that affirmation is queen Beniya deceived

August 20 [Tue], 2013, 17:55
Jiang Fan (;) looked at the black spirit people, is it right? You Dark Eldar came a surname Sheng man? Fan asked. ..| the Dark Eldar nodded: Yes, our Dark Eldar are to a man surnamed sheng. Peter was a surprise, oh, what's the name of that man surnamed Sheng called? Peter was surprised, his mind can think Sheng person, if Sheng home, how did he know that hidden open sea? His name is Sheng Xiaowang, is our queen Dark Eldar north face clearance thousand Ying Qi man. The Dark Eldar road. Jiang Fan frowned, mouth read: Sheng Xiao Wang? This guy should not Sheng Jia people? Memory with no Sheng Xiaowang Sheng's the man, in his memory, no Sheng Xiaowang Sheng Jia people. Your Dark Eldar queen in what place? Fan asked. Our Dark Eldar woman with people went to Ling Bai territory to white to work properly bead to the. The Dark Eldar replied. Oh, your queen with everyone went to Ling Bai territory? Jiang Fan Qi Dao. The queen took 400 people went to Ling Bai state. The Dark Eldar road. Uh, why take so many people go to Ling Bai territory seized white work properly? Is there a lot of people watch the white work properly? Jiang Fan exclaimed. Because the Dark Eldar have occupied the Ling Bai family, but also captured Ling Bai so much, in principle does not need so many people to take lead white spirit. Because the white spirit in the Ling Bai family. Ling Bai territory, there are two Guardian beast guarding the white spirit, so the queen with so many people go to. The Dark Eldar are. Oh, oh so that is what it is! Jiangfan nodded. %& *"; then Jiang Fan asked some of the Dark Eldar and Ling Bai things, and Jiang Fan point that the Dark Eldar ribs, and immediately the man sleeping in the past. I rely on, a problem it seems that the queen Beniya! Jiang Fan frowned, because Beniya said a lot of lies to Jiang Fan, also conceal a lot of things. Jiang Fan could not help thinking, his analysis of what happened, ethereal old monk himself into such as Shan, avatar character while, also let oneself help Ling Bai family. The ethereal old monk should not deceive ourselves, that affirmation is queen Beniya deceived the ethereal old monk, but Beniya why want to conceal things? She has what Yin's? Peter was more think more confused, because queen Beniya is Ji do not recognize, and Sheng home should not know oneself to such as Shan, also not be Sheng Jia Yin mou. Jiang Fan thought for a while I couldn't think of a clue, I rely on, can only go one step at a time, I'd like to have a look the queen Beniya what Yin plans! Jiang Fan sneers. Jiang Fan and Na Jia soil corpse back to Queen Beniya hidden in the woods, see Jiang Fan back, shellfish Gnea queen is very happy, oh, Jiang Fan, Canada Goose Sale UK how Expedition Parka Youth Canada Goose do you come back so late, I thought you had an accident! Queen Beniya smile. Know after the queen Beniya to hide things, fan has no respect for her, but not exposed on the surface of, oh, after that we went to the wind tunnel investigation, also went to other places to check to explore, so late. Fan smiles. Oh, your investigation? I'm Ling Bai. Okay? Queen Beniya cares. Well, they are OK, I have with them:
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