but waited for a long time

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 10:22

Romantic novels permanent net website, keep in mind! To each other all the way to cackle, Slowly, Wang Mu-sheng discovered Hu Aiguo A blood people, not the kind of callous master. Please visit this site. There is, Hu Aiguo this is a pretty straightforward one another cackle when he did not so much Tibet, tuck tuck the. Wang Mu-sheng also seen, Hu Aiguo is closer to his circle. In this way, how a heavyweight figure in the circle of the Wang Mu-sheng nike air max online store. But how to say, Hu Aiguo is also in charge of the party's vice governor. ...... To be the king of wood raw drive to Jiang Mau City when he suddenly suggested: the people busy Road: mora, right? you go to a teahouse tea, teahouse tea is good. : previously the vice governor Hu Jiang Mau served as mayor. Alpine County is quite familiar. . After the car came to a complete stop, four of them also under the car. While Hu Aiguo led the three of them towards the teahouse walked when, suddenly, Wang Mu-sheng phone rang North Face Men's Denali Hoodie Jackets Sale... Suddenly he heard the phone rang timberland work shoes, Wang Mu-sheng busy: said: twisting and then walked towards the side of the parking lot, the side took out his cell phone to glance at the caller ID, saw displayed a strange phone number ...... the king Musheng frown hesitated heart says, grid I will Who is it? Side of the heart talking, while he became connected to the telephone: startled, frowning asked the sentence: and then shouted, to a name! grass, Nima play tricks operator Nima any skill you? really ridiculous! Suddenly he heard the phone which is hung up, Wang Musheng heart my grass grid I, what his mom stuff you? I to curse two hung up the phone, is really ridiculous! ... Then, when Wang Mu-sheng walked into a teahouse and found three of them, busy with them three talking about just that anonymous phone call regarding ...... Hu Aiguo After listening to her, could not help but frowned head, and then said: think I know who did it, but not confirmed, I can not say it. Jiang Mau telecommunications center to check? to number as long as he fling the card, what clues are not. they certainly had prepared. person's purpose is to divert our attention, so we will focus on consumption in the anonymous phone, we forgot to get down to business last UGG I Do Collection. Yes, this is their purpose. Secretary Wang and from the public security system to jump out, for the analysis of such events is very keen. One possibility might be someone hired the underworld people? If so, then we go to the the alpine County is dangerous? Rest assured, I Secretary Wang, Paul you safe. Anyway, me and him are from the public security system to jump out of, I will not speak of my marksmanship, and you alone, that Secretary Wang handedly Flying on sufficient to security issues do not have to worry about it. The person said the message, they are impossible to know our whereabouts, but specifically, we are not a good check. only ghost'm coming out, you will surely die. open our attention, then this would not be the hazards. but at least also enough self-defense of the Wu from bright busy Road: you? ... as we have this mixed in official circles, the number is also a bit incision Shangtian the taste of blood. Jiang Mau City, suffered assassinations. Luckily I managed to escape the tea when a peace of mind, all of a sudden, in people's phone rang ... in the people listening to the phone ring, pulled out a look, see a strange number, could not help but be wary frown hesitated and then turned on the phone : In people frowned: rest assured, I will not be buried in the river Mau City! who ultimately died in the river Mau City, is not to say? tell you what position you? you now, but in Jiang Shigeru city! After listening to the other side hung up the phone in the people Hey, a music, red three of them said: patriotic phone rang ...... Suddenly he heard the phone ring, Hu Aiguo busy took out his cell phone and looked at the caller ID, see unfamiliar numbers, he is busy asked the sentence: ? to see how he threaten you? I see you go back? roll you how? Otherwise you roll a look to me first? dead pig is not afraid to open water hot! count ass!? your death immediately to know? Then UGG Kensington, four of them think that the turn from bright, but waited for a long time, Wu Wu from bright phones rang. To this end, Wu from bright some depressed, said: Suddenly, his cell phone rang ...... could not help, Wang Mu-sheng all three of them could not help but slam laughed again:
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