Pay attention to the taboo of Winter bridesmaid dress collocation method

August 14 [Fri], 2015, 21:04
The maid of honor is the upper wedding can ignore the beautiful scenery, but should not be ignored in modelling the above design, that if it is in the cold winter, the maid of honor under how should choose?The following content will bring all winter bridesmaid dress collocation method, and a bridesmaid dresses to choose taboo to share with you, oh.

Winter bridesmaid dress collocation method, thick texture of fabric
purple bridesmaid dress
The selection of bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns are equally important.Especially in the winter, the bridesmaid dress is the most important principles of warmth, because it is some cold in the winter.So, the choice of bridesmaid dress in winter, can choose some fabric texture is thick, and warmth retention property of fabrics, like thick corduroy, acrylic, cotton, wool, silk, velvet, etc can have a good heat preservation effect, are all winter dress fabrics.

Winter bridesmaid dresses - fur coat collocation method
teal bridesmaid dress
Because it is a dress, so the total will show the position of the arms or shoulders, and in the cold winter is in a very painful.So the maid of honor can be outside of the dress on a fur shawl, can serve as adornment already so, can warm again.Bridesmaid can choose a shawl with dress fastens with color, as for the design, can according to the theme of the wedding, or is the bride's request, also is to choose his be fond of, it is better to foil his temperament, but the premise is not upstage the bride, so bad.

Bridesmaid dress collocation method -- to keep warm in winter gloves
purple bridesmaid dress
The small make up what you said to the cape, but many shawl is no sleeves, so the bridesmaids can also choose a pair of warm gloves, the premise is to make a bridesmaid dress, also can have very good heat preservation effect, is the best choice for fashion and warm do not break.

Bridesmaid dress collocation method -- warm clothes in winter
blue bridesmaid dress
In addition, our body is also important to keep warm, if the bridesmaids chose a long dress, it can be put on a warm pants oh, wear a pair of knee socks again.In his upper body also can match the light color of a thin round collar thermal underwear, because of long dress will be covered in the lower half, it can match a pair of boots on his foot, that is not only good to keep warm, but not bloated.In addition, if the dress is cultivate one's morality, can be on the outside of the dress collocation a coat, if afraid of fat, can be tied to a belt.Plus some sweater chain, can have very good decoration effect.For more information about bridesmaid dresses please check