so that the mother's sad to stretch

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 15:18

It has been five years ago. That summer when others joyfully to vacation, but I fell into the abyss of fear. I was sick, very sick strange: superficial, eat, sleep, is the weakness, the weakness was too lazy to move. Me into the small hospital to the hospital when the Chinese looked Western medicine, however, the disease has not seen the slightest improvement. I almost despair, depressed mood Canada Goose Trillium Outlet Sale, irritability, temper especially bad. The mother was in a hurry and looked very sad. She always silent at first, and later gradually nagging, Every time I contradict one, she would not say anything. Finally one day, she argued with me. And he said: The gas will not hit one. Before her nagging finished, I grabbed the Buddist, one way or another I do, the old superstition! I see her to remain silent, and quickly took the opportunity to walk away, the end also did not forget to throw in an O'clock in the afternoon, I took a book drop-see bamboo chair to the door under the eaves. After a child, the mother came out for a new pair of old shoes, wearing a broken straw hat. She looked at me, go. So hot dead the day, she went to do it? Although I was puzzled, but do not bother to ask her, still read my book. The sun is too toxic shade under the eaves, I also feel oozing sweat, sticky body. It was dusk when she raised a black bag came from a distance all the way, I will be able to hear her heavy breathing, when approached to see the fat mothers face like Fa blood on the amount of beans large drops of perspiration rolled down from time to time, a shirt close to the body, drenched, and seems to be able to squeeze water. I could not help but ask her: . She did not answer, is going straight into the room carrying the bag. The sun has been downhill Canada Goose Citadel Sale, getting dark, and she came out, still carrying the bag, but the hands of more than a box of matches and candles. I impatiently glanced at her, too lazy to make a sound, literal-minded! The mother can not, from a corner went south, come up with incense table, the table on the ground. She lit a candle, then lit the incense a root. Blowing out a candle, she slowly ground bow at the waist to go, incense turn a one into the ground, face Biede blood red. Probably the soil is too hard, there are few Hong skew North Face Bionic Jackets Sale, and she in turn every one of them to pull out, and then straight to go inserted into the soil. Watched her clumsy movements, I was straight wanted to laugh - the real ratio of Ah Q also A Q. I thought she points finished incense burning table, I did not realize, she went so far as to kneel down. The mother is fat, knelt down and go really some difficulty. Her bow waist, flexor leg, right hand stays on the ground with great difficulty. She slowly left leg knelt down, and then with his left hand tightly seize the upper left leg, slowly knelt right leg go. See here, I suddenly felt one thing seems to have come into my heart. The blood of the chest at this moment, suddenly angry like boiling up my every vein Zhangde the bulging. My heart seemed whom suddenly poured a bottle of vinegar, sour, want to cry. I really hope that the mother came mercilessly fan I have two slap in the face, so that my heart may feel better. She lit the table, palms together in the firelight, quite the spine, quietly kneel throngs, fat body shaking slightly in the air. I could not suppress his emotions, tears off like stiff Broncos general flew out. I can not forgive myself, how can I rebuked mother old Hutu old superstition! If you insist mother superstition North Face Down Vest Sale, she is the love of superstition. No, that is not superstition, it is a great faith - persistent belief in love! I think I was given the most stupid and ignorant people of this world. The mother said that the presence of God in the world, I'd hoped it was true. Supreme God, if you really exist, I'd like to sincere prayer: May you bless me get better faster, so that the mother's sad to stretch; May you bless my dear mother's health and longevity. ... It in the past so many years, in my mind, however, it never the fuzzy anti is increasingly clear, I know that it has been integrated into my life, my life with in. This article Source junior high school essay,

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