Rolex elegant and expensive precise symbol

July 18 [Thu], 2013, 4:03
the precursor of Rolex physical labor private is "W& amp; D", from German Hans Wilsdorf and British Davis in 1905 at Lun partnership management.In 1908, keep in mind a Si way man at Switzerland of pulled virtuous aroma of summer to register "Rolex" trademark, from now on, clock industry in the world again many an extravagant brand, and appeared time and time again the innovation of the milestone type.

1914, physical labor the private's a style of small scaled wrist form acquires the A class certificate that England KEW astronomical observatory distributes, this is authority astronomical observatory's tallest Class approbation for clock accuracy.This unusual honor makes the physical labor private's prestige double, henceforth few decades, the physical labor private became "precision" pronoun. In 1926, the physical labor private released the first waterproof dust palliative form in the world, namely famous physical labor private"oyster type(OYSTER)" form.In 1927, a British female swims athlete to wear it to sail across English Channel.In the water exactly soaked after 15 hours, still cent second isn't bad, revolve such as often.At that time, this matter was been called "made the victory of form the greatest technique" by British medium.The physical labor private from here established in the leading position of watch waterproof technique.

1931, the physical labor private made to become popular for a time afterwards of"the Heng moves(PERPETUAL)" form, brought clock industry a revolution.The medium stalk of this kind of automatic form has one to put Tuo, ability handle knob wrist swing of slight action conversion is the power of the watch, as a result have never needed artificial to chain.This at that time drive generally accepted automatically chained a technique for accurate dependable watch. The physical labor private releases head in the world to release to have the calendar form that the week shows function in 1956 with the watch in automatic conversion date in 1945, also 26 state language words can be provided as choice. The physical labor private's watch is always good at the professional function, therefore enjoys worshiping of professional in the whole world.The physical labor private invents airplane pilot's watch in 1955, for the purpose of people measure in the different time zone accurate of time.At the same year, the physical labor private develops for the deep sea frogman of the diving form publish, its waterproof depth attains 100 meters. First sign of the physical labor private's form for a palm that opens five fingers, it means the watch of the brand completely is depend handicraft Jing vulture thin Zhuo.Hereafter just turn into into gradually the registration trademark of royal crown is in the Ba lord within watch realm position by showing it.At international on the market, a price of common physical labor private's watch is from USD 1000-15000 not etc., this not only because physical labor private's quality is excellent, and because it has special investment value.Sale for holding in Geneva in 2002 will up, a Vietnamese last generation emperor protected to greatly once wear of 1952 the style is ten thousand calendar gold watches of physical labor private, once clapped by 342,000 Switzerland francs(matched USD 235,400 around at that time) exorbitant prices. The machine form in last century ages, the physical labor private has been being watch industry in the world to lead the way sheep.Up to now, eminent craft and technique still make physical labor the private keep to begin raising of form industry Chu's position.Currently, the physical labor private establishes a branch in the more than 20s in the world big city, the yearly production attains about 800,000, sales steady position for being Switzerland clock industry group leader.

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