the ultimate source of the power swing

September 13 [Thu], 2012, 10:40
the ultimate source of the power swing (2) hips elevated, Cleveland cg16 Wedges wholesale sale online.

The original X factor is a measure of body rotation and hip rotation vertex gap on the rod. Jim • McLean have further proposed the concept of the triple X Factor-X Factor series three under lever action extended hips elevated, and the rotation of the head, today's top players are using these actions to improve strength.Cleveland 588 Wedge sale online at discount price.

Hips elevated

Most of the people think that the only lies in the hands of actual contact during the swing and the club. However, the contact of the feet and the ground is equally important, and is a powerful source of strength. Dynamic contact of the feet and the ground to understand the key to lower body in what role it plays in the swing.

Many players believe that the movement of the hips should be level, this is not correct. Right hip on the pole position, the left hip higher position when the next shot. Players greater power from the ground bounce.

Swing Research

75 professional players compared to the 150 general golfers on degree of mentioning the pelvis through the hitting zone: the pro 4.53 inches, the amateur players 0.5 inches.

When the batter is ready, the hips should level or slightly tilted left hip, surround the lever on the right side of the body, right hip Slightly elevated, Jim • McLean Golf School will teach the basic skills. The beginning of the next shot, the hips dropped into a sitting position, then the left hip rapid increase, a burst of strength.callaway drivers sale on golf clubs wholesale website.
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