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August 22 [Wed], 2012, 16:12

Why should we learn Chinese language?

With a more than 5,000 years’ history, China is a country boasting profound culture in early time. The glorious ancient Chinese history records countless significant events and intelligent figures.  By learning Chinese Language, Chinese you will learn another culture and another way of looking at the world. Learning a language gives you a better understanding through the grammar and even how the words are derived of the culture behind them. And with 20% of the world's people in China, would it be helpful to be able to communicate with them?

Learning to speak Chinese is a great way to give your children an advantage in the increasingly competitive business world (Chinese for kids). Between equal foreign competitors courting a Chinese company, who will the company choose to associate with: a Chinese-speaking foreigner or a foreigner with a translator? China is emerging from a period of stagnation and again taking its place as one of the great powers of the world. China currently has the second largest economy in the world, and has a huge growth rate of averaging 10% per year(Business Chinese).

How can we learn Chinese language?

Chinese tones- The four tones of Mandarin are fundamental aspects of the language for everyone learning how to speak Chinese. Mandarin Chinese, like most Chinese dialects, is a tonal language. This means that tones, just like consonants and vowels, are used to distinguish words from each other. Mastering the tone of each character is difficult for many foreigners learning Chinese, but correct tonal pronunciation is essential for intelligibility because of the vast number of words in the language that only differ by tone. The following are the four tones of Standard Mandarin.

Chinese characters- There are over 80,000 Chinese characters, but most of them are seldom used today. So how many Chinese characters do you need to know? For basic reading and writing of modern Chinese, you only need a few thousands.

Chinese grammar- Standard Chinese shares a similar system of grammar with the many language varieties or dialects of the Chinese Language, different from those employed by other language families, and comparable to the similar features found within the Slavic languages or Semitic languages. Beyond genetic similarities within the Sino-Tibetan language family to which Chinese belongs, there are also strong similarities within the East Asian sprachbund, a group of mutually influenced but not directly related languages, including Japanese and Korean.

Survival Chinese- These are basic survival Chinese conversations with Pinyin, and topics covering various aspects of living in China. They will guide you in improving your oral Chinese by simulating various daily activity situations. Each lesson will be followed by language tips, useful sentences and phrases, new Chinese characters and related Chinese culture points.

What is the best way to learn Chinese language?

Over the years, the only way people could take live Chinese lessons is by meeting teachers face to face, either in language learning centers or at a physical location. It usually takes a lot of effort and energy to make trips to Chinese classes.

Recent development of Internet and VoIP technology has broadened the way we learn and teach. If you are unable to travel to China and benefit from all the advantages of learning in the country with qualified native teachers, learning Chinese lessons online can help you learn from anywhere in the world!

Which online Chinese Language school is the best choice?

Touch Chinese Online Chinese lessons bring you an easy solution – to learn Chinese face to face with Chinese teachers via Skype(Instant Message programs). We have top professional Chinese teachers who provide you with the best Chinese language and culture training sessions on a one-on-one Chinese lessons basis. So don't wait anymore, come and enjoy the 100% Chinese-speaking environment and learn one of the most ancient and fascinating language at anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Children for children-Touch Chinese provides live online Chinese lessons for children via Skype. Your children will learn to speak Chinese with native teachers, don’t have to leave home. We ensure that all learning activities and materials are age-appropriate for your children. We can build up your children’s confidence, develop fluency, help with homework, prepare for a test, correct pronunciation or assist with grammar – and have fun too!

Business Chinese course-Our live online Business Chinese lessons are for learners who do international business. With the development of Sino-foreign trade, Chinese language communication is becoming more and more important. Touch Chinese caters to all business students by designing lessons that meet the needs of each individual student. Due to the vastness of Business Chinese, We focus on the issues that you deal with on a daily basis.

Travel Chinese Course- Touch Chinese provides live online Travel Chinese lessons via Skype. Travel Chinese course is an intensive conversational Mandarin Chinese study course that covering common situations which are necessary for traveling in China. This specialist course focuses on Chinese speaking and listening that will be very useful when you converse in various complex situations on your trip.

Survival Chinese Course- Touch Chinese provides live online Survival Chinese Course via Skype. “Survival Chinese” is an intensive conversational Mandarin Chinese study course that helps students to overcome the language barrier, acquiring the basic Chinese vocabulary needed for daily life and in the workplace. Our online native speaking Chinese teachers are all highly qualified and experienced. With our tutors you will learn survival Chinese words and phrases, example: how to introduce yourself, how to hold a basic conversation, how to exchange information about yourself and your family, how to book and check into a hotel room, how to book a flight and communicate on board the aircraft, what to say at customs and passport control, how to fill in forms, what to say if you have to visit a doctor, how to make requests while shopping and so on. Of course, if you have specific interests or requirements for a certain topic, we will be happy to work out a customized Survival Chinese learning course for you.

Custom-made Chinese Course- As we all know, the most important thing is “you learn” not “we teach”, focus more on you. For your convenience, we offer online Mandarin classes and courses to suit your specific needs and schedules. If you have any interests or requirements for a certain topic, we will be happy to work out the customized content for you. If you have no idea about these, we are also glad to give you some advices. All online Mandarin classes at are specially designed and structured by our experts team. Not only do they have many years of experience in teaching Chinese to foreign students but they have also obtained many qualifications and research achievements.

Before you begin your 1-on-1 Mandarin classes , we will provide one free trial lesson to evaluate your language level and your professional needs in order to best match you.

Touch Chinese’s Chinese teachers are graduates from well-known Mandarin Chinese universities specializing in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.