The Excellent Cost Performance of Cashmere

August 06 [Sat], 2016, 11:27

We all know the price of cashmere product is 10 times higher than that of wool products. The output of world total cashmere material is nearly 1% of that of wool material. If it is not because of higher cost performance, why we choose expensive cashmere instead of wool product? Then why cashmere product has better cost performance than wool product?

Besides the preciousness of cashmere, cashmere has very excellent properties and features superior to other wool product.


Firstly, cashmere clothes are warmer than wool clothes. Cashmere fiber is natural curl and is 300 times longer than before after straightened, while good quality merino wool after straightened is only 160 times longer than before. Therefore cashmere product has much better heat retention property than wool product.

Secondly, cashmere has better moisture absorbing property than wool product. Cashmere can absorb water in seconds, while wool product need to be soaked in minutes.

Thirdly, the fiber flexibility is better than wool so cashmere product is not likely to deform, shrink and broke holes.

Fourthly, cashmere clothes can stay in good condition for many years if well maintained. So it is still economical even for a very high-price cashmere clothes.

Choosing cashmere product is to choose good care and love for yourself.