sitting in the yard gazebo thinking about something on his mind

October 28 [Sun], 2012, 10:58

(Literature) 1457, Literature charming? Charming What do you mean? My mother let you come to me? Mu never one as their own people. So Easy day simply to a wrong wrong. Next, the easy days to take advantage of this one of their own identity, and soon from the mouth of the Mu absolutely sets out in the end is who funded the assassination of Kim waited. Want to kill the golden waited a guy called Qigong Zi specifically called what name Mu absolutely a clearly now, after all the gold waited on the task just to kill it. Miss Pole returned to the gold, this time Miss Pole felt some strange, gold waited surprisingly leisure, not like yesterday are busy dealing with the entire family of the gold Affairs. But turned out alone, sitting in the yard gazebo thinking about something on his mind, even the easy days into are unclear. From the side to see the past, this time the gold waited really very beautiful, white face, lips, rosy Run slender neck, all in the show with the gold waited stylized charm. Just the slightly lax eyes, there are weeks with brow people after seeing some of the distressed! Simply do not ask, it can see the expression on the gold waited a look, there must be the existence of such a Qigong Zi. Qigong Zi is also a large family being the son of an only child in your family, but Qijia forces did not, such as the gold so powerful, so, Qijia want marriage and gold home to allow the Qijia greater forces. But so obviously sinister soon gold waited to see through, let alone that Qi Gongzi also a dude, and gold waited from the outset resolutely denied the marriage. Qijia hands ah?! soon unnecessary thinking probably only cause unnecessary trouble! The natural long has been arranged. Kim waited upon death, the Kim family being certainly Qigong Zi long detailed puppet will stand out to become the gold next helm. While at the helm of the same surname Kim, will likely be reduced to a the Qijia puppet. . Gold waited turned away and looked easy day one, how much a little incredible feeling, after all, for the gold waited for easy days in fact simply an outsider, and even the two people meet for the first time, are full of the kind of incredible . But now, the easy days is actually tantamount to become a gold waited around most trusted people, whether Qijia the gold because gold Jiaojiao know the easy days is certainly just came to this god sector are bound to one unfamiliar 's. said one red. column simply do not have the slightest impact. More mention the Happening Mogong easy days of practice, as well as that engulfed exercises are quite abnormal, if know, will certainly cause great panic. Inviting the crime, but the most terrible things by the accusation is very possible. The easy days do not want to be bogged down in this issue above Michael Kors Watches Sale, and quickly change the subject and said, This is what Kim waited touches some screenwriters, I have only seen Qigong Zi followed. look easy days after an insight into the the gold Missy clever where, see the easy days may be worthy task, immediately began to do everything possible to retain the easy days. Easy day heart naturally understand, but it alone is such a word put easy day to stay in the home of gold, I'm afraid slightly naive some gold waited want. If you want to keep someone else's heart, little sincerity out, how can it? At least to the point of all the benefits? ! Yi Kim waited days watching the white face, could not help but start some fantasies. Kim waited seems to have guessed the easy days of mind, his face suddenly more flush up. The Qijia shop called homogeneous world! A lot of shops, which sell some practice with immortality main course, there are a lot of precious material. A substantial weight of the stone, holding the top of the shoulders of easy days easy days has been carefully selected to find. Great literary looked easy days that quite confident smile, Kim waited suddenly laughed, already very beautiful gold waited, suddenly become brilliant at this time, invisible even more beautiful than just countless times! Angered easy day suddenly could not help but shocked. People can be beautiful dumping As for the rock above the shoulders of easy days may be granted so many feelings, due to the temporary absence of the easy days, huge stone he began about shaking up. The easy days of the body followed by also a burst of swing around. Ah? The tip of the nose sniffs the gold Jiaojiao who share body fragrance, easy days of hearts burst can not own intoxicated. Kim waited, I advise you, or a little further away from me, at least close to me UGG Ultimate Short Boots, then have to wait for my stone throw out later, otherwise, I think I'm really going to direct you fascinated. Easy day said very honest. Kim waited, suddenly face a burst of fire, disguised praise after the heart is still quite good enough. Body not only did not leave the easy days, but is invisibly posted some more recent. even that is the opposite of Ah? Inside the shop then coming out in waves roared also cries! Course, ultimately, the noisy sound of a woman! ! Suddenly a group of menacing guys from the shop being washed out. Timid gold waited long been hid behind easy day, a pair is slightly trembling little hands tightly seize the easy days behind the clothes. Kim waited really can not think out easy day why so dry! Is his head donkey kick it? However, do not know why Kim waited this time, did not escape, choosing instead to continue to stay UGG Swell Tall Boots. You?! Standing there, really like a group of monkeys, you look at me, I look at you, do not know exactly what to do! The Qigong Zi is indeed among the shops, but is really quite inconvenient. Because he Qigong Zi just got a quite pretty chick is in bed and that chick the circle cross on it! Qigong Zi in and when beautiful circle of pork on a skewer, the most annoying thing is someone to disturb him, abruptly last there is a guy, precisely because disturb this Qigong Zi's a good thing. A the Mengen sound of the the man, is the the enthusiasm top of Qigong Zi suddenly some of Check Canada Goose Buy, suddenly beneath beautiful woman called useless waste. So that servant naturally been very cruel punishment. And since then, this Qigong Zi if that is came to a root cause, when the circle of pork on a skewer, even by a little alarmed, immediately becomes useless to them. 1461 Canada Goose Camrose Parka Sale, so these servants even big bolder, even if there is a big thing, do not dare to go looking for trouble this time abruptly. Certificate naturally, but definitely not you Minions eligible seen! Quickly'll call you son, I am also waiting for the bounty hunters here! Will naturally not easy days and Qigong Zi and his gang, are hiding behind the gold waited easy days, very worried about the safety of the easy days. Easy days could not help but gently pinched gold waited to grab his tender hands and said, Qigong Zi know if that would be tragic. Those little Minions also easy days so large gas field to the confused and disoriented, a silly standing there blankly do not know how to do. This time easy to want to escape the day, as better said, once you want to escape, needless to say that certainly is a lie, that they can legitimately be easy days to catch up. But the difficulty lies in the easy days simply do not run this Qigong Zi has always been a perverse behavior, maybe really is his perverted command. Everyone a suddenly such as Mongolian general amnesty, back inside the shop. Not a long time, from the shop inside come out a bald Han, tall, bare head under the sunlight reflecting the dazzling light. Bald Han Jing upper body, feet and no shoes, body skin show a very weird tan, slightly dim, as if the surface smear a layer of dust. Ah? Waited, you first side to go to the theater! 1462, kid, you should dry with your back towards me! This is court death!!! Zhe Yiquan speed fast, oncoming fierce, could not help but let Kim waited closed his eyes in despair. standing on the opposite side of the easy days waiting to be spectacular. See easy day's fist also with a pale blue light, the soil quite suddenly alarmed, fist of the day directly hit the soil pretty belly above. However, the soil is quite like that of a feminist general cry soon huge rumble to drown. Directly hit the soil Man that was battered body inside the shop. Perhaps the soil quite the body better to throw out the easy days boulders, but, the soil quite the volume but large lot, coupled with the soil being pretty beaten out, hands and feet still kept rocking back and forth forward. So, the soil quite the body caused by the destructive power is significantly larger than the piece of rock is much greater! The entire corner of the shop turned completely collapse, the consequent cry even greater sound. Looked at his fist some easy days can not think, can not help but stick said, indeed easy days from the soil pretty body swallowed from, but this is the first time use, so for the power control does have some disorders. Even behind gold waited could not help but start easy days applauded. The shops inside those folks are already completely terrified! A screaming, scattered and fled. Anyway, this is easy Tianyi see that came Qijia trouble, rather than to make life difficult for any one of them, or life insurance important thing. Large literature