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November 06 [Tue], 2012, 11:51

> From today onwards! The world is no longer a long cold Palace! No. battlefield so ... one so many casual repair all the panic and fear of the endless waters of the long cold Palace monk, looking completely pale as a sheet of discourse., in the twinkling of an eye, so dozens of miles away, the secret is quietly watching battlefield Ze , plop, it almost did not the heart to scared to jump out.? starting today? world no long cold palace? yao, ah, in front of that transit robbery pre-baby girl mad? but long cold palace ah less than adults focus the long cold palace care!! Ze does not clear the relationship between Du Guanglin meter voyage, but he could not see the adults deliberately help the long cold palace, and if not, why adults leave the Earth? if not, why adults ancestry in Kuok Hewei name after direct Jiuxing the permission of the elders, to find the location of the long cold palace, went straight from a network? even to adults nor high gesture, casual cloth obligate like carrying in front of this weak martial art? actually deliberately suppress their repair, and even choose a pseudonym, let him help the long cold palace, natural and harmonious, does not cause any glimmer of suspect? adults do those things, simply long cold Palace this martial art as a treasure treated in the same way even if he is this retreat can also be accountable to him to always pay attention to the front of this thing, as long as the long cold palace in flames were battle, showing lost track, it is necessary to immediately notify him that time he would have shot himself. everything, enough to show that adults care to long cold Palace after the adults of their loved ones as well as the door division. even do this, Ze heart are exceptionally jealous envy this long cold palace. now ...... that crossing the robbery the early small doll, even?! turned so Koubuzeyan, to destroy long cold palace? instant after the frightened, Ze directly exceptionally peculiar watched from afar Lee MingChen one,Canada Goose Baby Reversible Vest, followed by Shua is heard, enter the star Que temple. entering Star Que bring up the rear, he also appears directly in the center of the Inner Temple, followed by Duguang Lin Ze directly when forward are still close their eyes practitioner hastily said ! began one begins to collapse and fragmentation. seemed like a side of leniency flat glass mirror suddenly a point was a huge hit, followed by that spider web cracks spread quickly to the left and right, and then instantly turned into a full a fear atmosphere of the black hole. while that point the Du Guanglin at this time where the location! someone to extinction throughout the long cold palace?!! Du Guanglin thoroughly angry after hearing the news, he began to set foot on the practice of this road, say who his help and grace, then it is undoubtedly the meter voyage! no original count voyage, leaving the star Que temple, he might will be trapped dead steam Scotia mainland along the galaxy, and then he parents, Lily Ho, Su Yu, also Pei far those who are all going to die! So, this grace is simply big for him to the point where one can not imagine, for this reason, in the face of the meter voyage only last wish Du Guanglin really at all, have to go to complete even, he obviously can freely cast out of strength and help the long cold Palace, since the fall has chosen identity, all the way to find a reasonable explanation, to help each other, afraid that his strength and status of long cold palace too enthusiastic, and let the other fear this is pretty easy to understand, such as on Earth, a class multinational consortium, suddenly one of the city's business to a medium-sized country family broke out with great enthusiasm, more to give selfless help you say the other think? Thanksgiving? still celebrate their own luck, pie in the sky can be picked up? probably the other read like is the thought that multinational consortium conspiracy, which began to resist Because of this, his mother, only to do quite careful until now, all he has done, can be considered quite satisfactory, no one thought, at this moment, he turned out to be I heard someone lore long cold Palace? ! ! Nuji anti-laugh, Du Guanglin direct body flash appear in star Que Dianwai. Also in this moment, he was the center could not fragmentation, collapse, and a space to selecting people Yushi cracks also like starry night sky, Shua is heard toward the left and right and quickly spread. yao, at this moment, completely dark down it is not because the night suddenly upon us, but because of the numerous cracks in space, devour everything, including light. boundless Murder, more like a masterpiece storm that swept to the whole world! terrorist pressure, even based on the mad momentum never support life and broken countless cracks in space. transit robbery late into St. late the double top grade yuan sector, this when Du Guanglin, once the rage up all the atmosphere release that amazing deterrent, even if a carp is absolutely better than some Mahayana monks low even worse than crossing the robbery of the head of the brothers, how do we to do,UGG Classic Argyle Knit? , , the flames were more than one crossing the robbery of the monks? questioning With Qi Chun Ho Ming horse is body Yi Chan, eyes directly flashed a hint of panic, but Subsequently, he was suddenly a bite to Qi Chun one acoustic. Liming Chen have been crossing the robbery of, but we never got the message, so he entered the crossing the robbery of the time, may infrequently, then he changes the force, it may not be able to support too long, we must escape. Escape, one can not escape, but also as soon as possible runoff Munekado message returned! ! Let others escaped! Communications jade box Qi Chun trio, her face changed again, removed all communications jade Jane, heart, raised the idea of ​​a trace of glass slide, yeah, anyway, the other side has been put down to the hard words from this world again Palace no long cold, they can only fight, after all, who did not want to die, especially for the tyranny of monks, nobody wants to die. hope ... hope that the other changes in the force, but also not too strong. even if they still can not escape, can also take the message back to the door were dead? Perhaps today, they really will die here, but even if it is dead, should die valuable! hold all mortal determination, four are preparing to mobilize the greatest force for their own or their companions, the fight for first-line timing, a Jingnu Cross of LEIN the message returned Munekado., but directly from the west side, dozens of miles away, suddenly Pan onwards. ! ! An unassuming but seemingly domineering discourse actually make the Qi Chun et al are all a Hao then hastily look to the west side, but only a brief moment, the other four people to see, Western dozens of miles away originally cloudless sky. suddenly burst shot a channel space cracks like an article Hydra generally, everything so quickly swallowed, including Reiki, space, light, and even the whole world,Canada Goose Elijah Bomber, and more rushed to spread here. even before the crack of boundless space, the more pressure one amazing, the first hit, just an instant, the pressure Qi Chun, the Ho Ming horse four-person's chest and shoved a dark, puff spit out a bunch of blood, then four body more straight limp down pressure! that a huge amount of pressure, really terrible, even if separated by dozens of miles, as instantly make four no infant pinnacle monks, lost all combat power. barely support, not only is that the pressure completely crushed! but have to say, at the moment of limp, Qi Chun four people, but the excitement was almost in tears. Is lin adults! ! Great,Canada Goose Dawson Cheap! ! ... horrible. distance from the long cold palace, enough to make a lot of people through the interstellar Chuansong Zhen escape, according to Ho Ming horse four people, faced with crossing the robbery of Lee MingChen, how may have the opportunity to pass the information? Even Lee MingChen can not instantly kill four can be as long as the power of a cast change, so that only fire the rules, that they still have many people can display their fire element boundary to spike a mere four people around, too relaxed, but also in the crowd have sneered the occasion a LEIN Jingnu Cross, but directly from the west side, dozens of miles away, suddenly thrown up. lore throughout the long cold Palace in front of me! ! ! Word, immediately let Liming Chen, all to stay for, and then more quickly looked to the West, and so everyone is suddenly seen numerous space cracks down quickly swept through from the West, and that kind of huge pressure. but also all the chest a stuffy, straight spitting out a string of blood, more thoroughly melted himself reluctantly transported from all the forces, was not that kind of pressure Toru deer, crushed this sudden turn of events, completely let the flames cases such as human hair, and more all in an instant, to be scared out of their wits that, who is? how have such terrible pressure? yao, separated by dozens of miles away, just the pressure of the atmosphere, let ...... crossing the robbery let Lee MingChen, early monks, essence and blood pressure of vomit, to more almost directly shredded? this pressure, this power and influence, but also a bit too Guards now! (full novel network www.quanben. com) <

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