The king Liu Ji slightly the upper hand temporarily lost

October 20 [Thu], 2016, 23:44
Liu Ji, a crashing fall of the party, then collapse and disappear. Living
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Shen exercise his release, to repay the king and Zao their saving grace, the king let him take care of Su Yi-Ching. Su Yi-Ching Gong Rui Creek gave the bracelet to his application to exercise, exercise must take to remind Shen Rui Creek corpse back. Duwusiren, bit by bit and think Shen exercise between Rui Creek happened, as if in front of their own reproduction Rui river rescue scene, could not help but burst into tears. Here, Zao remind the king, while the emperor to Prince et al enough to trust the machine, the crown prince of the legislation intended to do things early. The next day, the king an audience with the emperor, the brothers recalled childhood happiness that enjoyable. Whereby harmonious atmosphere, show the emperor pass to the idea of the king, the king quickly took out a Changbai Senate, knees show that they have no idea of the throne. Emperor love to see his brother
Giuseppe Zanotti Men London Croc Embossed Buckle Sneakers In White Qiwang Ren filial piety, humble comity, immediately ordered the king rewarded.
He has been concerned about confidential letters of the Queen that the emperor summoned the king alone, but this time he was unaware of the contents of the confidential letter, she could not help but reprimanded incompetent hands. At the same time, Liu Ji also ordered his men to snoop confidential letter the contents of that Dongchang this is very confidential, perhaps only Zao intimate attendants to know the contents of the confidential letter, Liu Ji was very helpless. At this time, the Sun newspaper to dry, the Prince had seen someone Cao Yuan home Bing, Liu Ji suddenly realized, Zao Wou-ki goes to certain confidential letters and make Bing relevant Prince, help establish their own store on the hard road to Prince plus hard, Liu Ji Sun dried arrangements riveted king and Shen exercise.
The palace, the emperor Zao tentative views on the king. Zao nature of the king some praise, but to see the emperor's face flashed a trace of unhappiness, hurriedly said the king will certainly assisted Prince. Li crown prince face issues raised by the Emperor, Zao Wou-ki is tentatively answered, finally saw through the emperor to prepare legislation for the crown prince king idea. Zao quit the palace, Sarkozy rushed to the palace, he should seize this opportunity to inform the king, as soon as possible a good show to the king. Qi within the palace, the king pretend Zao understand the meaning of words, never pretended to be coveted position of crown prince. Until then complete the Zao pick out, just let the king Zao use the service as much as their own, the two men finally came together, I do not know what will make the wolf and things to tight corner.
Visit the Queen realized that night did not see the emperor, Prince only can not inherit the throne, but the situation
Women's Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Wedge Sneakers In Black is critical, she cautioned son pay attention to safety. However, the prince believed 虎毒不食子, not to mention caring father, he will not start on their own.
RBI also made winter up and down, finally found the remains of Gong Rui Xi, Gong elderly couple heartbroken. Shen exercise saw white-haired people who sent hair miserable scene, immediately knelt down and promised to Gong t pension nail in the coffin. Rui buried Creek, has put Shen Gong exercise as their own father reminded him, do you want to be strong, adhere to solve the case, for those who deserve the fate of the wicked. Su Yi-Ching Gong Rui Xi saw the tomb heartbroken Shen exercise, she is no way to persuade this man crying, only secretly tears.
A large prison, Shen Zi Mu remind son emotionally can not half-hearted, to do a responsible man of indomitable spirit, Shen also told to exercise their own once released from prison will help him fully solve the case.