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June 07 [Fri], 2013, 11:46
> Dn.rln ('to go back on foot chalky ancient Mongolian horse archers, nobody laughed at them. WWw. QUanBen. COm around Mongolia chalky ancients, their eyes are included sympathy while also a little sad, this is not their incompetence, Instead, Xu Xing Xia too sick at that distance, that is mogi root shot himself, and only only sigh nonetheless sake of non-war crime, there is nothing to say. "assignee of." Xu Xing Xia arch hand, understatement said. "Yes, it really sort of ability." Lindan Han gently biting her own teeth. [all in search for the latest updates. lzh., if not again witnessed Xu Xing summer shot, he really can not believe that this appearance Xu Xing Xia humble in slightly thin body, actually contains such a powerful force. six feet distance, is really incredible. Note that this is shot sixty Zhangwai goals, rather than simply let arrows fly six feet away. If the latter,Coach Crossbodys USA, most of the ancient Mongolian horse archers can do chalky, but the former, it is absolutely not. chalky with Mongolian bow ancients best quality , with a certain angle, the arrowheads shot go. arrowheads flight distance, over six feet, which is no problem in certain environments, arrowheads can even fly a distance baizhang, but this command so simple flight distance, rather than killing arrowheads distance. Indeed, the latter half of the lethality of the arrowheads have been nothing other words, that is, arrowheads fly further away, have little to do with so-called spent force, can not wear Lu stripe also. killing six feet distance, meaning arrowheads can fly at least one hundred and twenty feet or more, in the nation's history beyond the Great Wall, the estimated range has not so far archer. general riding shooter, can shoot arrowheads thirty Zhangwai goals, is considered quite good. Lindan Han side mounted archers, including the United Kingdom, including the just, most are like this level. The only difference is that people throw the skill only. Now think of it carefully, and finally understand why Heller Kim will play a lifetime of birds, and ends up being a bird pecking hurt his eyes. beginning of time, Heller gold is certainly careless fools. estimation, he is no will Xu Xing Xia looked down, not attached importance, the results for Xu Xing Xia grow step by step. shift in the future, the situation is getting worse, more and more out of control, and finally to the point where today the Ming army troops inside out of such a person, I'm afraid they are nomads later days are not so good before. Ming army strong again, will inevitably lead to the decline of all ethnic groups beyond the Great Wall, which is a historical inevitability. now chalky ancient Mongolian tribes strength are good, is built on the basis of the Ming army weak in. If Ming army re-emergence, the shift, the ancients would like flies so chalky Mongolian moist, it is absolutely impossible. Lindan Han certainly do not want to see such a situation arise, he also wants to sweat it a golden future and this Xu Xing Xia, now belongs to the town of Ningxia people, but who knows in a few years, or is it more than a decade later, he would not be transferred to Datong town or the town government declared it as long as Xu Xing Xia die, I'm afraid he can not sleep Lindan Han soundly ah! "must find ways to get rid of him." Lindan Han suddenly determined if said before, just because moss Sina Lindan Han's reasons, Xu Xing summer full of hatred. Well, now, Lindan Han hatred inside, also includes the Han Chinese and barbarian battle between the forces, the Central Plains and the conflicting interests of all ethnic groups beyond the Great Wall. former, just on impulse, calm down later, perhaps no longer exists, but the latter, but always lingering in Lindan Han mind, lingering. "Come up," Suddenly, Lindan Han force waved, motioning people around again pounced. he must see that this Xu Xing Xia archery, in the end what kind of terrible to the point where he does not believe, Xu Xing Xia is invincible, there would be no chance to beat each other in order to moss Sina, he can not pay too high a price However, if it is in order to curb the rise of the Ming army, he was more costly, it is worth this time, the ancient Mongolian horse archers chalk out, is the three individuals, they look basically the same kind of estimates are brothers These three individuals, and before the solder pot and others, are Lindan Han around Guards for their combat effectiveness, Lindan Han is very clear. these three brothers do best, that is, of a coordinated attack tactics. Simple of speaking, that is from a different direction, to the enemy is close, look for opportunities to put the stab in the back to shoot targets. However, Xu Xing Xia did not give them shots. Lung bow range, really far away. Whether these three brothers How sub-coordinated attack, waiting for them, are sudden black Yu Jian With their horse controlling technology, you want to escape the incoming arrowheads, is impossible. Their only can do, is lying on the ground when the Do not be hurt. "wind", "wind!" wind "Yu Jian has three black fly." pop "" pop "" pop "three horses were shot in a row, one after another upon his knees saying goes , who shot the first shot horses, we must remember that this is not without reason. no chalky ancient Mongolian horse riding shooter is pure infantry three ancient Mongolian chalk lying on the ground when the horse archers are not injured, rolling on the floor playing a few, they easily stand up. Yet, despite their bodies without any problems, but it is a real lost. horses are not even their own protection,Air Jordan 9 UK Sale, of course, can not be regarded as a clever horse archers No way, they had hung his head, bitterly Lindan Han walking back to his side. Lindan Han's face, of course, there is more to say how ugly ugly. depressed, he did not even mind to rebuke incompetence of their subordinates, he must admit, Xu Xing Xia bastard, does have some abilities. He has sent five most elite Guards, Xu Xing Xia results are easy to pack. Previously, Lindan Han learning Chinese, always get do not know what yifudangguan, Wan Fu Mo open, but now he is thoroughly learned. Xu Xing Xia a man standing there, will they, Mongolia chalky overawed all the ancients, whether they went up, many people, Finally had dingy roll back. earlier fighting, Xu Xing Xia is obviously mercy if he did not show mercy, he Lindan Han lost, it is not five horses, but five of the best riding shooter . saying that this horse archers, as long as the death of one, he Lindan Han will be very painful, not to mention five of the dead. Lindan Han can clearly feel, Xu Xing Xia tolerance bottom line, it is estimated that these five people if he continue to send people up, then the other is estimated to really want to kill. nickname Xu Laomo others, which are certainly not white called according to Heller gold argument, Xu Xing Xia in the hands of at least ten thousand of tartar people's lives, he will care about a few more chalky ancient Mongolian life do? Of course not! annoy him, definitely no good fruit to eat more depressing is that the five most outstanding chalky ancient Mongolian horse archers, and even shot had no chance. Anyhow, they are riding and shooting in the hands of the ancient Mongolian chalky One, two man ah! Xu Xing Xia in front, not even shot had no chance! such an outcome, too depressing. messages if the transmission out, he Lindan Han prestige, is bound to be a strong blow. completely beaten in a passive position, you tell others how I believe you? "sweat", "The English and Narisong just have whispered shouted their worst fears that Lindan Han a time dizzy, irrational, and Xu Xing Xia desperately want to, if fighting is really broke, Xu Xing Xiaken given to slaughter. archery with his metamorphosis, the presence of ancient Mongolian chalky, in the end how many people died in his hands, do not say who can be sure, this number must be no less. From their perspective, they certainly do not want Lindan Han and Xu Xing Xia really fight. Others chalky ancient Mongolian horse archers, and his face seemed to be somewhat dignified. they are also worried that Lindan Han will be frantic, ordered the troops to attack this but to their little life ah! They can see it, Xu Xing Xia archery, nothing hā Pretty place, that is simple, practical, ultra-long range. This is the most terrible and you have no chance close to him, he will you Liaodao so the battle, basically no suspense ah! Lindan Han own a hearts, is desperate to sink, he is also very clear that once the two sides really open play, he will have to bear the loss of how to. Xu Xing Xia metamorphosis in archery, he threatened before, you can get rid of at least ten to twenty a chalky ancient Mongolian horse archers. Behind him the white army, estimated not to be trifled with. fight, toss ah! "how? should continue to do a test?" Xu Xing Xia hanging Lung bow,oakley for cheap, understatement, said He let his actions, try to look leisurely, without the slightest exception. fact, continuous with the Dragon black bow shot five Yu Jian, was his physical limits, if there are more chalky Mongolia rushed to the ancients, he must use the tire iron bow. "you," Well, I give up! your archery, indeed severe "Lindan Han's face, can not help a bit flushed for him, to say throw in the towel word, is indeed too hard, but he was forced to admit defeat. Xu Xing Xia's arm so badly, his command of all the mounted archers, no one is his opponent. continue to dwell on it, we should dead and he is also a afford to let go of people, lost is lost. "Please," Xu Xing Xia asked him to get out to do a pose. "Xu Xing Xia, wait! I have a saying. Yeah, singled out, I was lost However, today I have come to save people and I have to bring back moss Sina You can open a condition as long as the condition is not too much, I would be acceptable. "Lindan Han Chen Sheng said. With his identity, to the presence of so many people face, to say such a thing, no doubt, is a sign of weakness, he remarks, is tantamount to admit their force, and as Xu Xing Xia, had to adopt other approaches in his life experience, such a thing, was the first time. Having said later Lindan Han suddenly felt that he seems to be some old. If it is in the past, he did not say so, only ordered the troops launched the onslaught of . "Sorry, I will not pay out moss Sina" Xu Xing Xia categorically said. "Why?" Lindan Han's face, suddenly darkened and he clearly has weakness, has served soft, Xu Xing Xia was a rejected. Such answer is simply not to give him a little Lindan Han face, he's filled with anger, suddenly hot up. "Why not, she is my property," said Xu Xing Xia stressing each syllable. "you! Xu Xing Xia, you will regret The! Do not forget, you are faced Who! I solemnly warn you, do not hand over moss Sina, I will never let you go, "this is really Dadongganhuo the Lindan Han. Xu Xing Xia just said, deeply stimulated him as a man, especially a man too proud, how could live with his fancy woman, became the property of other men into the arms of another man? "Oh? with what you mean, is ready to use it five hundred people around you, to the impact of military defense? Are you sure you're not on glue you? "said Xu Xing Xia faint smile." five hundred people enough! Xu Xing Xia! I will kill you. "Lindan Han tough tone said. "refreshing! then come on! I Xu Xing Xia fight in the end! Today, if I let you Lindan Han Guan Zhenyuan'll never forget these three words, I would not be called Xu Xing Xia" Xu Xing Xia said without hesitation. says strike, he will hand Lung bow, plug it back behind turned the horse back to the white army battles queue inside. Lindan Han stare deeply Xu Xing Xia a, the body slowly backwards while his men, but it is surrounded by quietly forward, ready to fight preparations. Lindan Han brought this, only about 500 come, but this five hundred people, all elite of the elite, contains a strong fighting force. peacetime even in the face several times in his own enemy, you can fight to the death refundable. Narisong and just two of the United Kingdom glance, are some helpless sigh. Lindan Han still some young, immature ah, encountered such a thing, it is not cool and he that angry, bad people around will this bit rushed, I do not know how many people will killed, but Lindan Han has made, they clearly know is dead, we must rush to go, which is the root cause of the rise Tumote tribe, curried, no exception. "da da da" Suddenly, behind her fierce hoofs. Narisong looked back and found to be A team of chalky ancient Mongolian cavalry rushed arrived, a full number of six or seven hundred people. closer look, it is in charge of those nasty sea pearl carved cavalry skirmish expulsion open to the troops. Unexpectedly, they actually at this juncture, the immediate concern of Zhenyuan Off. Their arrival is indeed very good, just the solution of the urgent needs ah. (To be continued) <
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