Artificial wool scarf dual horizontal stripes scarf

November 08 [Fri], 2013, 16:17
To today's younger set, silk scarves conjure up the simple square headscarves their grandmothers and great grandmothers wore. Today, the Horizontal Stripes Scarf has evolved. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wide variety of designs from which you can now choose.

The old staples still remain. Animal and floral patterns are still popular among the older set providing them with a sense of elegance and sophistication. However, these simply are not on for teenagers and those around the 20-year mark and up. The fabric is certainly appealing, but the patterns certainly do not have their fans among the younger set bent on retaining a certain popular street fashion. With stripes and checkers now part of the silk fabric repertoire, however, trendy young females can remain fashionably in while experiencing the luxurious feel of silk.

It is not as if these particular designs have not held a place in fashion. They have been in and out of the fashion sensibility for years. It is only of late, however, that they have become part of the silk scarf and shawl domain. Now, you can purchase this ideal combination of luxurious fabric and modern design. Now you can warm when necessary and cool when required using this sumptuous fabric – and still be stylish. It is not for nothing that this magnificently soft fabric with its shimmering texture has held a position of class and chic fashion for centuries. Now, it has only added to the luster of its fame by being available in truly modern styles.

If you want to examine one of the more striking examples of a modern, trendy silk scarf, pick up a checkered one rendered in shades of black and grey. Wearing something as simple and chic as this is the perfect way to transform any of your outfits - from the most mundane casual outfit to a stylish business suit to your favorite little black dress. If you want to be on par with celebrities, try wearing it muffler-style. Simply combine a fringed, checkered silk scarf with a pair of faded, scruffy jeans, sweater/top and a basic leather jacket. It is the definitive in high fashion. It is also comfortably warm.

Rather than stick to plain and/or singular color schemes, you can instead opt for a hued Horizontal Stripes Scarf consisting of horizontal stripes. This will liven up your wardrobe with a flash of color. The spectacular rainbow shades are suitable for banishing the winter blahs and making a pastel summer outfit more interesting. Is it any wonder silk scarves are considered so versatile? The different ways you can wear them increase the transformation factor of your current wardrobe beyond the known limits.