and that is every night falls

August 13 [Tue], 2013, 18:06
Three hundred and twenty fifth chapter mist diffuse slowly recover this sunset twilight, darkness spread into the Holy Land Zhenwu first night arrival, Qin who walked alone in a forest full of dead wood in between. In this sacred place among Zhenwu, there is a strange place, and that is every night falls, above the earth will be filled with the overwhelming mysterious mist, these thick and thick white mist, plus another at night, people very low visibility in fog, even where based on Qin transformation through magic kind of eyesight, it is only ten meters away only to see it. So in the crowd into the Holy Land Zhenwu first night, just met a large number of powerful evil spell comeback, at that time, Qin and others where they got lost. Qin who looked at those white smoke on the ground continue to emerge, can not help some headaches, because I remember last night that a large number of the Wicked is back from the fog appeared, although only five are evil, but the Wicked The figure seems to be, and in one of these melting like white smoke, thick white mist that a move, they will readily condense out of an evil, people keep track of moonlight sky seemed hazy, with a white mist that more and more concentrated, even almost pitch-dark has come to the point. "It does not know will not go the wrong way." Qin who reluctantly looked up at the sky, at which point even tell that the east side is a. Just at this time, Qin who suddenly felt a burst of white mist beside creep back move,Canada Goose Montebello CG55, and then the next moment they saw a mist covered the white tiger lunged toward him, fast, instantly into his eyes, sharp teeth directly to the Qin who would bite the head. "This guy seems a long hiding in the side, and I actually did not find!" Qin who can not help but secretly surprised, the strength of these beasts will not speak of the fog. But hidden husband is really powerful, if not his five senses many keen than others, which may suddenly bitten into. In the teeth of the tiger that will bite themselves when, under the Qin dwarf who quickly turned around and back to the child, and then directly hook punch above in that the tiger's jaws, to knock. "But white tigers roar of the Qin Zhe Yiquan who is not dead just beneath growl, then directly coming into the white fog." Actually ran this way? "Qin where some slightly unexpected, see already chase the less, he quickly cut out a knife toward the mist, but only Pide that mist rolling, but it is not able to keep that a tiger. "Wicked hiding fog and very cunning, very few come and go during the day , it seems that most people want to kill the demon in exchange for spiritual nucleus is not easy, and these should be fog Wicked or beast, is it unique to the Holy Land Zhenwu, outside of demon nuclei are no substitute. "Qin who looked white tigers disappear, hearts secretly thought." It Zhenwu Holy Land, it really is not peaceful ah "Qin who know the way, for the Spirit is certainly even more brutal gun fight, and want to find the soul already not easy to find since there may allow snatched, but about the magic of the Spirit, he also wanted to hurry myself what, a few hundred thousand times the concentration of the aura, even in the alchemy which will be a great benefits not previously been refining the immortality he probably can try. "Forget it, although the sooner arrived at the Temple of the more spiritual aura can get high, but now once in the mist, and because the simply do not see to something that is very easy to lose a sense of direction during the day and then I hurry it. "Went a long way, Qin who found that simply can moonlight in heaven can not penetrate the mist, and even he did not know which one has been completely orientation is the direction of the Temple, so he eventually gave up and walked, and just then want to call out the good fortune lotus, just hid inside, as they can against the interference of the Wicked, just be a waste of a night time only. "Huh?" And just where you want to call out the Qin lotus of good fortune, they abnormal sound is suddenly heard a cry. "come out. "Qin Fan's mouth snapped coldly gyrus, this time he could hear the sound of footsteps, which is different from that fog footsteps sound when the beast appeared, he was able to, respectively, out of that which is man's footsteps. Kind slight vibrations in the earth, it should be like that come through the mist as a cover, took the opportunity to attack deliberately Fangqingjiaobu but although very slight, but Qin Savannah keen sense of hearing, but it is easily captured because white mist obscured all the things he is immune to ten meters away to see clearly, but it is less than one hundred meters, but can clearly hear the sound. "also do not want it?" Then Qin who clearly felt that the white Some people slightly alarmed fog, but not directly out of view endured to this man who could not believe Qin found himself, who just feel Qin fraud out on his own with just the sound. "What also reluctant to come out?" Qin Fan The mouth of a Young, in the hands of the Fire Dragon sword lifted directly Pianxiang TV drama hidden places cut out a knife, a huge Huoyan Dao gas, and even those who have become white mist rolling break open, empty out a large where he also just wanted to find insider to ask Xiaojing no Zhenwu said about this sacred things. Huoyan Dao gas accurately looked toward where he is hit to, it's hidden in the fog people obviously surprised, then quickly flashed out in the fog, the flame giant knife fell away in a few tens of meters above the dry trees that suddenly dry fuel burn back up to four weeks shone brightly touches some also higher. Thai Where in this case also saw a man standing there beside burning back burning trees, looked surprised and bewildered himself, and this man who dressed like he just saw the other end of the tiger kind of animal skins, burly, somewhat rough facial features, unlike the big country of the people. "you are not new, right?" After a while, the man who asked the Qin looked sullen. "pretty is not it, only yesterday come. "Qin said, who smiled." Come in already lingwu division? "The man's face immediately exposed back out of the shock back scared of color, in general, to enter the Holy Land Zhenwu will not exceed the age of twenty-two , which is the general requirements and the pilgrimage so that all genius is a genius even in the Holy Land Zhenwu speaking, it is still a genius. "has been lucky indeed the next step into the realm of lingwu division. "Qin said, who shrugged." Well, newcomers, to tell you the rules of a holy Zhenwu, even if you are a genius, and here and do not take yourself too as one thing, and here are just a genius! Undeniable Bin is your day a little high than the average person, but some of it is just high, breaking into the realm of Wu Zun may not be faster than others. "The man who did not see the Qin Sentimental other newcomers like that,Ontario Parka Sale, but also one of indifference, can not help a bit Xiunu." Thank you teacher that taught back to back to guide your brother, just do not know the teachers back to the brother ghost Shung sneaky hiding in there want to do it? "Qin who blandly said, remember Xiaojing said those words, he knew that this man back nine of ten, eight wants to play their own idea." what? course is to teach back Guidance brother you. "Sure enough, the man soon reveal a playful smile back said." Oh, brother do know teachers back to my mind, what are some things I would like to ask the teacher brother back yet. "Qin who also just calmly smiled." Put your body elixir also handed out food is half the stuff I put here to teach you half. "The man then said he somewhat jokingly." Uh, this consultancy but a little expensive. That being the case. I think I might as quickly rushed to the temple shrine and make other plans, or do not bother the teacher back brother. "Qin said the fool who deliberately." Since you've teacher called out my brother back, and now wanted to kill brother to go back to division, but very rude, oh. "Young man mouth a continued jokingly said." Uh,Banff Parka Canada Goose, the division back brother, I advise you not to use strong, I'm beginning to Zhenwu Holy Land, but it is not so quick to make trouble, and everyone to and for expensive thing. "Qin who heard here, do not know how these people want to do, but still kindly reminds us, he could see that this person although also lingwu division, but as long as not achieve perfect lingwu Normal realm, it is difficult to be his opponent, he did not fear. "Oh, newcomers ignorant fearless ah! but I am also very curious, how did you find me?" The man who heard Qin so say no, could not help but sneer. "This man is hearing me Well, even if there are a hundred meters I could hear mosquitoes flying, I just heard your footsteps. "Qin who also hide from him, but said, directly pointed to his ears." Well, I also want to see what you can hear more clearly please. "The man's face exposed back out of the banter of color, then slowly again at this physique hidden into white mist. Qin looked at people who want to get away, just about to chase them, but since the speed of the man not slow, low visibility around the blink of an eye will be invisible, but this time will soon hear footsteps. "Is it so soon left? these people seem to 100 meters away can ask Chu see me, This is very strange. "Qin hearts who can not help but wonder, with his eyesight he is confident very few people can match his own, of which there must be something secret private back while in the Qin Dynasty who alarmed when they keenly felt soon their smoke behind a move again, this time with neither the vision nor hearing, he is an intuitive and he felt an aura of change in four weeks, and then he immediately stature flash, evaded this time attack hit back, he stood looking at his comeback hit really is just the man, but this time he found the man's feet, and that the earth is almost even together, feet are wrapped back to earth with, no wonder no emit any sound. "It seems in this sacred place where Zhenwu means to really be able to learn a lot ah!" Qin who see this scene, secretly amazed, so moving party can not be called martial art, but it is also an extremely clever means the use of air weapons. man saw that this also allows Qin who found that, could not help but face slightly changed. "It seems division back or warm-hearted brother, also returns to go to school brother pointing, school brother really grateful heart, ah!" Qin Where have also a strong interest in the beginning.
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