on But the Xinghai war occurring

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 11:56

Private spacecraft carrying strafing gun in Xinghai war, such weapons can not grade, on Earth, strafing power of the gun must never be overlooked. The WWw.QUAnbEN.COm male dog willing his strafing gun basically premise does not consume too much energy to his own base to cut into 49 seven hundred seventy-four of block. Of course, the male dog is not stupid. This command allows strafed gunmen somewhat embarrassed. Own base does not reach all parts of their own stuff, but also play a strafing power of the gun, it's not nonsense.? Strafing power of the gun, is that sweep. If not sweep things in order to avoid injury to their base, then strafed gun is an ass. - Only the power than lb_700 big five times, but still just burst fire attack, kill Catwoman, et al, might as well use the shells to the effect. However, the use of the spaceship weapons male dog still surprised Catwoman et al. Although not a wide range strafing strafing gun, but the power of the short distance strafe, still can not be ignored. Bursts of automatic control of the operating system, comparable to manually adjust the shelling to strafe faster. Catwoman crisis again, the men instantly bursts gun shot and killed five people. The Catwoman heart aghast, readily throw a grenade towards the strafing gun position, with people after the Fleet of Foot breakout. Strafing gun very far distance, Catwoman grenades hair did not encounter even strafe gun. Little Mo also strafed gun threat, almost swept. Awkward dodge open, small Mo sputtered on the red shouted: The skill you aging mother did not have that ability. Although he was arrogant, know this time can only be fully assist Catwoman breakout want to divide our forces to deal with bursts of gun? That is 肉包子打狗. Only two minutes, however, Catwoman finally with Little Mo and. See Little Mo, Catwoman almost cried out, opened mask directed at small Mo blurted shouted: Little Mo also noticed, the Catwoman men, even only a dozen people. The bursts gun attack, the deaths and injuries of Catwoman soon. The teams and outwards impact,Canada Goose Yorkville. The line is not how far, and ran out of the base of the male dog's - Of course, many of them converted to ordinary cars. But even so, its mobility, but also far more than on foot of Catwoman and small Mo line. If you look around, the less there are 50 armored vehicles,air max clearance sale, and together, completely blocked the path of the Little Mo and Catwoman. These armored vehicles, is the strength of the male dog has been hidden. If you do not see Catwoman and others threatens to escape, he was not willing to spend it. The Central Plains area, basically everyone know the strength of the male dog tough, but the male dog's strength in the end how tough few clear. But what is certain is that since the last pig to play a lot of losses, the male dog again prove to other people that his of Zhongyuan first forces status. So many armored vehicles, and completeness armed, generals, no. Seeing born hopeless small everyone consciously grasped the hands of Catwoman. Catwoman a red face, cramped up. Despite wearing gloves, but Catwoman still feel the warmth coming from small Mok hands. dumbfounding. Bypassing the small Mo's hand and said: Little Mo has been nothing spineless, beat the run, can not hide it down, which he has been established strategy. However, many people think that Little Mo People almost the Little Mo misunderstanding the hero Ningsibuqu. Suddenly, the cry pierced the void of sound coming from the sky. The bombers - male dog base Upload a bang. Rockets?! The dog some unexpected. Little Mo surprise, but he do not care in the end occurs what, a chance to escape, he will not miss. Moment just rang in the sound of explosions, Little Mo shouts sounded: The face of the armored vehicles, lb-700 can not do anything, so any counter in front of fifty armored vehicles, are futile. Might as well save some effort at running it. A pedestrian immediately sprinted towards the base direction of Catwoman. The little red nor slow reaction, snatched Mo, another grabbed Catwoman, the high speed of the robot immediately apparent. Little Red with two, and even obstinately drilled out from the gap of two armored vehicles. They are to be the final battle, can kill an earned one. Red strangers woman no feelings, her purpose, but the Little Mo and Catwoman rescued. Moreover, she is also at the most to bring two people, no matter how much, with not. In fact, she has long wanted to so with a small Mo and Catwoman on foot, but she also understands that if you leave those sisters, it seems very generous attempts. Now, we do not run we must hang up, the little red also take into account not so much. The speed of the robot, of course, not the ordinary people can be compared. Male dogs watched Little Red knows their children ran, my heart angry. Hate hate only their own robot no Biochemical soldiers, otherwise, a mere little red ... And yet, at the base of the south side of the male dog and beasts, was directing the fighting, died chanting, if Catwoman also inside, she died, we do not have less a rival? do not let the male dog to profit. Catwoman since desperately to save Little Mo, we naturally want to point force. Gan Minger to do business with small Mo, good. not useless. how much so rampant his base? filed twelfth of the spirit, absolutely can not relax! Although his admiration for the the tactics and Catwoman Catwoman men ability, but he is more aware of the strength of the male dog. Male dogs even if no matter how useless,air max shoes clearance, too, is not so easy to be rampant base. The beast Ningmei food for thought: Every second may be a dramatic change. Perhaps of a second, the core of a party forces warships bombed, perhaps, of a second, a party forces a strategic decision was released. All affect the war to the final result. War but four hours, and the whole the Xinghai are caught in a state of war. Sishui Nebula, Karma nebula, the Milky Way galaxy, 69 Stars domain Scorpio Nebula, transit galaxy. The six galaxy, dozens of large and small interstellar countries have been involved in the war. Ultimate empire as the core to form a The anti-authoritarian camp more than 30 countries led by the Galactic Federation,nike air max 90, named for When countries formally established two camps, the seventh Federation issued a statement again. This is not to condemn, but called on But the Xinghai war occurring seventh federal declaration is like a little guy in the vast Xinghai put a fart, what role did not play. In today's era of interplanetary all Because history has proven that any proposed Because she wanted Tough unwilling to Conversely, in other words, only put forward the The allied forces and allied forces launched the the largest interstellar war for thousands of years. In the periphery of the the Asahi Republic of atmosphere, the sky space ship cover the the cross star's light. Asahi Republic main stars are being dim. Just an hour's time, the losses caused by the war, has been more than the losses caused by the explosion of the two planets. War brought disaster to mankind greater than nature, however, since human beings into Xinghai, no so-called pacifists oppose war. Interstellar citizens aware of: Hennessy looked at the distribution of the the Xinghai major forces in the super-brain, mouth Gee sound. She wants, is to this effect. In this commotion, Hennessy decided to fish in troubled waters. The young secretary looked Hennessy, mouth float a touch of imperceptible smile, two steps back, turned out of the presidential office. <

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