into 40,000? Can you do it? Never done such a difficult action Gris, and my heart point grasp, but Satsuma Mandelson is not a pointless, since he Gris doing naturally under. Steady a steady mind, Gris attention sink into the soul, and the soul covers Rock Hill around all body. <

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