Taiwan:Mainland visitor consumes proportion more than 40% watch brands Be continuously contend for opening a big store

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 2:45

world's biggest clock exquisite article group SWATCH GROUP, at after financial turmoil ages, greatly change in the layout strategy of Taiwan, change direction to open a clock thoroughfare operator with all strength.Open a flagship store or compound type for the brand big store(call three treasure stores in the harbor), include currently Hong Kong becomes available in the market of China the biggest clock thoroughfare operator the new Yu Heng make profit, Kaohsiung's positive Tai etc. all and actively hit money as form the company open a big store, among them, the new Yu is already a huge Europe rice Jia Chinese absolute being in Kaohsiung egg and greatly sign two buildings to open two greatest store, and six guests consume a proportion more than 40%, and station in Taipei just in April 101 Gao Deng's clocks will also open a treasure platinum form flagship store.

include a clock and Central America open large flagship store and Kaohsiung in the loyalty and filial piety shopping area for the physical labor private from last year the positive Tai opens a large flagship store in Kaohsiung for physical labor private, this the unrest still keep on just on the market and carry on, even because of world the financial tsunami pound at a native clock store accomplishment, but make form the company open a flagship store and act by oneself bigger and bigger, particularly being SWATCH GROUP is underneath and include Europe rice Jia, radar and wave of piano and sky shuttle form etc., set up shop continuously, last month rice Jia in Europe after man absolute being huge egg big store behind, again just greatly sign open big store, back all is China red raised a new Yu Heng to make profit a property.

according to understand, Chinese mainland tourist comes to person-time in Taiwan gradually increment, for about three months, only six guests sweep to be free of tax store with all heart clock brand flagship the crowd of people of the store and consumption sum all present multiple growth, particularly is a five greatest Europe rice Jias and radar, wave piano and sky before Chinese clock sells placings shuttle etc., after six guests gobble up, the accomplishment significantly grow up, particularly is a Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and etc. airport in Kaohsiung to be free of tax a store, and downtown in Taipei rise Heng Chang tax-free the store etc. accomplishment to grow up the most violent, almost all clock brands all present multiple growth, the form styles like parer sky of shuttle,etc even has several growths.

as for single brand flagship store includes Taipei, and Europe, Kaohsiung rice Jia...etc., majority of accomplishments all prop up for six guests, the elephant is the flagship store of biggest rice Jia in Europe loyalty and filial piety store, even appear 60% six guests prop up a whole accomplishment, but because of downtown tax-free store only have a , and plus business area limited, Taiwan SWATCH GROUP adjust market demands, will as well develop and gather more than 10 brands of large clock a big store of compound type, it is said that gather the costliness in wave piano, radar and sky shuttle etc. brand, can make six guests buy enough at a time.

include new Yu Heng of China's biggest clock dealer to make profit among them, Kaohsiung positive Tai and Singapore company Gao Deng Deng all will have intention to measure a body to create a compound type for SWATCH GROUP a clock big store, the form company unanimously thinks, since last April, in costliness clock the market start presenting weak status, until the beginning of year quarter falls valley bottom more up to now at the end of last year and connect the top-class form style of costliness all gets hurt very deeply and take mainland tourist distinctly enter Taiwan, and Chinese silver allied the card open card benifit and reunite the development of type clock big store to catch up this business opportunities more.

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