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May 19 [Tue], 2015, 11:24

At the moment, I was sitting in the balcony, accept the influence of April breeze. Closed eyes, not to see the city lights, noise, not to want to fly south Yan'er when return, not to guess the past pedestrians how much melancholy, just quietly, quietly feeling the season bring my surprise, feeling just to wake up the world April day.
I think that is the emblem for the woman, smart, witty, dignified, beautiful and wise...... Seems to have all the good words used in her too much, many people find her, she wrote and read her, but she has never been this ethereal world, confused, after all, only do the elegant, such as lotus woman. I love her, not because of love the people I love, I love is her stick and persistence, selected a person is the life, daily necessities, she since warm. In my eyes, she is just a for the secular stability of woman, so she chose the marry a suitable person, keep a quiet city after Enron old.
Hold one's hand, and steady, no matter later met many good, stick to their promise, because once, someone to accompany you through thick and thin and you the best memory. Day always old, as young wounds, there is always one day will think like each other, and superficial, we have to do, is not never meet complaints, but look up with a smile. Tell yourself the time now already is the best because, later every day we may not like now, so young, so, dare to love, dare to hate.
Now me, practice is not really enough, love still occupy the most of my soul, it will let my emotions affect my mood all day.
The whole youth always melancholy and moody, should quit.
Ever heard a story, is a beautiful woman to the temple to pray, handing her incense is a handsome face of monk, looking at his makeup face, she unexpectedly enchanted, the world really have such a man, calm face can not see the slightest earthly vicissitudes, limpid eyes hidden between the mountains and rivers of Zen... Thinking he blushed, did not dare to look at him.
After going back, she always blame myself for not asking think constantly of, he is geometric, whose names. But she didn't listen to friends went up into the mountain to find him, because she felt that the curl of Sanskrit is his best friend, should not let the troubles of the world of mortals to disrupt his life. For a long time, but gradually happy, because God gave him a good place, self-cultivation, carefree and leisurely life...
Perhaps, this is to let it, as the emblem for the Shima, Yue Lin Huiyin on, if there is no margin in hand, will protect him well. God is not scheduled to join hands with one another and must have their own reasons, a there is no perfect love to? Let you learn to grow up, why to let you enjoy the solitude, whether which are the cornerstone of future perfect, after the passage of time, you will found innocent did not favor any party.
I am not a Lin Huiyin, but always remind yourself to do a warm woman, although I have hurt a lot of people, also had done a lot of hypocritical, but with the time gone, I have for those who accompany me through a journey to forgive themselves. Because the young yes, obsession is wrong, wrong just fate, fate arranged we meet, accompanied by a range, but not mutually cherish to the old. But I also believe that they will forgive me, because the memory is still sweet smile.
Too far in the future, not to imagine that good operating their own, regardless of experience the many have sailed the seven seas, Earth changes, should not forget the original goodness!
World, is beautiful because of you, you don't know your hands to lift the foot into the view of many people, do not know your mouth rose for the sake of the story of how many people, so really there is no reason to go wandering, to wait, do you want to do, take advantage of the quiet years, appearance not old.
Postscript: seems to be on the phone write some strange words, has become a part of my life, only this time, my heart only belongs to own, I can feel the world of good. At the moment, the wind is still blowing, an increase of a little bit of coolness, but I don't want to leave, because I am afraid at this time do not cherish it, tomorrow the gentle breeze will no longer be blown me...
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