at least are the sacred realm

August 20 [Tue], 2013, 11:01
(;) this palace built in accordance with the general pattern of the shrine, Jiang Fan with Anig into the palace, he put Anig gently on the platform. Then Peter was ideas into Anig's soul space inside, see her soul damage. Anig was very serious damage to God, God has cracks, if God common stock would have died, but she is to control the life God Father, with the law of life in the slow to repair broken soul. This situation is like a crack in the vase, if it, let go, the vase broke. If use some glue to stick up the vase vase, temporarily not broken, if use porcelain repair, and then re burn it, it will not be broken vase. Is the method used by Anig, her soul in the repair of cracks, this process is slow, still too just repaired a few, to completely repair the good God, I'm afraid it will be a long time. Well, God cracks, it can be a bit tricky! Jiang Fan frowned. He was not unable to repair damaged God but God Anig repair must wear their God, because God must wear the soul to repair repair, Peter was God just restored, if again wear yuan to repair Anig's soul, it is bound to rest for a period of time. What shall I do? Jiang Fan back to linger in the palace, he sometimes looked at Anig's beautiful face, she is really beautiful! Such a beautiful woman, if can accompany in your side, it is a wonderful thing! At present is unable to repair her soul, Reese Bomber Baby Canada Goose because out of the nine se psychedelic shrine will certainly encounter Linghu Chung et al., if my soul lost, that it cannot escape their kill. Fan automatic speaking tract. That leaves nine se psychedelic shrine and a lot of things to do, can't hide in the world at this time can only spell repair soul, long term. Jiang Fan also thought of a convenient method, that is to win others' soul and repairing Anig's soul, just seize the soul realm is not too low, at least are the sacred realm. Thought of here, Peter was a wave, Anig around the body with a light, she Hybridge Jacket Men was surrounded by a transparent cover. Then Peter was left spell world back to nine se psychedelic shrine, Aisne, we have entered the two gates, the other door is what circumstance? Jiang Fan to Aisne. Large master, the other the door collected many materials, there are a lot of God jade and stone, you can take. Aisne is a polite way. Jiang Fan's eyes immediately lit up, flat, there are a lot of God and God jade spar! Where is gate? Jiangfan joy, but also the common currency, money is nice. Large master, red se inside the door storage a large number of God jade, orange se inside the door with a large reserve of God jade, inside the door all other Liandan medicinal materials or materials. Aisne road. Ha ha, is really North Face Outlet Sale does not want to get rich is also very difficult! These things we want them all! Jiangfan joy way. Followed by the fan into the red se door, in the shrine, saw the pile up like a mountain hand God jade, Peter was suddenly shocked: I depend, rich! So many of God jade, at least a few:
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